How Much Is It Costing You?

One of my coaches made a statement that got me thinking.  He told me “How much money is it costing you, NOT to do it?”  I am not going to go into the details of my specific example, but it got me thinking…

How much money is it costing you to not put your health as one of the top priorities?

How much money is it costing you not to eat healthy?

How much money is it costing you not to participate in a fitness program that has hundreds of documented success stories?

How much money is it costing you to consume so much processed foods?

How much money is it costing you, going from one diet to the next?

How much money is it costing you to continually have to buy different sized clothes because you are always losing and gaining weight?

How much money is it costing you in medication for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and many other drugs?

How much money is it costing you to continually take your kids to the doctor because they are always sick?

How much money is it costing you in sick time from work?

How much money is it costing you in worthless fitness infomercial products? (except P90X and Insanity, those are ligit)

How much money is it costing you to drink all the crap out there besides water, milk, and unsweetened tea?

How much money is it costing you in dental bills with all the sugar and soda consumption?

How much money is it costing you in chiropractic bills because your core isn’t strong enough to make a chiropractic adjustment hold?

Or Even Scarier!!

How many YEARS less of life are you going to lose, because you didn’t put your health first?

I don’t want to make this post be negative or use fear tactics, but when I hear someone tell me they can’t afford XYZ (good for their health stuff), and then I see their house and it is huge, they drive very new cars, they have all the big screen TVs, they go out to eat all the time, and they drink and smoke… all I can do is scratch my head and smile and walk away.

Now obviously this is an extreme example, but many people do fit in a few of these categories.  All I am saying is that we should be using enough of our discrecinary income on things that are going to make us healthier, instead of things that either make no difference or make us sicker.

I am going to share with you next time a story from a family I know who learned this lesson and changed!

If this really hit you hard and you are looking to invest in yourself here are a couple options for you.

Fit Fun Bootcamp: If you are in the Madison area and looking for the ultimate workouts and accountability this is the program.

Got Core: If you have a ball at home or have back problems, or a mid section that is bothering you, this $30 investment is a great place to start.

Fit Moms For Life DVDs:  Would you like to hire me as a trainer but couldn’t afford it or don’t live in the Madison area?  This monthly program is like having me train you in your house.  These are the exact workouts that some clients pay me $150/hour to share.  Each month you will receive a DVD in the mail.  I give the first one away for free (just pay shipping) in order to test the program out.

Buns Guns Back and Shoulders:  Are you looking for short 8-15 minute workouts that target certain areas?  These 12 workouts are the perfect solution for you.  Remember you can’t spot reduce fat, but you can spot tone certain areas.

I am curious your thoughts.  Do you agree or disagree?  Did anything strike you one way or another?


  1. WOW! This really struck a chord with me. I have struggled alot lately, I have been a subscriber of your FMFL for 5 months now but have yet to complete DVD #2 for 4 weeks. In reading this I realized that holding onto my unhealthy habits are INDEED costing me (and my family) money and chronological time, yes, but more importantly quality time with each other. I have wasted so much mental and physical energy and cold hard cash trying to find that forever elusive *magic* bullet to make transitioning into a fit, healthy me easy and painless. Hum….I have no choice but to ask myself “how’s that workin’ for ya?!”

    I think it might be time to pour myself a tall glass of water with a slice of lemon and spend some time looking around your site for motivation and education.

    Thanks for a much needed kick start Dustin! 🙂

    • Kris,

      Thanks! You have all the power and knowledge needed, now it just takes hard work and action. You DESERVE the best, so go after it with enthusiasm and optimism!

      You are going to enjoy the next couple posts I have for you!


  2. Dustin,
    I think you make a very valid point…
    Keep in mind though, with the economy the way it has been the last two years many people may legitimately not be able to afford to participate in programs like yours. Myself included. When my husband was unemployed for an entire year I had to sacrifice Bootcamp and working out at Supreme. We also gave up ridiculously priced cable TV (Which we don’t miss one bit) and other things to make sure we could keep a roof over our heads.

    That being said, we found ourselves frustrated by others and their woes about not being able to do this or that but here they are with cable tv, expensive cell phones, daily coffee runs etc. etc. Everyone has different priorities in life and for some, giving up their Starbucks $5/day coffee is NOT GONNA HAPPEN. (Can I say how glad I am I never picked up the coffee habit) We live in a society of instant gratification and when we can not get something we want right away many say forget
    it. Good health and fitness is not in this category – it takes time and work and many people are not willing to cut out other things in their life to have the resources to get fit.

