5 “Weird” Fat Burning Exercises

I thought I would go back into my vault of close to 400 youtube videos and share with you a few of my favorite fat burning exercises.  These videos were taken in Chicago with my friend and fellow trainer John Hall.  At around 45 years old, he is a great example to me what a body can look and perform like twenty years from now.  He practices what he preaches, and I enjoy working out with him.  I hope you enjoy these videos and learn some stuff and be entertained.

1.  Walrus:  This is great for core, back, and triceps.  It is also great to have your kids do if you want your floors to be cleaned.  🙂


2. Killer leg hops:  This shows that I neglect my legs a little too much.  But you don’t have to have rings to do this one, just jump in and out or for your kids draw circles in chalk on your driveway.


3.  Alligator Crawls:  These are pretty hard and advanced, but to make it easier don’t bend your arms as much.  Whenever I go to schools to teach bootcamps to kids I always have them do this exercise and they have a blast doing it.


4.  Hamstring Falls:  This is one of my favorite exercises I have my personal training clients do.  I haven’t found another exercise that gets the hamstrings as well as this one does!  Fit Fun Bootcampers, don’t be surprised to be seeing this one soon!


5.  Burpees with weighted med ball throw:  This one gets the heart rate up like very few other exercises.  I realize this isn’t very practical if you are trying to do this at home.  A ball like the one I was using probably costs $60 and most don’t have a wall that is tough enough to throw against.  But you could do this with a partner and do a chest pass to them, or use a basketball.


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