One Week Cleanse

Posted by Ahndea May | Monday, January 7


It’s a new year, a chance to start over, reset, repurpose and challenge yourself to go beyond your current limitations. We all get comfortable and “busy” and well just lazy sometimes, and motivating ourselves to follow-through with our goals well sometimes just seems impossible. So here we are… a new year, a new day, a new opportunity. How will you start off 2013? Do you have any annual resolutions? We all know gym memberships spike and after gorging ourselves from November to the New Year, most of us are ready to get on a health plan, or “eat clean” if you will.

I have done many different types of cleanses and detox plans researching the “Raw Truth” about healthy eating. I have gathered lots of info, from some of my favorite health experts like Dustin, and have come up with a one week reset. For me, it is important to be realistic and not choose a low glycemic fast, when I have low blood sugar I could faint or turn into a monster (not a nice one)! As a busy mom, I need lots of energy and if your plan consists of exercise, keeping your body fueled is critical. If you have a family, you can incorporate your kids on a elementary level by making it a fun family event. No candy, refined sugars or processed foods! You will be surprised how they will jump on board and get excited to try some new foods with you.Get Started After several months of overeating and indulging in refined sugars, my body is ready for a purge! Ha, so to start the week, I juice, juice, juice for 2 days, then on day 3 add in gluten free rolled oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, beans and legumes. During this cleanse I do not eat meat or dairy.  I know that may be a huge commitment so you can add in small portions of grilled chicken or fish as well as egg whites. Listen to your body and do what works best for you.

Some Tips

AM Juice – If you have a juicer, you can make your own with Kale, Kiwi, Apple, and Spinach, or I really love the Bolthouse Farms juices, they are natural, non dairy and very yummy.  Check here for all the details on juicing, Dr. Oz recipes and resources.Cleansing Drink – I make a big pitcher in the am filled with water, 10 organic lemons, 4 tbs of organic maple syrup and 2 teaspoons of cayenne pepper. This is kind of to taste, so you may have to add more or less of something.  You can drink this all day, as well as 100% pure coconut water.Snacks – Raw Almonds are a great snack and almond butter. If your feeling really hungry have some almonds, almond butter on a banana, raw trail mix, raw dried fruit and any veggies or fruits.

PM Juice – This juice is an all veggie, celery, tomato, spinach, red and yellow pepper, green onion. This is hearty and kind of tastes like bloody mary, minus the alcohol.

This would be the perfect time to join a bootcamp and get some awesome people around you bringing fun and support to your goals.
Want More?
This cleanse is one week. If your up for a bit of a challenge you can continue with week 2 and week 3 with more grocery boards and recipes.
* Disclimer: I am not a licensed medical professional so make sure to check with your nutritionist or Dr before attempting any cleanses.

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