    Our society needs a complete overhaul in many respects.


    • Dawn,

      I totally get where you are coming from and you are right, there has to be some sacrifices made in areas. Congrats on getting rid of cable! Instead of paying that $100 or so on cable, you could now invest that in fresher fruit and grass few beef!


  3. This has been on my mind as well. It takes time and effort to stay healthy in this culture, where poor choices are pushed at you from every direction.

    When we are accustomed to paying a certain price for food, buying organic costs more. With everyone’s budget tighter than ever, the frills are usually the first to go. We can live in very good health if we spend more time cooking and less eating out, and rice and beans and vegetables will keep us fit and healthy.
    But I actually have another bone to pick. When you first started Fit Moms, you often commented that it costs nearly nothing to stay fit, you could do it at home with very little equipment, and avoid the expensive health club memberships. But now you are charging A LOT of money for the Boot Camps, which I must admit can get addictive, but is simply not possible when money is already stretched to the limit. If you have disposable cash, or can make one or 2 sacrifices and afford it, that is one thing, but a lot of the people who need it don’t even consider it for more than a second because of the sticker shock.
    My touchy question for you is – are you doing this for the money or to really help people get fit again. It was clearly to help people starting out, but the sticker price for boot camps is giving me an entirely different impression. How would you handle it if someone came to the boot camp location but hung out 50 yds away and just followed along?

    • Maggie,

      Great question… I truly I believe I am doing for the right reasons. Sure I am also running a business, but I am providing $1000’s of free information on this website, my DVDs most everyone can afford, and many can afford bootcamps. At $149/month unlimited my bootcamps are about 30% lower than the average cost of bootcamps nationally which is $199/month, usually 3 times per week. Our goal with bootcamps is to provide the same level of results and support at a fraction of the cost of hiring a trainer. To hire me for 14 sessions/month (even though I am no longer taking one on one clients) would cost $2100/month, so the $149/month of bootcamp seems like a bargain.

      You could learn basically all the moves we do in bootcamp off of all my youtube videos which are FREE. But what you wouldn’t get would be the accountability, the support and camaraderie of the group. I hope that answers your question.


    • Maggie,

      One more thing… you can totally come to the bootcamp and do things on the side, I don’t think anybody would mind.

      I hope your school in near Cancun is doing well! I think about it often.


  4. Yes you hit home in many ways. I have been doing about a half hour exercises every morning. Sometimes I watch your great shows on the computer video. You are an inspiration to me. Do you recommend anything for detoxing? How do you feel about the cabbage diet? Shalom, Esther

    • Esther,

      I don’t know if I would recommend the cabbage diet, but I think cleansing with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables can be a good thing.


  5. We can no longer afford not to take care of ourselves. There are people who say they can’t afford to buy healthy food. In the 1960’s, 18% of our income was spent on food and 5% was spent on health care. Fast forward to today, 9% of our income is spent on food and 18% on health care. As Michael Pollan states, we can vote 3 times each day with our fork for sustainable food. We can not afford not to take care of ourselves. Eating healthy and exercise. is the way to go.

    • Jane,

      What an awesome stat you shared… I think that was in food inc? Thanks for reminding us that even if we buy the more expensive foods now, we probably still won’t reach the 18% of our income like in the 1960’s.


  6. Crystal Moten says

    Bringing up finances is definitely brave during a recession! Especially, when despite the government’s insistence that we are “recovering,” many are still feeling the pinch! However, I must say that when I first started boot camp, I had to ask myself these same questions. Attending boot camp seemed like a stretch for me financially. However, I made the sacrifice and 7 months later, I have lost 50lbs and the money I would have spent on junk (and clothes because I gaining weight), I invested in MYSELF!

    Unfortunately, I had to move away from Madison and could not continue with boot camps, but what committing to it, despite the price, taught me is that I am worth it, even if I had to rearrange my entire budget.

    It’s a personal choice that we all have to make. Nothing else worked for me. This did and does.

    Dustin offers other programs besides the boot camp. He recently just launched a new DVD project that has only a one time fee which I’ve only heard good things about and which I might purchase since I can no longer come to boot camp.

