The Skinny On Obesity: Part 7

This is the final part in our 7 part series looking at WHY we are becoming a fat world and how can we change it.  If you haven’t seen the previous 6 parts, I highly recommend investing the time into watching these, I have watched them over and over again and picked out new things each time.

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Here are my takeaways from this final section:

-60 billion dollars lost in unproductive time due to obesity

-147 billion dollars in health care cost

-Obesity is a threat to national security

-Couple solutions brought up is to get soda out of public places, tax processed foods, and make healthy foods more economically desirable

As you may or may not know my initial vision and mission is to have 1,000,000 Fit Moms For Life who realize that we are better together then separate.  This video brings up the power of choice and the power that we as the people have.  When we have a large enough voice we will be able to demand either policy change, or just change in what food manufacturers produce.

I personally don’t know if I fully agree that policy change is what needs to be the focus, I agree that would be great, especially making sure the government doesn’t subsidize the bad foods, but I believe what we spend our food dollars on with have even a greater impact.

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