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This is Patty, one of Dustin’s bloggers here!

Puerta Vallarta – 31 days!  My husband and I have never been on a ‘real vacation’ and we’ve never left our two sons behind before, not even one night!  We are heading to Mexico with 9 other couples in 31 days.  Anxious, nervous, excited, etc.  I’ve been working out very hard for months now, and I see results.  My jeans fit better and I feel strong.  STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY!  But – I still feel ‘skinny fat’.  I still have areas that need trimming and I still have weight that I want to come off.  Not a lot, 10-15 pounds would be great.  I did notice that when I was journaling my food intake is when I saw the best results, just like Kim talks about in her last blogMy biggest thing I noticed when I journaled was not calorie intake, that was about where I thought it was, but it was my protein intake.  I never got enough protein, not even close!  Well, I just ordered a new jug of protein powder, the Prograde that Dustin talks about is my favorite, it’s the only one that doesn’t give me an upset stomach after drinking, and also the protein meal replacement powder for those in between meals that I dont want to miss when I need more protein, and I am ready to hit the next 31 days HARD.  Not just exercising – that I’ve got down, I’ve got the habit going, have for some time now, but the next step, the step that really means the most and the step that needs to be added in order to see real results is nutrition, Clean Eating, journaling, eating 6 meals, watching my sugar intake, etc.  I ordered 5 new swimsuits for the trip, including 2 bikini’s!  As soon as they come in the mail I will take a before picture and an after picture.  Yikes! Did I just say that out loud? I will be blogging at the end of each week of the next 31 days about my journey.  Who wants to join me? 

What can you do in 31 days? 

What are you willing to do to get to where you want to be in 31 days? 


  1. I’m with you Patty – I also am on the last 31 days to get really ready for my vacation with my husband also to a warm climate. We are going on Dustin’s cruise – so a bit of extra motivation there! We decided what better of a way to try out a cruise than with your trainer! that will keep us honest with the 24 hour food bonanza I have heard about!

    I too have been working very hard lately, and have recently surpased a milestone, loosing some more weight that has been a hurdle for me, but I did it! So, bucking down even more now was directly in my plan! I will be looking at the wine bottles more often now than drinking from them!

  2. I’ve got 36 days before my first warm-weather vacation! Maybe getting some new swimsuits would be good motivation to get in extra-good shape these last few weeks. I had great weight loss results when I used food journaling. The last couple months I’ve stopped journaling, and my weight has plateaued. Might be time to start using my “Loseit!” iPhone food journaling app again. Thanks for the motivation:)

  3. Brandi Gancarz says

    Thanks for the great post Patty….t-minus 47 days until I’m maid-of-honor in my best friend’s wedding. I just pulled the dress out of the closet and hung it in clear view as of this morning. I’m hopping back on the journaling bandwagon thanks to you, Crystal, Althea, Carrie and Sara. Althea-thanks for the iPhone app suggestion….I will check to see if it works on iPod touch. It would be super handy! ROCK IT LADIES!!! 🙂

  4. You can do it Patty! Great article!

  5. Go Patty! I am happy to be one of your girls! Working out with you and the other ladies in our group is the only reason I go. If you guys were not there every morning I wouldn’t be either! Thank you for keeping me motivated and challenging me every day! Your food choice challenges and workout challenges are very motivating!

  6. Love ya Angela!


  1. […] 31 days blog is now down to 22 days and counting!  Things are going great!  Last week I did my darndest to stay away from sugar, sweets, junk.  I did great all week except for Friday when we attended the UND Sioux hockey game like we do for every home game, and my son just had to have carmel popcorn!  So – a little slip there.  I am tracking again on Spark to make sure I’m getting the protein I need, as that is always a struggle to keep up.  I am back to using the Prograde protein after workouts and also tried the Prograde Meal Replacement and LOVED IT!  Yesterday while running errands and getting groceries all day, I brought my small cooler with 15 ounces of milk and a serving of the meal replacement and around lunch time had this while going here and there and it was great!   Workouts are going great as usual with my group M-F mornings.  I’m down a few pounds and feeling great!  Funny how clean eating can change how you feel so much!  […]

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