Beat my numbers!

I hate cardio – one reason why I loved Dustin’s way of training.  HIIT and heavy weights.  I do like the feel of when I finish cardio though!  Try to beat my numbers!

Workout Breakdown

Time: 24min.Workout Type: Interval training Exercises: 4

This workout takes exactly 24 minutes and it is an amazing cardio and core training. Set your Interval Timer for 36 rounds of two intervals: 10 seconds and 30 seconds. Your goal is to push at your maximum effort during each 30 second interval and write down your reps during the 10 seconds intervals.

  • Low Jacks with Jump Rope max. ( I didn’t have my jump rope, so this was like in and out sqats) reps  #183
  • One Leg Dead Lift -left leg max. reps   #88
  • One Leg Dead Lift – right leg max. reps   #105
  • Jump Lunges max. reps   #148

I love my GYMBOSS.  I use it for HIIT like this.  I set it for 30 seconds and 10 seconds, 36 times.  During the 10 second rests I jotted my number down and then when I was done, and my body was done shaking (!) I added the numbers up.  I will try this again next week and try to beat my numbers.  Can you beat them?

I also took advantage of the 15% of prograde krill oil this morning.  I just started using this a few weeks ago so thought it would be a good time to get a refill!  And also – thought I’d try the Prograde Metabolism.  I try to drink green tea every day, but in the summer don’t always.  Even though today I am brewing some green tea and peach oolong tea and taking it in a cooler with ice for a long baseball tournament tomorrow! 

Do you have a CSA available to you?  I first learned of this through, who else but Dustin.  I was so excited when I saw in our local paper earlier this spring that there was one starting near me.  Here is my first bunch of goodies last week.  I am going to pick up another bunch today including spinach, strawberries, greens, etc!


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