Funny Video About What My Clients Say to Me

This video CRACKS me up so much because I have heard at least 90% of these comments from my clients.  This great video is from my friend BJ.  BJ has even come to my bootcamps to guest teach.  There are so many favorites in this video, but I will post my favorites after you watch the video.

Favorite lines from my clients:

-How do I get rid of this?  (Pointing to their flab on the underarm)

-I think I need some more cardio.

-What do I have to eat to lose weight?

-Salads just don’t do it for me.

-I feel like this is making me bulkier.

-You hurt me yesterday, I was sore.

-Gosh, this jumping makes me want to go pee. (Funny but not funny at the same time)

-Two glasses of wine relaxes me at night, so I am going to keep doing it.  (If I hear this one again blaming the kids for needing wine I will explode… My mom had 4 kids and had no wine.  🙂  )

-We need to do more butt exercises.

-No bread, no white rice, no pasta, no donuts?

-How many calories should I eat?

-So what do you actually eat?  (haha this is one of the most asked questions I get, for some reason people are just so fascinated)

-I am sick of doing pushups, I hate pushups!  All we do is pushups!

-I am sure my husband would like this movement.

-One whole egg?  Do I actually have to eat the whole egg?  (Yes the yolk misconception is still strong as ever)

-Ok I had three boxes of cookies, Girl Scouts!  They just keep coming.

Those were some of my favorites.

In the comments section below share with me your favorites from the video or your favorites that you have said to your trainer.



  1. The video clip made my day! My favorite from the video is, “I just ate one cookie! OK, Just one box”!

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