How To Get a Flat Stomach After C-Sections and Pregnancy

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It goes by many different names:

-Muffin top

-The pouch


-The belly

-Belly bulge

Whatever you want to call it, attaining a flat stomach for a mom, is one of the most physically desirable changes.  You love your bundle of joy, you just don’t like what he/she did to your body. 🙂

So how do we attack this belly?

There are many different components that need to be in place for you to reach the goal of a flat stomach.  The main ones are; nutrition, strength training, burst training, and core training.

I don’t want this post to be too long, so I am going to just stick with talking about strengthening the core today.

I want to start with this one, because ab muscles are completely destroyed after a C-section, and even to some degree pregnancy in general.  A week core doesn’t look good, but more importantly, it makes you susceptible to lower back problems.  Lower back problems are the LAST thing that a mom can afford to have.

Instead of focusing on crunches, which will most likely make the abs even worse and lead to even more bulging of the belly, I teach my moms that it is what is on the inside that counts. 🙂  All joking aside, it is the deep core muscles that play the biggest role in a strong, safe back, and a stomach that looks good.

The video above shows my favorite ab exercises to do that target the inner most abs, the ones that really count. 🙂

Chances are if you have been part of this website for awhile, you already have my Got Core DVDs, and have seen awesome results with them.  But maybe you are new to the site, or for whatever reason, you just haven’t made the small investment in these DVDs.  I have received testimonials from people all around the world who swear by the Got Core workouts.

The secret behind the workouts are twofold.

First there are over 50 exercises that are included, and many of these exercises have subtle ways where we tweak the movements to make them even better.  So you are hitting the core, and much of your body from literally hundreds of different ways.  One of the keys to any exercise program is variety and challenging the muscles from different angles and positions.

The second secret is that there are 8, 15 minute workouts that are included.  So you start off at level one, and slowly build to level 8. Progression is necessary, if you did the same workout everyday for months and months, the benefits would diminish after about 6 weeks.

Oh and I guess there is a third secret, it is FUN!

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How much is it worth to have a tight stomach?

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If you have any questions about anything we talked about today, or if you have a minute to share your experience with the Got Core DVDs, please share a comment below using Facebook or the website comment box.


  1. Don’t knock the muffin top.

    It’s the best part of the muffin. Or so I’ve been told. 🙂

  2. Dustin,

    I’m a 51 year old female who never had to worry about wieght or looks to much, even after giving birth to5 childern in 6 years, four of the 5 wiehging over 10 pounds. Keepping up with them was quit a work out. Even after they grew up and left home I’ve always been pretty active and love to walk. ^ years ago I was in a work related accident and my right foot was crushed. Had 3 surgrys in 18 months and now can not walk fare(doc limited me to15 mins at a time ) or stand long. The toes on my rignt foot doe not bend. My problem is being able to do any thing that involves useing the toes on that foot.
    I can no longer walk for miles like I use to and a job is out of the queistion as I have had surgry on my wrists too. I live on dissability. Is there any thing you can subjest as how to do exercises like the blanck, push ups and such with out putting presure on the toes.
    Thank you for your time.

    Thanking you I am,

  3. All kidding aside (above comments), he knows what he’s talking about. When I first started doing planks with the FMFL DVDs – I had to modify it – and I’m not overweight. I now do the advanced versions of the planks and love feeling strong! Dustin Rocks!

  4. Pam,

    Very simple solution, you can either do them on your knees and once you become stronger, you just cross your bad foot on top of your good foot for support. Try to keep the hips stabilized and squared up and not twisted. This will still allow you to do pushups and planks!


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