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Post by Katie C., blog contributor

A food I’ve come to love over the past year is Greek yogurt.  I had heard about all of its great health benefits (good source of calcium, high in protein, essential bacteria), but I was still eating the sugar-filled American version.  At first I didn’t quite know how to use Greek yogurt, but I soon found it to be extremely versatile.  I now eat it almost every day, whether I have it with fruit for breakfast or use at as a substitute for sour cream.  My favorite brands are Fage and Trader Joe’s.  Both are rBGH free; the Trader Joe’s brand contains a bit more protein and is cheaper.  There are plenty of flavored versions available, but these contain a lot of sugar.  I started eating these versions, but now I buy the plain version and mix in a little all natural fruit spread if I want a sweeter yogurt.

If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt yet, here are some easy and delicious ways to incorporate it into your diet.  Once you go Greek, you won’t go back!

  • With fresh blueberries or blackberries
  • In a fruit and yogurt parfait – layers of Greek yogurt, fruit, and unsweetened granola
  • In a  morning fruit smoothie
  • As a sour cream substitute (on top of a baked sweet potato, a dollop on tacos or taco salad, etc.)
  • In tuna or egg salad as a mayo substitute (I sometimes do a mix of Greek yogurt and Dijon mustard)
  • As a Greek tzatziki sauce.  Mix Greek yogurt with dill, garlic, diced cucumber, and mint and serve on lamb burgers.  This is one of my favorites!
  • As a super-easy homemade vegetable dip.  Blend one cup cottage cheese in a food processor for one minute.  Blend in one cup Greek yogurt and desired seasonings (dill, garlic, onion powder, etc.).  If you’re going to a Super Bowl party this weekend, this is a delicious, healthy dip to bring that only takes a few minutes to make.

Have you tried Greek yogurt?  What are some ways you use it?


  1. Yep – I have! Dustin turned me on to Chobani! We didn’t have it around here, so I requested it from the grocery store and now they carry it. I also like just the plain, and then add my own berries. My favorite breakfast is Chobani vanilla with berries and Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal sprinkled on top. My family loves Chobani mixed with peanut butter as a dip for apples. I’ve also made pancakes with Chobani – their website is great!

  2. @Patty, I love the suggestions! I will definitely have to try the yogurt mixed with PB for an apple dip. I’ve done that with ricotta cheese, so I imagine it would be great with the yogurt! I’ll check out the Chobani website, too; thanks!

  3. I only eat greek yogurt. I like the Fage brand, and I like to mix in a packet of stevia and some walnuts. Sometimes, I put chocolate chips in there, too, but I’m trying to wean myself off of that! It also make great smoothies!

  4. I have been making my own using a recipe I found on the internet. I use it as more of a topping, since I’m not a big yogurt eater, but my 5 year old son loves it with some fruit or fruit preserves stirred in. Better than paying over $1 a container!

  5. I love greek yogurt too. Chobani is my favorite. Thanks for all the tips on ways to use it.

  6. This past year I have eating Chobani almost everyday for breakfast..Although I do use the fruit ones, its still the better alternative over the regular yogurts. I have used it the greek yogurt to make cucumber sauce and as sour cream in recipes ( I use the Fage brand when using plain). As a matter of fact the other day my grocer was completely out of all Chobani so I got a substitute I think it was beyers.. low calorie and low sugar but also low protein (which is the what I like most about the high protein content) anyhoo… it didnt taste good at all. Once you use the greek yogurts the other ones dont even compare. Thanks for the suggestion on different ways to use it.

  7. Jo Christianson says

    I too have been hooked on Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt. I found and love the following recipe called “Breakfast Creme”. It calls for 1/4 C. Greek yogurt, 1 T. lemon juice, 1 tsp. honey (trader Joe’s) 1 T. grd. flaxseed, 2 tsp. chopped walnuts, and 2 T. crushed high fiber cereal. It is a great breakfast, which I make the night before, but do not add the cereal until time to eat.

