Female Fat Loss Over 40: How To Look Like Your 20 Again

I have traveled extensively the past two years and met many of the top experts in the different fields of fitness and weight loss.  Some of these experts I have grown close to and we talk on a regular basis.  My good friend Shawna Kaminski is one of the leading experts in fat loss for woman over 40 years old.  Shawna is in her upper 40’s and has maybe the leanest fittest body I know for her age.  So she knows what she is talking about and practices what she preaches.  She is one of the top fat loss experts in Canada.

After watching this video she has a special offer for her program just for my clients!  If you are reading this that means you.  🙂

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Check out this video I did with her in New Port Beach

Here is a recap of our interview

Problem #1: Tanking metabolism…. Fat accumulation around the belly.

Solution:  Increase muscle mass

Problem #2:  Eating empty calories.

Solution:  Make sure every calorie you eat is nutritionally dense.

Problem #3: Putting everyone else in front of yourself

Solution:  Be selfish, realize that putting yourself first is the most unselfish thing you can do.


  1. Great Interview with Shawna. She knows her stuff for sure. Women, we mean well but it’s true, we put ourselves last not first and wonder why we feel the way with do about ourselves and our bodies. Dustin, again you rock getting us great info!

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