My Secret to Drinking More Water…


by Shelly K, contributor to Dustin's blog

….The Right Water Bottle!

A couple years ago, when I wanted to reduce/eliminate sippy cup usage by my two boys, I set out to find an appropriate drinking container that would accomplish the following: 1) be relatively spill proof, while offering the boys some control; 2) provide an oportunity to drink plenty of water anywhere; 3) reduce reliance on disposable containers while out and about (like at the pool).  To accomplish this task, I needed to define the criteria required for these drinking containers.     

So my list criteria for the perfect water bottle ensued:     

  • Wide mouth Top to Accomodate Ice Easily 
  • See-Through 
  • Dishwasher Safe Where All Parts Can Get a Good Sanitizing
  • Fits in Standard Cup Holder
  • BPA Free
  • Requires a Sipping Action without Tipping (i.e. not a squeezer or pourer)
  • Ice Will Not Hit Teeth
  • Gives Some Control of Being Open & Closed
  • Unbreakable
  • Holds Enough Water to Make It Through a Work-Out or Tennis Drill/Match
  • The bottle that my research revealed that best met my criteria was soon identified as a Nalgene Camel-Bak bottle.  I purchased one for myself too.  They have been perfect for what I wanted to accomplish for the boys.  And what I soon discovered is that these bottles were so convenient and easy to use without risking spilling on ourselves that I was drinking water all the time and way more of it.  I don’t leave the house without it whether my time out is related to exercise or not.  At home, I refill this constantly instead of pulling out a glass.  It allows for ice-cold water without the possibility of the ice hitting my front teeth (which is not only annoyingly cold, but I can’t take a big ‘ole swig if I have to navigate ice-cubes).       

    There are lots of great water bottle options out there, so if you always have “Drink More Water” on your list of things to improve, perhaps you would benefit from first identifying YOUR criteria in a good water bottle and then spending a little time to find the one for you.  You just might find out “Drinking More Water” is an easy thing to check off list of self improvement goals.  


    1. I’m going to try these…especially for my daughter! Thanks for the suggestion!

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