Ultimate Accountability Through The Holidays

Fit Fun Bootcamps and MamaTone are going to try something new this year for the challenging times we  face staying healthy and fit over the holidays.  We are calling this, the no wa-wa-wa accountability plan.  For those of you who don’t have these programs to go to, I highly encourage you to find some people at work, family, or friends who you can start this with immediately.

In our classes we are going to put people in groups of 3-4 with those they don’t know at all or very little.  They are going to exchange contact information and then within 24 hours will be required to email the group answers to the following questions…

1.  What goals do you want to achieve by the end of 2011?
2.  What are you committing to the group that you are going to do, between the given
time period towards reaching your goals.
3.  What challenges do you see that will come up and how are you going to overcome

4.  What punishment or reward are you going to give yourself if you succeed at the goals
that you set up for yourself.

5.  How can the group best help you stay accountable?

6.  What ideas do you have to celebrate if everyone in the group is successful is reaching their goals?

7.  Anything else you want to share with the group?  (This is to be kept confidential amongst
the group).

This is only a one month challenge that starts Monday after Thanksgiving and goes to the first of the new year.  I am hoping that it will be so successful that we will be able to continue it beyond this initial test.

It will be up to the individual teams to decide how they are going to keep each other accountable.  There should be very little, if any, enabling of group members who aren’t living up to their commitments.  In a loving way, they must encourage them to stop making excuses and start taking action.  We all know that it is through action that results will be achieved, and when results are achieved we all win.  The key is to find a group of people that won’t let people slide, that is the power of these groups.  So go out and find yourself a group and get started.

Please share with me over then next month the results of this experiment.


  1. Dustin,

    This is a pretty solid checklist for people to think about as the holiday feasts try to breakdown out diets. Now that Thanksgiving is over, I hope everyone was able to keep to their goals. (Even it seemed like a set back, don’t fret because it’s easy to rebound for success.)


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