Some of My Favorite Ab Flattening Exercises

I think the number one request I get from my clients is to flatten their stomach.  While most of the flattening will take place by losing the fat around the midsection, it is very important to keep a strong core for an overall healthy body.  I think of a strong core as an insurance policy for you back.

My Got Core DVDs, have been one of the most popular sets of DVDs I have sold.  I am still selling the first one and then you get the second one for free. They make great gifts and have been responsible for alleviating or eliminating hundreds of my client’s lower back pain.  Click here to get one sent to your door step.

If you have an Apple product I have an awesome Flat Stomach Workout App for $1.99.  Click here to download.

Here is a great video showing some of my favorite core exercises.

Question of the day:  What are some of your favorite core exercises?


  1. My favorite core exercise is the plank, side plank, vaccums, crunches, ball transfer, and I could keep going on. I love to do the core exercises because back 10 years ago I had to have back surgery for a vertebrae that slipped out. So it is very very important for me to keep building the strength to support my lower back.


  2. Hi Dustin, That last video the one before this one made me laugh because it was geared to a younger person. But, even when I was a younger person, I couln’t do it. This stomock video is really cool. I don’t have a large ball but I use the sides of my chair and improvise. Shalom, Esther

  3. Love them all!! Really like the lower ab one. Let’s do that one more in class! 🙂 Thanks for sharing as always!

  4. Question on the ball pass exercise….I was taught that the shoulders & head should not rest on the ground when the ball comes back over your head. What are you recommending? Thanks!

  5. My favorites are foot to hand transfer, lower ab & oblique crunches. I’ve never been a big fan of core exercises. Because of a couple of kidney surgeries in high school I had a weak core and could never seem to do them very well. Becasue of the FMFL dvds I have gained a ton of core strength and can do the core exercises much much better. That makes them a lot more fun to do. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my lower back…no more lower back pain!

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