You Can’t “Wear Off” Poor Food Choices

“Kim can have another piece, she went to the gym this morning.”  This was the comment made at work yesterday during an employee birthday celebration.   Sure, there is fact that calories in vs calories out will affect your success on the scale, but I do not believe that this is the most effective way to get the best results. 

I’m a big believer in the mindset that your weight reflects the food choices you make and your fitness level reflects the exercise that you do.  So, I try to look at it as two seperate issues that require their own plan and their own goals.

Look back at the times you were most successful with weight loss, and you’ll probably remember that you were journaling what you ate and measuring your portions.  You were probably eating really nutritious foods and drinking alot of water.  When you look to times that you were gaining weight, your food choices were probably to blame, regardless of how much you were exercising.

It also may be true that the times that you were following a training plan of some kind,  like the Fit Moms For Life series or training for a specific race, you probably felt strong and had more energy.  You might also have found out that the scale didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked, if you weren’t keeping yourself accountable to what you were eating.

I think when you can get the two to work together is when you see the best results.  So, set a nutritional goal, (like to only eat whole foods today or to keep up with your food journal), AND set a fitness goal,  (like to do your Fit Moms dvd three times a week or train to do a pullup) .  I think when you really focus on both,  you see the best results.


  1. I am starting to track again on Spark TODAY!

  2. Tracking food is definatly helpful in weight loss. It works for me. I also track my activity!


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