Your #1 Goal is Achieved, Now What?

This post is from Angie, one of Dustin’s blog contributors.

I started taking Dustin’s bootcamp classes and paying attention to what I ate 20 months ago. When I first started I had a few simple goals. In my mind I framed these goals as needs.  Goal  #1 was “I need to weigh what I did when I was my most fit”. Later I added “I need to be able to do a push-up on my toes” and “I need to do the hill run in under 4 minutes”. With these goals came rules. “I need to go to bootcamp at least 3 times each week”, “I need to write down everything I eat” and “I need to eat at least 2 vegetables a day” (Yeah, I know the veggie thing is kind of pathetic but it is still one of my biggest challenges!). I broke these rules, but following them most of the time helped me lose 20 pounds in 4 months and reach my goal weight.

Over the last 16 months I have done a few 3 mile fun runs, learned to kayak, earned a new rank in karate and have maintained my weight. I am still having a blast at bootcamp and keep the food journal, although there is an occasional entry like “unhealthy appetizers at Final Four party” now . One thing that has changed is how I look at my fitness goals. I have continued to set goals but seem to struggle with choosing the right ones. Instead of goals being framed as needs, I find myself thinking “I wonder how I would feel and look if I lost 5 pounds?” and “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could do 50 push-ups?”. Not surprisingly, goals like these haven’t been met. I think for me, the challenge is in finding balance between the sometimes all consuming “need” to get something done and the opposite overly relaxed attitude toward achieving goals.

Fortunately, a new challenge presented itself at just the right time! Dustin often talks about surrounding yourself with like-minded people and the importance of community. When fellow bootcampers talked about doing a 5 mile race I was intrigued. I have never ran more than 3 miles. I decided to sign up for the race. Even though this isn’t a team thing, reading about what others are doing to get ready for the race has been very motivating and inspiring. It has gotten me excited about some my goals and even more excited to see others achieve their goals on race day. Maybe balance is possible after all!

How have you found balance while continuing to reach your goals?


  1. Great post Angie. I’ve found that one of the hardest parts of this journey is maintaining the enthusiasm for creating and achieving goals. I have to keep reminding myself to make goals that are measurable and make a time frame for reaching them. When I don’t do that they are just wishes and don’t get met. Without having new goals it’s just too easy to slip back into old ways. I’m working on the balance too. So far I’ve done pretty well. Having this community is a big help for me.

  2. Kathleen Larsen says

    Yes GREAT post! I sort of stopped goals b/c not only have I’ve gone well below my goal weight, but I am surrounded by terrible influencers. ug! ALL of my friends think I am a work out “weirdo” and eat way too healthy. Dustin has told me NUMEROUS times to find a better community of supporters. So THAT is my goal. YAY!!!!!!!! Thanks for the goal! It will be a huge challenge but I can do it!
    Rock on!

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