Keeping it Simple – A More Less Approach to Life

This post is written by Caroline a contributor to the blog.

While eating lunch the other day, I realized I’ve been in the process of adopting a “More Less” approach to my life.    What do I want more of in my life?  What do I want less of in my life?   The following list literally flowing onto the page (once I grabbed some paper and a pen) and, since it was lunch I started with a focus on food, but it easily led to other areas.   

More Protein, Less Salt, More Water, Less Sugar, More Fresh Veggies, Less Breads, More Movement, Less Sitting, More Natural Food, Less Processed Food, More Home Cooked Meals, Less Restaurant Meals, More Sleep, More Fresh Air, More Ab Work, More FMFL Workouts, More Joy, Less Worry, More Laughter, Less Caffeine,…

After writing the list I felt energized and empowered to make some shifts in my life realizing I can simply DO more or less of something to have an impact.  I can easily drink more water every day by choosing to have a glass of water with every meal.  I can eat less sugar by getting rid of any around the house or at work so I’m not tempted to snag a piece.    I can take a walk outside as a break. 

I have a great More Less list that energized me and a list of  things I can do to get me closer to my goals. 

What’s your More Less list?


  1. What a way to jumpstart yourself! That list includes some very doable things that make you feel successful and thus generates more energy for tackling something else. When I was in a slump I decided to walk a mile for a workout even though I knew how whimpy that was-BUT, it was a mile more than what I WAS doing…..sometimes you just have to go with where you are at, in the moment!

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