You Gotta Have Friends…

Posted by Roger,  a 49 year old contributor to this page.

A couple weeks ago I had the good fortune of going home to Michigan and reuniting with a group of friends that had either turned 50 or were on the verge of turning 50. There were party favors and buttons with cool slogans. My two favorite slogans were “50…Coming soon to a body near you!” and “50…I am a classic. I only get better with age.”  I found that I could easily relate to both sayings. Thanks to my lifelong devotion to fitness and exercise as well as the motivation of Dustin Maher and his team of instructors, I am in many ways in the best shape of my life. I’ve heard him tell people that they were gonna “rock 50” and that is my goal too! 50 may be coming soon to a body near me, and I bet it’s going to like what it finds. And I’m going to continue to get better. I don’t really turn 50 until October, though, so I’m going to enjoy my 40’s a little bit longer.

In a blog posted June 24, 2011 on the website, Dustin talked about dealing with the negative people in your life. As I looked around my group of friends I was celebrating with, I recognized that I had known each of these people (excluding spouses) for at least 30 years. And there’s not a negative one in the bunch. We’ve each gone through our share of difficulties including death, divorce, teenage children (!), and anything else you might find in a good soap opera. We’ve been there for each other in those tough times, willing to support one another and to help shoulder the burden for each other. Yet, when we get together, everyone is so positive, full of joy and laughter, and just thrilled to be a part of each other’s lives. These are the kinds of people that help me stay motivated, positive, and well-grounded.

I have been blessed to have these good people in my life. They have been there for me when my brothers died. They have been there for me when there were snags during the adoption process and finances were running out. They have been there to help with my special needs son, giving him  attention to alleviate some of his constant need for attention from me. They were there to give me a push out the door when I would have been willing to just hide in my shell. Most of all, they’ve known me since junior high and high school, and still are there. What else could one ask for?

What am I ultimately trying to say here? That, as Dustin suggests, surround yourself with positive people. In my case, I have found that it is contagious. When I get too negative, they understand, listen, and then help me to snap out it. I know I’m better off for it and it will make the ride into my ’50’s so much better.

Have a good one.


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