What am I waiting for???

Hi – This is Patty, one of Dustin’s Bloggers. I’ve got the information, I know what to do, I’ve done it, but really? Have I really done it?  I just received my #12 FMFL DVD in the mail this weekend!  I’m stronger, I can do exercises I couldn’t do when I got #1, but still not where I want to be when I look in the mirror.  It’s not Dustin’s fault – he gives us all the tools, it’s up to us to use those tools.

I have the week off (not happy about it) of exercise after hitting my head when I slipped on ice and sustained a concussion.  So – instead of going crazy thinking I’m not lifting weights or training for the upcoming 5 and 10K I am signed up for, I am making a list, planning, looking to see where I’ve been, where I am now, and what I’m doing wrong and of course what I’m doing right! 

My goal for the next 4 weeks is to be accountable for every single thing that goes into my mouth, one week at a time.  I love to see pictures of food people eat – I have a few friends who keep thereselves accountable for what they eat by taking pictures of their meals and snacks and post them. Some people think this is weird, but some understand!  I also have friends who ask me for ideas on nutritious meals so I have also taken pictures; and I love this!  So – one thing I am going to do is to take a picture of everything I eat in a day and record it. EVERYTHING!  I have started a blog site to track my progress and share with others. Please follow me here!  

I know I feel better when I drink a lot of water.  My goal is to get in a gallon of water each day.

I have started drinking hot lemon water each morning and love it! Check out the benefits here.

When exercising – I am lifting heavier, I feel stronger, but I still have a layer of fat I need to get rid of!  I saw the best results with my FMFL DVDs when I did 5 days a week.  MWF = strength, and T and TH = core and cardio.  I am going to go back to doing this instead of MWF strength and core and then sometimes I’d fit in a walk/jog on the other days.  But obviously that is not working for me.  More plyometric sessions and HIIT. 

Dustin gives us all the tools we need to be in the best shape we can.  We just gotta do it!

What are you waiting for?

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