Hi! This is PattyM! My first Dustin blog!  TGIF!  My FMFL community group finished our first 5-days a week workout this morning.  I started this group after Dustin came and gave our community a bootcamp of our own! We started out with Wednesday mornings – strength training, then we went to 2 days a week, then Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and now this week decided to go with M-F. We did strength M W F and Core/Core T and Th.  We dont have a DVD player at our local gym, so I have written down all the FMFL routines on index cards and I lead them from there.  I’m anxious to hear back from the ladies how they liked coming 5 days a week!  I know there were at least 2 days this week where I just wanted to roll over and snuggle with my hubby for another 45 minutes, but because I knew that there were people waiting for me at the gym, I HAD TO GO!  Accountability?  Have you heard that word before from Dustin?  I know that more than once I have heard these ladies say that if they hadn’t said they were coming in, they wouldn’t be working out like they are.  So get a buddy or two or start your own community of FMFL!

Yesterday my son and I were at Chili’s for supper; we decided to half something since it was kind of early for supper, but he really wanted some texas french fries – so I gave in. 

I had 3 of these fries and after the 2nd one my son says “What would Dustin say if he walked in and saw you eating that?” (I even took a picture to post in my blog of what not to order and if you do – don’t eat it!) My kids know who Dustin is, that I follow him daily, and give me a little guilt trip now and then WHEN I NEED IT!  I did the 14-day flush a few weeks ago with gluten free and laughed every time even my 7-year-old would say “does that have gluten mom?” I took one more french fry, and well, that was it.  Not because of guilt (okay maybe a little, but that’s a good thing!), but because I felt terrible, physically terrible.  I wished I were at home and could make a healthy supper – I was craving clean food!  I’m glad to say that neither my son or I ate any more fries and we boxed this up and took it with us, with our eye looking for one of those people you see standing on a corner with a sign to give to. 

Recap of this week – 1. I know how much accountability means to me – do you?  2. Chili’s can keep their texas french fries!  I like the way I feel after a good healthy meal much better!


  1. I think having someone to be accountable to is the best way to keep from getting too far off track.

    I’ve got a great friend who I keep accountable to, I hear her voice often.

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