A Husband’s Perspective – Before and After

Carrie Before

Here is a great story about a Fit Fun Bootcamper Carrie, who has transformed from the inside out.  It has been amazing her see her year long transformation.  I am so proud of her dedication and hard work.  This is a really great article from her husband’s perspective.  I will have Carrie back another time to share with you what she actually ate, but for now enjoy!

“Normally these words would be coming from my wife Carrie. However, we came up with a twist for this particular entry. We decided that it may be interesting — perhaps even helpful — to have her husband tell you the before and after story from an external viewpoint. Before I can accurately tell you about the before, I have to take you back before “the before.”

Carrie and I met on the job just outside Chicago. From the initial introduction, we both knew we’d found someone special. (Ask her about it sometime). It wasn’t long before I found myself smitten.  🙂  Carrie was this confident and beautiful woman and I’d found myself feeling extremely lucky to have caught her attention. She worked her way to the top of our department in seemingly effortless fashion. She had this incredible drive and determination to go along with her afore mentioned confidence. Then…we moved to Madison.

Shortly after moving to Madison, the stresses of living in a new place without friends or family nearby in combination with a job that literally kept us locked up at home for 6 months began to take a toll. As consultants, we’re constantly thrown into high-pressure, need-to-make-it-work situations and expected to be the end-all-be-all experts on whichever problem we may be thrown into at any given time. As you can imagine, that type of thing can really do a number on your confidence, both good and bad. Our employer at the time however kept selling Carrie as an expert in a particular technology that neither of us were very familiar with. I think that is where things started to change for her. You could see her dreading her job, and the pressure of always feeling as if she had to have the “right” answer. Slowly I think it chipped away at her.

As time went on, we’d talk about how down she felt and what she thought was causing the more negative feelings to show through. During these conversations, she’d tell me that she had always struggled with her weight — her whole life. It has always been hard for her to look in the mirror and see the beautiful woman that I see. The more she got down on herself, the worse she felt.

Carrie now with the help of Fit Fun Bootcamps

She knew all along that she had to make a change, but she was also smart enough to know that fad diets and Weight Watcher type programs were not going to work for her. She had tried several other programs that I’m sure many readers are familiar with. They just weren’t working. After trying yet another “work out at home” type of program, she was actually seeing some results, but along came our first child. Carrie had just gotten back down to her before baby weight and it wasn’t long before baby number two came along. By this point, she was not at all happy with her weight and I think it affected her even more than I ever understood. I felt awful because I could not relate very well as I’m someone who seems to lose five pounds simply by walking to the fridge from the couch — (don’t hate me, it really does suck, I swear)!

Again, her self image and self-talk had become very negative due to her weight. It was virtually impossible for her to accept a compliment from me. I’d tell her she was beautiful, and I’d get “You’re sick” or “Your’re crazy” as a response. It was impossible for me to help her out of “the funk.” She knew however what she needed to do, but it was finding that right program or social circle to do it with that was going to make it happen.

A little over a year ago, she found out about Dustin’s Fit Fun Bootcamps. We had a discussion about whether or not we could afford another monthly expense, but after her first couple of sessions, I already began to see a change in her, not a physical change, but a mental change. Time passed and she was losing weight and seeing that she could actually do this. We started eating differently as a family, paying more attention to what was going in our bodies. Eating more healthy foods, and much less sugar. I’m happy to say we’ve pretty much eliminated soda from our diet (thanks to our two week sugar flush which I believe Carrie actually blogged about) and have begun eating more and more organic foods, and while this post isn’t at all about me, I’ve managed to maintain a pretty steady weight after dropping from 170lbs to 160lbs.

Click on the image to get more info about the book that contains the information that Carrie followed to achieve her results

The physical transformation has been amazing, but the positive light in which she sees herself now is 110% better than how she used to see herself. I know inside she’s still not where she wants to be, but she’s been an absolute model for how to go about losing weight. It feels great to have my wife back. It feels great to be able to tell her that she looks incredibly beautiful and have her say thank you. I even get to tell her that her butt looks good in those jeans! (The latter sometimes gets me in a bit of trouble, but its true).

In closing, there’s no doubt in my mind that not only will Carrie finish this journey, but she’ll continue the lifestyle that she has created for her, and us…and the future is looking good!”



  1. Kathleen Larsen says

    GO CARRIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK!

  2. Wow, Carrie, what an awesome testimony from your husband!!! I recently heard Dustin
    do an interview where they talked about some husbands feeling threatened when their
    wives lost weight…………you two certainly do not have that problem! I really do hope if
    there are guys out there reading this who do have this issue, that they go for help.
    You are looking great, Carrie, and so wonderful to hear how your whole family has benefited-your kids are way blessed to be raised with a healthier lifestyle!!

  3. Karen Bluhm says

    Congratulations Carrie! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!

  4. Julie Turner says

    Amazing, Carrie!!! Great to hear about your journey. I understand so well the mental transformation. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Brandi Gancarz says


    I will tell you again and again-you are AMAZING! I remember your first day of bootcamp….it wasn’t fun (yet) and still, you came back, you worked hard and now you are reaping the benefits of all your hard work. You committed to a better, healthier way of life and you should be so proud of yourself and all you’ve achieved. You’ve transformed your eating habits and coupled it with working out, being fit and STRONG. What an amazing role model model for your two daughters-there is no price tag for that. I am so happy to have you in my life!!

  6. Great job Carrie! I loved hearing your story from your husbands perspective. It’s wonderful that you have his support. Your story shows Dustin’s point about mom’s taking care of themselves first. Sounds like your whole family has benefited from your actions. You should be very proud!

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