There’s an App For That

Post by Katie C., blog contributor

Over the past few years, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “there’s an app for that”, referring to mobile device add-ons that allow users to perform certain tasks.  There really is an app for everything, including those for fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness.  Here I review some of my favorite apps that are functional, easy to use, and all under $2!

1.        Dustin Maher’s Flat Stomach Workout This is one of my favorite apps!  It provides a series of videos that takes you through core exercises based on the time and intensity you choose.  You can get a quick core workout in no matter where you go or how much time you have (I used this app today to do a ten minute core workout during halftime of the Packer game).  You can also take before and after pictures to track your progress.  This is a great way to have all of Dustin’s core exercises with you at all times.

2.       Grocery Pal This is a great way to keep your grocery list organized and get deals from local grocery stores.  You can add items to your grocery list at any time so you’ll never forget items at the grocery store again.  Once the items are on your list, you can compare prices and see the weekly ads for each grocery store in your radius.   

 3.       Lose It!  If you’re keeping a food journal, this is definitely an app you will want to get.  With this app, you can keep track of the food you eat as well as your daily exercise. This app allows you to insert your caloric goal and creates a calorie budget to make sure you stay within your range.

 4.       Good Food Near You If you travel a lot, this app helps you make healthy food choices if you need to eat out.  The app will automatically detect your location (or you can enter the zip code of where you’re going to be if you want to plan ahead) and show you the healthiest menu items at restaurants near you.  You can also view the full menu with all nutrition facts. 

 5.       Cardio Trainer This is a great app if you are a runner.  The GPA tracking allows you to see your route on a map and counts your steps.  Cardio Trainer gives feedback as you run, so you’ll know your distance, time, and pace compared to previous runs.  It even automatically pauses when you stop at a stoplight!  This app is only available for Android. 

If you don’t have an iPad/Pod/Phone or other smart-device, many of these apps have websites that perform the same task on your computer.  Or there’s still time to add one to your holiday wish list 🙂


  1. @Lara

    I’m glad you found it helpful! Anything we can do to make life easier, right? 🙂


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