North Dakota Bootcamp

Hi.  This is Kim, one of Dustin’s contributors.

North Dakota winters never seem to end!    Just when we thought we were starting to melt some snow and see the grass again, we got hit with another winter storm that dumped about 8 inches of snow on us, closed all the highways and schools and kept us home for the day.  We made the best of it and made up our own family bootcamp.

We’ve got enough people in our family to make up teams!  We got creative and found some square straw bales we could use as hurdles and pulled eachother on  sleds!  Running through 8 inches of fresh, wet snow was not easy, but it got our hearts pumping, cured some boredom and made for fun family memories! 

This might not be quite like Fit Fun Bootcamp, but we had a great time getting some exercise as a family!  What have you done lately to encourage your family to stay active?

North Dakota Bootcamp

Here is one of our teams finishing up our bootcamp.


  1. Kim! This is awesome!!! We got 16 inches of snow here! It wasn’t a bootcamp, but the boys sure got their exercise crawling out the front door and moving snow all day! What a fun mom you are!

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