Positive Affirmations- Words Leading to Action

This post if from Angie, one of Dustin’s blog contributors.

Dustin often talks about limiting beliefs. One of mine is that I’m not the positive affirmation type. When I think of affirmations I think of Zig Ziglar’s “If it is to be, it is up to me” and Sally Field’s often parodied award acceptance speech “You like me, you really like me!” In other words, I think hokey. Thanks to Dustin and Joe (Mr. Motivation for McFarland and Mt. Horeb Bootcamps), I am challenging this belief.

I like quotes, slogans and mottos and am often inspired by them. I haven’t found that this inspiration necessarily leads to motivation though. Here is what I took away from Dustin’s post on Positive Affirmations and Motivation from Joe Sweeney Day 22.

  • Positive affirmations are sayings that you declare over yourself and over your life in the present tense. I haven‘t “owned” these sayings.
  • Bombarding your subconscious mind with positive affirmations creates motivation that can lead to action. So, reading something once, getting inspired and then not thinking about it again, isn’t going to cut it.

I really haven’t given positive affirmations the chance to be beneficial. If I ask the  question “What is the worst thing that can happen”, all I come up with is 1. Someone will hear me talking to myself and think I’m crazy. 2. I will have spent time doing something that didn’t work. The reward of increased motivation leading to action and then results, definitely outweighs these negatives (if you can even call them negatives!).

Now it’s time for me to give this a try and see what happens. I’ll start with something simple and concrete, one of my favorite mottoes, Josh Sundquist’s, “1mt1mt”. One more thing. One more time. This is how it could be rephrased as a positive affirmation:

I do one more thing than what I plan on doing. (Perseverance)

I do one more thing than what I feel like doing. (Discipline)

I do one more thing than what is required. (Effort)

Now, the next steps- talking to myself, and sticky notes EVERYWHERE! 

Will I become a positive affirmation convert? Only time will tell, but I’ll keep you posted.

Have you used positive affirmations to get the results you are after? Share your successes and challenges.


  1. Good luck with it Angie, stay the course and it WILL work! The most challenging part about affirmations is the push back you’ll get from yourself when you say something like “I am in the best shape of my life.” Often times consciously knowing we’re not “in the best shape of our lives (yet)” creates push back and voices in our own head that create self-doubt and tell us we are lying. For most people these voices in our own head are enough to deter us from continuing the affirmation process. Ultimately it’s proof that our head is filled with a negative voices which means we need to drown them out with positive thoughts and affirmations. From my own experience after about 3-4 weeks of daily affirmations we will actually start believing the affirmations we say and our behaviors will gradually fall into line with our self-image and “inner coach” Looking forward to hearing about your success, I know you can do it!!

  2. One other thing to add, is based on everything I’ve studied on affirmations and from my own experience you MUST believe beyond any doubt the affirmations will work. Have faith. Sounds hokey but you must 100% believe in the power of affirmations for them to work. If you find yourself “judging” the affirmations too soon as to whether or not they are actually working (as I did) they will NOT work. If you find yourself doing that, try beginning with some affirmations to convince yourself of the power of affirmations or adding them to your affirmation list. Here are a few you might try:

    I am actively using my conscious mind to control my thoughts and actions.

    I am using positive affirmations to create the life of my dreams.

    I believe in the power of affirmations.

    Keep the faith….

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