Confessions of a Sugar Addict

Hi!  I’m Kim.  I am one of Dustin’s new blog contributors,  and  I am a sugarholic.   Not only am I certain I am a world record contender for the speed at which I can polish off a row of scotcheroo bars,   but a holiday such as Halloween can set me up for a binge on sweets that lasts until New Years Day.

I’ve read that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, (did you know that the chemical formula for cocaine and processed sugar is only different by one nitrogen atom?),  yet we fill up our children’s Halloween buckets, Christmas stockings and Easter baskets with it.  Not only can sugar become addictive, it also can lead to dental cavities and weight gain.  It raises your insulin levels,  which inhibits the release of growth hormones and depresses the immune system.   It can lead to diseases such as diabetes and is also said to be the fuel of choice for cancer cells.  We know all of this, yet sometimes have a hard time stopping once we’ve started.

If you’ve never watched this video, posted by Dustin , take the time to watch it.  If you haven’t watched it in a while, watch it again.  It’s a very poweful presentation on how harmful sugar can be.

I’m happy to say that this year,  I was successful at limiting my candy sampling to one day.   I took Karen up on her challenge and got all of our candy out of our house..    Are you addicted to sugar?  How do you stop at “just one” piece?  As the holidays get closer, do you have a strategy in place for sticking to your plan and reaching your goals?  A followed plan now can result in not needing to make that New Years resolution on January 1st!


  1. Great information Kim. WOW! That’s amazing about sugar and cocaine. I do know the more sugar I eat the more I want. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m tempted…I’m sure it will stop me.

  2. Kim, like you I too threw all the candy away too! It’s a hard thing to do. I too am a sugar addict/fast food junkie. I can’t seem to get in the groove or that do that first step and stop! I need an intervention 🙂

  3. Kim, I hear you about the sugar problem! My workout partner and I have decided that we cannot deprive ourselves of that treat every now and then or we will really fall hard. We belong to an online fitness program that tallys your calories, carbs, protein and fat for every bite we put in our mouth. So, when we are restricting our calories to a certain number, say 1500 a day, if we have 5 scotcheroos we log in the calories and such. Then that counts in the days calories so there may only be room for lettuce after that! We all have a bad day now and then, but you can’t let it ruin your progress. Get back on track the next day and remember you are human!

  4. Good post, Kim……if I am going to bake cookies, the worst day to do it is when I have not gotten in adequate protein all day long-it is not a pretty sight, trust me! 🙁

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