  8. I love Fage non-fat plain yogurt with blueberries, Kashi Go Lean Crunch, and a touch of agave for breakfast. I need to pick up more at Costco today!

  9. Just tried the Greek yogurt mixed with peanut butter and dded some extra protein powder. Loved it! Thanks for the idea.

    @Bridget, I wonder what the protein content is of home-made yogurt? Can you get the thick consistency that the Greek yogurt has?

  10. I have also used plain or vanilla Greek yogurt in pancakes or any recipe to substitute for heavy cream. Love the idea of using plain instead of mayo. I’m going to try that this week for my chicken salad.

  11. Debbie Schoene says

    I agree that Greek yogurt is delicious but the only difference betw it and the runnier “American” version is that it has the whey drained out of it. So, if you want to make your own economical Greek-style yogurt (because it IS pricey), simply strain plain yogurt thru cheesecloth.

  12. Hi, It’s suppose to be very good for diggestion. There are different types of yogurt, soy and milk. Ones with capsules are also available. Thank you for all your recipes. Shalom, Esther

  13. Wow, just bought one (Chobani) over lunch and it’s awesome! I would have never tried this without your suggestion. Thanks!

  14. Debbie Schoene says

    Tosia, just get yourself some full fat or lowfat PLAIN yogurt and some cheesecloth. Line a colander (or other strainer) with the cheesecloth and place it over a bowl. Dump the yogurt into the cheesecloth-lined strainer and wait until most of the liquid has drained out of it, then use the remaining yogurt as you would normally. You can also put the whole contraption in the ‘fridge and let it drain there. I suppose you could do this with flavored versions too and would end up with thicker, Greek-style yogurt, but it would have a high sugar content, as do the fruit-filled Chobanis, Fage, etc.

  15. I cut frozen peaches into bite-size pieces. Toss onto the plain Greek yogurt. Add 2 Tablespoons of wheat germ and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Sometimes, I add chopped walnuts. Stir. I swear its satisfies cravings for peach cobbler and similar desserts. You can use any fruit that sounds good.
    We also use it in place on Sour Cream…I can’t imagine buying sour cream again ever!

  16. You can strain yogurt using a coffee filter rather than buying cheesecloth. You could use one of those ‘gold’ reusable coffee filters.
    I substitute plain yogurt for mayo all the time. I thicken with either sour cream or cream cheese. You won’t miss the calories or any flavor (I made artichoke dip for the Superbowl and everyone loved it!).
    As for plain yogurt, I’m hooked on Activia. Only for the flavor, it’s great! I eat it with Kashi Go Lean Crunch regularly. And sometimes add ground flax seed. I work with an Asian woman who makes yogurt daily for her family. Something like: boil milk, let it cool to room temperature, add a Tablespoon of yogurt with active cultures (she uses her own) and let it sit overnight. I haven’t tried it though I keep thinking I will, easier to just buy Activia. Look for recipes on-line.
    Can’t wait to start bootcamp. Finishing some night classes, so soon!

  17. I will buy some this weekend and let you know what my experience is. I like the recipes – I am intrigued!

  18. So a question here: Looking at the blueberry version, I see it has about 20g of carbs, which is 13 more than the non-flavored version. As many of you mentioned, this is most likely from sugar (evaporated cane juice). But is it really that bad? If an apple or banana contains about 20g of sugar (based on what I read), this doesn’t seem extreme.

    So are the flavored versions really that bad for you? (someone please say no, because the blueberry one was delicious). 🙂

  19. @Greg,

    Glad you liked the Greek yogurt! I’m definitely not an expert on your question about sugar, but the sugar in fruit is going to be natural whereas the other sugar is usually going to be processed, so I always feel better about getting my carbs from the natural sugars in fruits.

  20. I started using this with my morning smoothie, fruit, protein powder and little milk and its great!! very filling!


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