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Here is an article the female fat loss over 40 expert Shawna wrote.  Nothing like an article written from a woman to a woman.  🙂  A couple of the suggestions are ones you probably wouldn’t see me writing 🙂

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How to Make Your 40’s Fabulous

By: Shawna Kaminski

Female Fat Loss Over 40 Expert

(suburban journal oct 2010)

Shawna fitter after kids than before!

I know what happens when most of you think of your age. First of all, if you’re like me, it’s SHOCK: you start to do the math and you can’t believe it. How did those years creep up? Is it possible for me to be 47? Holy cow!

Then it may be DISMAY. Are you feeling your best and do you feel that maybe your best years are behind you?

I’m here to give you hope and some ideas to make your 40’s FABULOUS! Some things are easier than others to do, and some are kinda silly and fun. Here goes:

Include Resistance Training

Maintain and build lean muscle mass, even with your own body weight workouts. Women in their 40s have 10 pounds less muscle mass than they had in their 20s. And by their 50s, they’re down 15 pounds in muscle mass. This leads to a tanking metabolism and the spare tire around the middle. Minimum three times a week on this one, but don’t think you need to be in a gym to do it. You’ll be surprised at how strong you become and how you can add muscle with your own body weight.

Intensify Workouts

HIIT – High intensity interval training is the way to go! Sweat it up for improved fitness and fat loss. You need to work harder than ever before if you want results you’ve never had before. The good news with HIIT? Workouts are short and intense!

Get in the Kitchen

When you make your own meals, you know what’s going into them and can use healthy ingredients. Why does restaurant food taste so good? They often use tons of processed oils and other unhealthy ingredients, so at the very least, make your server work for their tip by special ordering everything to your exact nutritional specifications to make it the healthiest choice you can make.

You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet

Sad but true, don’t think that you can eat poorly and then add a workout or jump on the treadmill and hope that you can balance it all out. Anything that goes in your mouth should pack a nutritional punch. On occasion, there’s junk that may slip in, but if you want to feel your best, this is a fact of life. Eat clean to look and feel great.

No White Carbs

Ban all things white: sugar, flour, breads, bagels, rice, potatoes, etc. Introduce more brown rice, barley, rye, oats, quinoa and other interesting grains into your diet. Make friends with soluble fiber to help lower cholesterol.

Have a Glass

If you aren’t trying to cut calories, you can enjoy a glass of wine once in a while. Studies show that those that indulge in one alcoholic beverage are less likely to have heart troubles. Would it be wrong to say that those that indulge occasionally can reduce other troubles as well? Maybe I’m saying too much here, but to many, life with out wine is not really worth living…(all in moderation of course!).

Use It or Lose It

Sex that is. Good for SO many reasons, not the least of which is to keep the pelvic floor muscles strong and blood vessels dilated. (And you won’t go blind if you, you know what, if you don’t have a partner.)

Go Commando

Who needs the extra laundry?? Going panty-less decreases your risk for vaginal infections (which are more common in midlife, thanks to hormonal changes). Have some fun with this one, but think things through. I once made a poor choice on a summer day with a strong wind, seriously, you can just imagine…

Turn OFF the Idiot Box

The light from TV can disrupt sleep rhythms and you won’t get into REM, the more restful stages of deep sleep you need. It’s best to choose a book to relax with before shutting it down for the evening. Or, refer to the ‘use it or lose it’ tip…

Chin up!

Try to see the cup as half full instead of half empty. An optimistic attitude changes everything. Life tends to be a self fulfilling prophecy, so envision what you want and make it happen.

Remember Your Friends

You’re going to feel more energized and good about yourself if you connect with people you love, especially when you get to spend time with other women. There’s something about women connecting with women. Don’t undervalue time spent with your friends!

Change your priorities

Take some time for YOU! As a busy woman, you may be last on the list after you take care of everyone else. Time to bump yourself to the top of the list! You can care for others more effectively when you feel your best. You don’t need a ton of time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself with some fitness and personal time, so be a little selfish here and look after number one.

There you have it, some tips to keep in mind, and better yet, apply to your life daily!

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  1. Perfect! Love it! Live your life, eat real food, be strong, have true relationships, be healthy. thank you.

  2. Great post Shawna and Dustin. Shawna totally knows her stuff – I’ve seen her guns in person!

  3. Awesome tips that are simple and realistic! Getting the white out of your diet is tough for a lot of women who love comfort junk foods but Does make the body glow with sexy health! You show being over forty is nothing but great!

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