William and Leanette

Leanette and I have been married for 12 years. During that time, we’ve had two kids, and had both put additional weight on already heavy bodies. Our activity level was low for the most part, as was our energy level. We lived very busy lives due to work and school, both college and via the kids, so we gave in to convenience foods and fast food often. I had been a soda drinker my entire life, so soda was a staple in our household.

William and Leanette Before

William and Leanette Befour household.

We visited the first Fit Fun Bootcamp in Mount Horeb back in July 2010. Both of us struggled through that first workout. I struggled more, especially with breathing, so I wasn’t that interested in continuing. However, Leanette continued, and so she kept going for a couple of months. Then, I tried again at an outdoor boot camp, and struggled again, so on Dustin’s advice I saw a doctor, where I was diagnosed with a form of asthma. For almost three years since, Leanette had been going to Boot Camps three days/week, while I continued my lifestyle of low activity and high calories. We would try to make healthy family meals, but were often too tired, and would make something from cans or boxes. We also spent many nights watching TV.

Leanette read in Dustin’s email that this new program, Killer Kurves, was designed to help people who had a lot of weight to lose. She thought it would be a good fit for her, except it may be difficult to get there and back in time for work, so she didn’t sign up for the first session. Since the second session started closer to summer, and Leanette is a teacher, it made more sense to try for a later session. She convinced me to sign up with her for the next session, which began in a couple of months. By that time, I had my asthma somewhat under control, and was already taking steps to improve my quality of life, so I agreed.

Getting started, I was worried about my physical abilities in the group. Being someone who could barely run to the mailbox for my entire life, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to survive boot camp pace exercise regularly. Leanette really believed that she would be able to adopt a better lifestyle, and was very excited to join with me alongside.

William after 12 weeks of K2

William after 12 weeks of K2

The positive support of the group is phenomenal. It was very fun to see our logging rewarded by someone commenting on how balanced our meal was, or asking for a recipe. Big challenges included logging while traveling for work, school, or when on vacation. It’s difficult to find nutrition information in some cases, too. I’ve had various aches and pains, but I’ve pushed through them. Leanette’s biggest challenge is that she has

Leanette after 12 weeks of K2

Leanette after 12 weeks of K2

been working out this entire session with plantar fasciitis, which makes running and jumping very painful. Our trainer worked with her to find alternative exercises that still worked the target areas, yet didn’t aggravate the foot pain.

William and Leanette working out together at K2

William and Leanette working out together at K2

Since starting the K2 program in May, I have lost 50 lbs, and Leanette has lost at least 38 lbs. For the first time ever, I can do a pull-up, and can run around the block without my inhaler. Leanette’s fitness level hasn’t dramatically improved during the K2 session, but she has been doing boot camp with Dustin for 3 years, and has seen many results during that time, like lifting 20 pound dumbbells during workouts.

Leanette has been sleeping much better since she’s been exercising. Her body feels better overall because of the water she’s drinking. I am continuing to pay more attention to my health, and am much more conscious about what I do with my time and energy.

People in our circles are definitely taking notice of our transformations. They seem to be really impressed and surprised that results are visible so quickly. We’re fortunate to feel quite a bit of support from the people around us.

William and Lynette's Transformation

William and Lynette’s Transformation

As a family, we’re eating healthier than we ever have. In fact, our kids are finding that they like much of the food we are making, too. The doctors noticed a change on their growth charts that both our kids are closer to an average weight. Even though it’s healthier and we control portions, we still get to eat food until we are full. Eating less can actually do more for you, if you eat the right balance. Here are a couple of example days:


Day 1 – Tuesday example Day 2 – Friday example Day 3 – Sunday example
Pre Workout Cheese stick Cheese stick
Breakfast 3 Eggs, scrambled
2 slices sprouted bread
Organic Red Apple
2 boiled eggs
Half a poppy seed bagel
2 eggs over easy
2 strips bacon
slice cheese
Morning Snack 100% Fruit Bar 2 slices sprouted toast  n/a
Lunch Roast beef and buffalo chicken wrap
Asian chicken and broccoli soup
1 scoop strawberry ice cream
Small veggie calzone(from a local pizzeria) Veggie salad, topped with chicken, bacon, cheese, and honey mustard
Half can organic soda
Afternoon Snack 100% Fruit Bar  n/a n/a
Dinner Cheeseburger on Sprouted whole wheat bun
Green apple
Strawberry Lemonade Drink
Stir Fry veggies
Teriyaki Chicken
Diet Soda
Orange Juice
Red Thai Chicken Curry with veggiesRice
Roti bread(at a local Asian restaurant)
Water 13 cups 12 cups 12 cups
Total Cal. in 1568 1478 1422
Exercise 45 minutes circuit training (Boot camp)
20 minutes walking, slow pace
45 minutes circuit training (K2)
20 minutes walking, slow pace
40 minutes moving boxes
Extra Cal. burned 737 1230 0


You won’t regret the decision to start K2. Join, work hard, fully commit yourself to this, and you will see results. Go to every workout, log everything you eat. It will work for you.

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