How Sharon Lost 60 lbs and Kept it Off

This was Sharon BEFORE kids (on left)

Today I want to share a story with you about a mom named Sharon.  She has been part of my program, MamaTone now for close to 3 years and has had a great transformation and has now kept the weight off for about 18 months.  I am posting this during the Olympics and during my “Unleash The Olympian Within Challenge.”  I think her story is perfect here, because if you were to see Sharon work, she trains like an Olympian.  There are very few clients I know, that consistently workout and push herself as hard as she does (and trust me, just about all my clients push ridiculously hard).  She never takes a rep or a second off, she is first to be ready to workout after a water break, and comes in with extreme intensity, and only smiles and thanks me when I make it harder on her.

But what I want to highlight more than anything in her story is the fact that she has done this with without 100% of the support of her husband.  I sometimes get the question asked to me, “what is your biggest challenge as a trainer?”  Many times my answer is trying to help someone lose a substantial amount of weight without the support of their spouse.

I believe Sharon has been successful despite the lack of support due to her strong will and determination and the strong community that has been formed in my MamaTone program here in Madison WI.

{SIDE NOTE] Before I let Sharon tell her story, I want to quick say that I have been getting many people around the world asking when a Fit Moms For Life (same program as MamaTone) is coming to their city.  I am in the early stages of getting things set up for trainers and other moms who want to build their own FMFL communities to do so and build a business through a franchise or licensing opportunity.  But I am still a ways away from that, so in the meantime if you want to get a support group together in your community email my FMFL support group leader at

Take it away Sharon!

“So I don’t really know what it takes to write a “blog post” but here’s my story.

I grew up eating mostly processed foods and a lot of junk but I was very active, always played sports, ran track and cross country in high school, and overall enjoyed working out.
I kept up the running in college and overall thought of myself as a healthy person. That is until I met my husband (I can blame him can’t I?)….  My husband and I started our relationship eating out A LOT.  Also, my husband and I don’t share many active activities – I was always a runner and he has been a golfer and as much as we tried we each did not enjoy the other’s activities so little by little my running days ended.  I would have rather spent time with my husband then go to the gym.  This was only made worse once we had kids.
My time with my family was worth more than any exercise so I didn’t do anything.  I did try a lazy approach to losing weight – cabbage soup diet, slim fast diet, dairy free diet, among others.  I even tried some exercise videos only to see no results or the numbers on the scale getting bigger and then I would quickly give up.

Sharon recently after one of her races

I did stop weighing myself but when I became pregnant with my twin boys I was a whopping 195 lbs (mind you this is pre baby weight).  On my 5 foot 2 inch frame I felt as wide as I was tall.  I couldn’t do much without pain let alone any amount of running, my back hurt, I had frequent headaches, I was tired all the time and ultimately I had a difficult pregnancy and birth probably due to the extra weight.
From the pregnancy I lost some weight – and after recovering from the pregnancy I weighed 178 lbs.  I had no motivation to lose any more weight.  I had no plan.  I had no intention of doing anything different.  I wasn’t happy, but I didn’t really care.  Then a friend of mine introduced me to Dustin’s MamaTone program in Madison, WI.  There was a free class with childcare so I figured why not.
So I went and I worked my butt off and loved it.  At my fitness level (none) I completed my first class (just barely) and afterwords it felt great.  It felt great to sweat, it felt great the next day when I couldn’t walk up or down the stairs, and it felt great to remember what it felt like to work out.
So, I decided to continue with Dustin’s program.  I was amazed at Dustin’s ability to remember me – my name and what I was working on.   I really felt like I had to be accountable with Dustin because he would ask me how I was doing on my goals and make suggestions on how I could be making more changes.  I was also amazed at the people in the class.  I got to know a lot of people and we would expect each other at class.  We would notice when someone missed, people would even notice when I missed.

Sharon currently wearing her HS prom dress 🙂

I came armed to class with excuses as to why I missed – but even more I made a point not to miss!  My first class was January 22, 2009 (No resolution attached really), by Easter 2009 I had lost 20lbs, by early summer I had lost 33 lbs. By 15 months or so from starting and still to this day July 2012 I am a size 6/8, 136 lbs (about 60 pounds total weight loss) and much, much healthier.

Although I am not currently counting calories, I make healthier choices, I make a point to go out and exercise, I read Dustin’s blog and take pointers.  I am not done yet.  I have 10 more lbs to lose and I know what it takes to do it!
It’s a matter of being accountable with myself, not sneaking the extra snacks, the extra lattes (even skinny lattes), or cleaning off my kids plates.
I’ve found that I need other people to help me remain accountable – not only Dustin but the great people that I’ve had the chance to work out with and that keep me coming back with better numbers each week!  I also keep myself accountable by setting goals, signing up for races and working to improve my time each week, increasing my number of push ups, pull ups or even tyring to achieve a certain number on the scale.
Sorry for being long winded, but honestly without Dustin’s program – I would have continued living my life at nearly 200 lbs without motivation to change and without being able to play with my kids the way I want to, without being able to wear a swimsuit, without being able to keep up with life and probably having a host of complaints to keep my doctor busy.
So thanks Dustin.  And thanks Alecia for the added support! This has been a long time coming but you’ve made a difference in my life and my kids lives for now they too will be healthier.  My husband on the other hand needs to meet you!”
-Sharon, Madison WI
Great job Sharon!  Be on the lookout for part two where Sharon talks about how life is different now and shares exactly what she eats and strategies she has used to keep her 60 lbs of weight loss going.

Please share this story with someone who might be inspired by it, and write in the comment section below an encouraging word for Sharon or a question you want to ask her.


  1. Wow, Sharon! What a really inspiring story!! Your example to your husband will be all that
    he needs…….we all get our own defining moments, and what the source ends up being is totally varied! I love it that Dustin’s dad has never told me that I needed to lose weight-he just always somehow made me feel good wherever I was at! Now that is quite an
    accomplishment that I remind our 3 boys of…….we can certainly pray for our spouses to have that desire from within to be in great shape and health, and whoever cooks can put the
    good stuff out there! :). And I do have to say this about Dustin too…..while I’m sure he would love to be able to brag about his mom and all the weight I can bench and all, he never
    pressures me and whenever I brag about my burst biking outdoors this summer, he tells me, way to go!! So, maybe what I am saying here to you wives with less than supportive
    hubbies, maybe find ways to encourage him in what he DOES really get right! After all, that
    is what we like too :). And just for the record, I WILL get back to lifting at the gym-ha!

  2. Great story Sharon! You are being such a great role model to your kids and your husband. There are a lot of us who would like our husbands to be healthier. I can’t wait to hear the 2nd part of your story.

    I can just feel your passion in the way you tell your story. I know exactly how you feel. I love how Dustin’s programs have totally transformed my life. It’s great to hear other people’s stories and be able to share that feeling.

  3. Good for you Sharon! Doesn’t it feel great?!

    I completely relate to your story. I have really enjoyed getting back in to workouts after having left them behind after I got married and had kids. And I agree that it helps to do it with a group who expects you to show up!

    I also do Dustin’s boot camp and I run with Fleet Feet. And I also lost 60 pounds, so I know the kind of work and dedication that takes.

    That prom dress looks big on you! I think it’s time for you to get a cute little dress for your next party. 🙂

  4. AWESOME stuff, Sharon! You must be so proud. What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. This is just the story I needed today. Thank you!

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