What a Fitness Professional Does On His 30th Birthday


My brother and I after I had finished 30 sets.

My brother and I after I had finished 30 sets.

When I realized 30 was approaching it was a weird feeling, I really don’t get worked up about birthdays and hardly celebrate them, this year was different, I think more so because of what I thought my life would look like at 30 when I was 15 or 20.  I thought house, wife, and kids.  Well I am 0-3 on that but I am right where I want to be, which just goes to show we don’t always know what we want in the future.

If you have followed my programs and writing for sometime, you know that I am not a huge cardio guy personally and I don’t include it in many of my programs that pertain to weight loss.  I still believe that weights and burst training are the two most important components to an overall fit looking and feeling body, but I am discovering through science that longer distance cardio can be added in moderation and still have its benefits.

I have been incorporating stair climbing as my form of cardio, it is good on my problematic knee, and it is easy to see progress.  I decided to take on 30 sets up and down of one of the hardest and steepest stair cases I am aware of.  A few hours late, my Fit Fun Bootcamper Lynn and I went back with her Garmen and we determined that it is 106 feet in vertical elevation.  So to put that in perspective that is like going up AND down the World Trade Center 2.5 times!  If you have run down stairs you know that is the toughest part on your legs.

Here is the video of my experience:  This took place at the Blackhawk Ski Hill Jump in Middleton, you can get a stairs pass online for just $36 for the summer.

Some are having a hard time watching the video, we are working at making this right.

I am very thankful to God for giving me a body that is capable of moving, and not only moving, but moving in such amazing ways.  There are millions who can’t say the same thing either due to natural causes they couldn’t control, or poor eating and exercise habits over their lifetime.  I don’t share this with many people, but is was 12 years ago when I got the devastating news that my knee had a rare degenerative disease in it, and that I would never be able to play another sport or be very active.  The best doctors in MN told me at best I could live a typical American life.  Well I didn’t want to live typically.  Although I had to eliminate all high school sport senior year and rest it most of college, and then got a radical surgery that took a couple years to fully recover from, I can say my knee was good enough to do that today, something that I couldn’t ever had imagined being able to do at 18 when taking a step on my left leg was impossible.


I want to wrap this up with a challenge.  What area in your physical life, spiritual, emotional, career, financial, and so on would you like to change?  Come up with a crazy challenge to show yourself that you are capable of far more then you ever imagined.  Once you accomplish that it will give you momentum to chase other things.


  1. Jennifer says

    AWESOME!! What an incredible challenge~ and incredible result! Happy birthday, Dustin. Way to live your best life and share it with others. X

  2. Dustin, Amazing! Awesome challenge and you ROCKED IT OUT!! 40 times at 40! 😉

  3. Dustin,

    This is AWESOME! Great job, I’ve run those stairs at Blackhawk so I know how challenging they are. Really cool commitment you made and stuck to as you told me about this challenge a couple weeks ago – I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out to run a few legs with you today! I know you’re not a “cardio guy” so I that is what makes this even more impressive and I know this feat will inspire others to set and pursue lofty goals as so much of your work does!

    Hope the 30s treat you well. Happy birthday!

  4. Dustin,

    What an inspiration you are to all of us! Way to celebrate your 30th birthday in a non-traditional way, but it seems you are always leading the way in non-traditional fashion! That you shared your injury makes this even more meaningful. It’s got my mind working to what I can push myself to do. Still thinking on it, but you’re an inspiration! Happy 30th Birthday to you!

  5. I want the desire to try i said try to do what is suggest i believe in your workout even though i did not try it yet you have given me so much inspiration that i want do try out your work out i am going to follow you and after i do what is suggested to do i want to start a fit for mom in my community so i am looking forward to your emails thank you so much the more i read the more i want to exceed.

  6. Tara Ingalls says

    You’re crazy!! Congrats on reaching your goal … and happy 30th!!

  7. Kathleen Larsen says

    Wait – did you actually say that you went on to TEACH Mama Tone? WHAT?!? You are AMAZING. Thanks so much for sharing this video. I will take the challenge when I come out. I have no interest in beating you; just doing it would be awesome.
    Happy belated day my friend. You ROCK! Kathleen

  8. FANTASTIC DUSTIN!!! I was finally able to take a moment and watch this video. So proud of you. My knees were aching just watching you going down the steps. Happy 30th my friend.

  9. Congratulations Dustin. You are truly an inspiration to many.

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