New Years Resolutions – who needs’em!?

HI! This is Patty – one of Dustin’s bloggers.

This is an email I sent my group of FMFLers that work out together, thought it would also be a good blog!

Okay – no resolutions, nobody ever keeps them anyway right? Being fit and healthy is a LIFESTYLE!!! How was everyones Christmas? Mine was – well – I want a DO OVER! We got sick!  We headed to Colorado (from North Dakota) to spend Christmas with my husband’s family.  We drove and took his parents with us.   We were on the road for 2 days there, spent 4 days there, and then 2 days driving home.  Of the 4 days in Colorado, the last 2 days Aiden (my 7-year-old) was sick, and all the way home he was sick, and then I got sick the last day on the road.  No fun.  Our boys got new snowboards and all the gear for Christmas, and Aiden spent the entire day up at Winterpark laying down in the car. 

We stopped in Fargo on our way home, on day 2 after 7 hours in the car and went to the walk-in  and Aiden had double ear infection and sinus infection and I had double ear infection, crackles in my lungs, and strep throat. Not good. Brady, my 13-year-old started to feel under the weather later that night so we called his ped dr in the morning to have meds sent out (we live in the country an hour away from Fargo) because he was exposed to my strep and of course – now we are snowed in, and the roads are closed and no mail! He’s not doing too bad, more of a sinus infection I think going on, but I still hope hte mail comes tomorrow so he can start on the meds before school! I’m at least vertical tonight after being in bed all of yesterday and most of today.

I saw something in Colorado, spending a week with Neil’s family, that scared me and woke me up that I’d like to share… When I ‘feel bad’ because I wont buy Velveeta cheese, sugary cereal, chips, etc., because the kids (Neil included) get mad; there’s always somebody who does even more than I do! Anita (Neil’s sister) has gone gluten free (and looks great!) because of digestion problems I believe.  She uses almost all organic foods. Pancakes she made the first morning were buckwheat and whole wheat. Aiden didn’t mind the whole wheat ones. She didn’t have white bread – only whole grain…one thing I struggle with in my house – I just dont know what’s so bad about whole wheat bread!? But I’m going to stop buying white – they’ll just have to adjust! Also – popcorn – she uses a popper on the stove instead of microwave popcorn.  Lately I have found even the bags BEFORE popping in the microwave to be greasy – yuck!  She uses coconut oil (I had to flaunt this in her cupboard to my husband a few times each day to show him I’m not the ONLY one who uses coconut oil, or olive oil.  So I’ve ordered the popper…now looking for some good seasonings to add to it.

So – I’m going to continue to try to change the eating habits of my family, not just what I eat anymore because I always feel like I’m ‘taking away’ something from the kids if I dont make them what they like –  sometimes I make 2 meals – one for me and one for the boys, NO MORE!  I’m glad the boys saw that Neil’s sister does this and her family is still walking, talking, breathing!  🙂  Also – Neil’s parents. Every day they had a ritual of sitting down and taking their pills. OMG! I would be FULL if I had to take that many pills! Seriously! It’s like a Thanksgiving meal!!! I know age has to do with some of those pills, but a lot of those pills would not be needed if the weights was not an issue. 

So – what does 2011 mean to you!? I believe we have all made a huge difference in our health since Dustin’s bootcamp this summer – do you feel it? Lets step it up a little! Eat Clean! Plan your meals! We are doing a great job of working out, but remember, you can’t out exercise a bad diet!

We are snowed in for the New Year because of the weather. I’m going to be spending the rest of this evening planning out meals, snacks, etc. Then each week (I do this anyway, but thought I’d reiterate) plan out the week. I will also premake some meals on Sunday’s for the week ahead. I.e. – I brown hamburger or turkey, onions, veggies, etc., and put in the freezer to make things a little quicker during the week since it’s so busy. Another example, when I make meatloaf – I always put half in the freezer since we dont eat an entire one at one sitting anyway, things like that. I hate relying on concessions for meals during basketball and hockey; but if I know after a game I have something at home in the oven or in the crockpot – I wont let my kids have the pizza or concession foods, and they like coming home to a good meal instead. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Yah yah, you’ve all heard it before, but it is soooo true!

What are you doing with your time home snowed in??? Happy New Year Ladies!


So that was my little New Year, rah-rah cheer for my group of FMFLers.  It’s a lifestyle.  What kind of lifestyle are you living? What kind of lifestyle do you want? 

Okay – I guess I do have ONE resolution – I have always wanted to do a pull-up!


  1. Did you get a workout in shoveling out your driveway? I’m about 3 hrs. south of Fargo, and it took my husband an I almost 2 hours shoveling shoulder-high drifts! 27 years of life in Wisconsin did not prepare me for winter in South Dakota!
    One of my resolutions (for life hopefully) is to try to serve a veggie or fruit with every meal. My daughter already decided she likes roasted brussel sprouts, but my son is sticking firmly to mashed potatoes only. I am going to choose my battles, since homemade mashed potatoes are a lot better than fries or something. Baby steps, right?

  2. Yep! Baby steps! I tell my kids they dont have to like something, but they have to try it at least 3 times!

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