It isn’t JUST about Weight Loss

I would like to share two separate stories with you that both hit home the point that it isn’t all about weight loss. You might have seen many transformations on this website where the before and afters are hardly recognizable. They are awesome, people get it, it is easy to see. But what is far more important, in my opinion, is what is going on inside the head of a person as they transform from the inside out. It usually starts with small changes in thoughts and beliefs and that manifests into the external.

Both of the stories are from our Killer Kurves program which is for anyone needing to lose 50 or more lbs. It is a special program where we focus more attention on behavior then on the exercise. We focus more on accountability then the number on the scale.

Check out the story of Cindy, I am bummed because this was a 5 min video, but my camera’s memory was full and didn’t get the second half, but you will get the picture.

This second story is from Kristin, another K2 member on the east side of Madison. She wrote me this email recently sharing her inspiring story.

My point for sharing these, is that even if you never lose weight by exercising, setting goals, and trying new things, your life gets better in many ways!

Kristin Before Starting K2

Kristin Before Starting K2


All the stories and inspiration of those who have lost significant amounts of weight at K2 are awesome!

But there are other “success stories” as well, and I want to tell you mine.

I was a dancer from age 3. You couldn’t get me to stop dancing. I had class 4 times a week and loved every minute of it. I also played softball and volleyball, rode my bike everywhere, & swam at the pool every day of the summer. I guess you could say, your typical active kid of the 70’s and 80’s.

But in 7th grade, everything changed for me. My mom noticed me limping after dance class. I couldn’t turn my foot out as much as I had before. I started having pain and feeling a pop in my right hip.

Turns out I had hip dysplasia- my hip was popping in and out of joint. First thing doctor says- Quit every physical activity. I was done with dance, I was done with phy ed (though that one not crushing for a middle school girl). I was done with everything while they figured it out.

That year I had 4 surgeries including the “big one” where they cut my pelvis in half and moved it over to stop the dislocations. This included a body cast for 8 weeks (no shit a body cast from chest to knee) and 8 months on crutches as I eased into weight bearing. I was still kept out of physical activity. No high school sports or phy ed for me.

Kristin Currently Going Through Her Transformation

Kristin Currently Going Through Her Transformation

Well, the surgery worked at least to stop the dislocations. But it was a mess in there and at age 19, I was diagnosed with arthritis- severe enough that I should receive a hip replacement but they would not do one at such a young age. Take some drugs and wait it out as long as you can was the advice.

I had moments of exercise from 19 to 37- I would walk and bike and pay for it later. When it finally got to the point I could not take it anymore-I went to see a surgeon who gave me 6 months before I would be in a wheelchair because it was so bad. I took those 6 months- I had a 1 and 4 yr old and in my last year of graduate school- this really did not fit into my life!!

June, 2008- surgery a success! I woke up without pain for the first time in 25 years. It took me 9 weeks to get off crutches, 3 times as long as most, and that long to learn how to walk without a limp. My body had been compensating for years- I had to retrain muscles. I was told that my hip was not at a perfect angle so I would never be able to run, but hey there are worse things!

So, now I had no pain, this new bionic body. I wanted to start exercising but my brain told me no. I was scared for the next 4 years that I would hurt myself, have to go through this again and I became a bit of a head case. Ok, a really big head case! I did start walking but not a ton of results. I needed someone to support me, to guide me through becoming active, and to help me get out of my head.

So, what is my point……..

K2 has turned me into an athletic, stronger person. I have been challenged to use my body in ways I did not think I could. I have been forced to get out of my head, push past my comfort zone.

In 2 sessions, I have only lost 10 pounds… seriously? I joined with the thought I would be like all your success stories. I mean c’mon- not working out for 25 years to 4-5 times a week of bootcamp?! The weight would just melt off!!

But, what I HAVE lost—20 inches AND that voice inside my head telling me I could not do this.

However, what I have gained is even more—

This program turned a non athletic person into someone with the confidence& self-esteem to know I can do almost anything again. And I enjoy working out and getting up at 4:30 in the morning (seriously…)

I now have muscles (really you can actually see them) & respect from my family and my boys who see me as “super strong”.

I have friendships & inspiration & encouragement from every participant and my K2 trainers.

My journey is not over. My second session- sidelined with a broken foot. I have got a lot to work on with my relationship to food and taking care of myself better. I still have some physical limitations- I cannot run at K2- but I walk fast! I cannot turn my leg certain ways or it is difficult to still use some of those muscles in that hip- but I can do it with modifications.

I have been successful in many more ways than the scale will ever show.


If you live in the Madison area our next Killer Kurves session starts March 31st.  Click here to learn more about the program.  If you don’t live locally in Madison, email me at and I have created a similar type of program you can do at home or in your community!


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