I Will Step Up

I attended a 50 hours in a total immersion program with Tony Robbins in Chicago awhile back.  It was called Unleash The Power Within. The first night I walked 15 feet barefoot in a fire, it was powerful.  I had so many breakthroughs and takeaways from it, but instead of writing a huge article, I wrote myself a poem, or maybe a rally cry is a better way of putting it. This was meant for just me, but after reading it, I thought there might be some nuggets that you can take and use in your life.

Here is MY rally cry… I challenge you to make your ownBlog-Challenge

I will not settle for being average

Average can be for everyone else who isn’t looking for excellent

But I don’t even want to be excellent, I want to be OUTSTANDING

I can change any story in my head that hasn’t been serving me

I can change the outcome by changing my attitude

I can change my attitude by changing my state

And I can change my state INSTANTLY by CHOOSING to

My past will only fuel my future

My body is the only one I will have, I will love and care for it

I will look for ways to add value to any situation

I will love deeper

I will look at my potential and capabilities rather then my limitations and shortcomings

I will treasure each moment as a gift from God

I will be grateful in every situation

I will take full responsibility for my results

I will play full out in life, dancing more, singing more, laughing more, and loving more

I will be a leader and not a follower

An action taker not a procrastinator

A solutionator not an excusenator

A problem solver not a complainer

I am going to acknowledge fear and do it anyways

I am going to strengthen the habits that serve me and starve the habits that destroy

I am courageous, meaning I do it anyway even though I am scared

I am committed to learning and growing each day

I will use words that empower instead of tear down

I know the outcome I want

I know the reasons why I want that outcome

I will take massive action towards that outcome

I will observe if the action is working

And I will change the approach if needed

The past doesn’t equal the future unless you live there

I will get what I want because I have a big enough reason WHY

I will do what I say and say what I do

I will keep good company because my standards are in direct proportions to the expectations of my peer group

I will look at everyone around me as my teammates

I will treat people nice who don’t treat me nice

I will not put limitations on what I am capable of

I will focus on deep breathing

I will model the success of those I look to be like, since success leaves clues

I have control over how my body feels

Exercise and eating healthy is part of who I am, not just something I do

Now I am the Voice

I will lead, not follow

I will believe not doubt

I will create not destroy

I am a Force for Good

I am a Leader

I will defy the odds and set new standards

I will step up

I will step up

I will step up

I would love to hear your feedback or insight.  Take your own challenge to step up by joining our Fit Moms for Life Six Week Challenge or start Fit Moms for Life DVDs series.  The first DVD is free just pay shipping and handling!fm4l


  1. I needed to hear every word written in this list today. Thank you for helping inspire a new me.

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