Courageously Dealing With Fear

A couple weeks back I went on a 5 day wilderness survival training adventure in the mountains with 30 of my buddies (guys).Rocky

I really had no idea what to expect, but I expected to encounter fear a couple times on the trip. Fear isn’t a bad thing. It keeps us alive, and helps us make decisions that can save our lives.

Fear can also be the silent killer that keeps people from realizing their dreams and living a life that they only fantasize about. Courage isn’t about denying that fear exists. Courage is being fully aware that the fear is there and doing it anyway. Maybe for you, courage means joining a gym, or a bootcamp. Maybe it means getting out of an abusive relationship, or having a difficult conversation with someone you love. Maybe is means reaching out for help, because inside you are empty, lonely, and sad. I deal with fear everyday and some-days I allow it to control me, and other days I use it as fuel to press towards my goals and dreams.

Below is a 3 step formula I use to push through my fears.

#1 I do the worst case scenario test… What is the worst thing that could happen. If I am ok with the worst case scenario is passes the first test.

#2 Do things in groups. This can be counterproductive if the group mentality is going to do something unsafe or against your values or goals, but when used in the right context incredibly powerful. I shared about this 6 months ago, but I was with a group similar to these guys and we were asked to jump off a bridge into ice cold water and swim back to shore. Ok, this was maybe a little more dangerous then we should have been doing, and I would have never done it had it not been for everyone else doing it. But after doing it and surviving it, I have a new found confidence. So find a support group or team that is overcoming the fears that you are dealing with.

#3 Find an expert… Whatever fear you are dealing with there is probably someone who helps people overcome that fear. You might call them a coach. We have hired a survival guide expert to take us out into the wilderness to teach us how to make fire, build shelter, catch animals etc. Having an expert will lessen the risk, and lower the fear factor and provide you with strategies to deal with the specific fears. So if you are scared of working out, or having your family eat healthy, look to work with an expert that can help you out.


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