11 Fat Burning, Muscle Toning, Tummy Tightening Exercises

We had a great time with our Saturday morning outdoor bootcamp kickoff.  There were 90 positive and hard working bootcampers that came out and worked hard, burned calories, improved their cardiovascular fitness, strengthened their core, toned their muscles, and met tons of new people.

One of my highlights was the potluck that we had afterwards.  Great food and community building.  I met so many amazing people, but I wanted to give a couple specific shout outs.

1.  I will keep this anonymous, but a husband of one of my bootcampers pulled me aside and wanted to thank me for this program and how amazing it has been for his wife.  She not only has lost a couple sizes, but their relationship is better, she is more positive, happier, confident, and more adventurous.  I think he summed it up quite well, the benefits of a program based on strength training, burst training, proper nutrition, and community.

If you don’t have this type of program in your area, start your own Fit Moms For Life group up.

Also a shout out to Crystal who came back from Chicago for the workout.  She started Fit Fun Bootcamps 17 months ago, and recently moved back to Chicago.  She has lost 102 lbs.  I didn’t even know she was there until the end of the workout after someone told me.  I didn’t even recognize her!


Ok, not a good pic with the lighting, but some of our great trainers

Finally I want to thank all my amazing trainers for being there.  We had 9 out of the 14 trainers there volunteering their time and energy.  I couldn’t do what I do without you!

Enjoy the video, hopefully you will pick up on some new moves to try at home.

-High knees

-Side shuffle

-Squat jumps

-Sprinting up hill

-Dumbbell swings

-Side lunge with db


-Front plank

-Side plank

-V sits

-Scorpion pushups




  1. Page FMFLers – I think it’s time for a road trip to Madison!

  2. What are scorpion push ups? I couldn’t see them very well in the video.

  3. This was a really fun but intense workout. We had a great time and the trainers were great with our 13 year old son. So glad the weather was much more cooperative this year.

  4. I came to the opener with my kids, husband and 2 of my sisters. One of my sisters had such a good time she wants to come again next year. Though she specifically said she is going to do some hills prior so the elver hill doesn’t kick her butt next time!

  5. Hi Dustin, That was fun watching all those ll exercises with such cute fun music. I didn’t have to go outside, felt like I was there enjoying it with the group. Again, a great video. Shalom,Esther

  6. This opener was so much fun! It was my first bootcamp and I loved it. Everyone was so nice. I made lots of new friends too. Dustin and ALL the trainers were wonderful – they know how to make exercise fun. Elever hill was a challenge, but it gives you an awesome workout. One of those love/hate sort of things. I will definitely be back!

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