    I do agree with Dawn about our society needing a complete overhaul. Not just nutritionally. We have come to place value in the quick and easy and have forgotten that ANYTHING worth having will come with a substantial sacrifice attached. Sometimes that sacrifice is financial. In my case, the benefit I have and continue to gain far outweighs my initial financial investment/sacrifice.

    We all have to decide what’s it worth to us, personally–and make our decision accordingly.


    • Crystal,

      I bet you would pay $50 per day to never have to put on that 50lbs you lost each day. Just the feeling you now have, the sense of accomplishment, the ease at which now can do things… That right there is worth a lot of money!


  7. Thanks for doing a good job of offering options for all incomes. The information you give out on this blog is free, which allows even those without internet access in their homes to go to the library and learn. This is a great gift!

  8. Every dollar we spend is a vote. Right or wrong some people get more votes than others. Make whatever votes you have count. I do the best that I can to vote for my and my families health.

  9. One thing I have done with my limited resources is to allocate them in a way that best serves me and my goals. Yes, Bootcamp is expensive. I love, love, love it and have had results both physically and mentally that I never could have anticipated. That said, I can only afford per month about HALF of what Dustin charges. My solution? Go it alone during the summer months when I can get outside, meet friends at parks to exercise, swim, etc. Then, tighten the financial belt and come back to Bootcamp October-March…I find the winter months to be very challenging and Bootcamp keeps me on track (and sane). Six months on, six months off = half the cost. This is just my solution, but I’m sure if you get creative you can all find one that works for you.

    Also, Dustin, I think the number of Groupons you were able to sell proves that people ARE interested in getting healthy and that perhaps a major obstacle to that is affordability. They know your programs deliver, but can’t bring themselves to spend twice and sometimes three times as much as a gym membership each month. I also think this is especially true of moms, your target market. We are value-seekers and this is why the FM4L movement is going to spread like wildfire: community, accountability, your workouts and no (or low) cost! Just my two cents.

    Can’t wait til October!

  10. So if unsweetened Iced tea is O.K. they why isn’t unsweetened Iced coffee O.K.?

  11. Regarding the cost of Dustin’s boot camps, I feel it is an incredible deal. I’ve been going regularly for over a year! It is like having a personal trainer and I’ve never been in better shape. Definitely money well spent. Also, my sister goes to a boot camp in Seattle. There are only 3 classes a week, it costs a lot more and isn’t as good a workout (I know because she came with me to one of Dustin’s classes during a recent Madison visit). I would cut out so many things (cable, dinners out, clothes shopping, even my cell phone) before I cut out boot camp.

  12. Kathleen L says

    I am horrified that someone would actually accuse Dustin of doing this for the $ and not to help people. Of course he does have to make a living, and prices are what they are. I totally agree to cut where you can and when you can to make fitness and health a priority in your life – however you want to get there.
    It KILLS me to spend the amount of $ on organic fruit, veggies, eggs and meat that I do, but I also look at my mom who has parkinson’s. How do I think she got it? Pestisides? Antibiotics in our meat? It crosses my mind every single day. I don’t know for sure but I certainly don’t want to take the chance. My father also has MAJOR health issues and his diet / exercise are TERRIBLE. Related? Darn right they are.
    Most of my overweight friends (and spouse!) have terrible back pain, ankle pain, exhaustion, no energy, etc. Yet they go right on eating crap and laying on the couch. Fitness CAN BE FREE. Libraries have DVD’s to check out, free online videos (just search), or get off your rear and do it. Grab a friend, read an article to motivate you, and GO. I have 4 year old twins and time is nil for me. But I do it. It’s too important. My husband was also laid off almost 2 years ago. I know the feeling. But just because bootcamps may be expensive, that is NO reason not to put health first. There are MILLIONS of other ways to do it.
    Sorry. This one just pushed my buttons.
    Off to do yoga now (yes at 9:50pm)

  13. Healthy choices can be made on little income. My husband and I are at a poverty level wage. Not proud of it, but not embarrassed by it either. Nothing but a temporary setback the we are pushing through. My husband, myself and our 4 children have been healthier in the past year than ever before! Dustin worked with us so we could purchase the Core DVD without a credit card and has shared a wealth of information at no cost to us but our time to read/watch it. It can be done!!! 😀 😀 😀 We have done it!!! 😀


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