Killer Butt Toning and Arm Toning Workouts You Need To Try!

For many women, the butt and thigh region causes the most stress and anxiety.  Many women are shaped like a pear, meaning that they hold their fat below the waist.  Ultimately, fat reduction in any area comes down mostly to proper eating, but exercise can play a nice role in toning and tightening the trouble spots.

Yesterday I talked about how body part training can help improve certain parts of your body. Click here to read yesterday’s post.

I would like to share with you a very short workout that uses the body training principals that I talked about yesterday to totally exhaust the butt and thigh region. This video has nearly 80,000 views on YouTube and has helped women from all over the world. Let me know how you like it.

After doing this workout, you will see and feel the powerful benefits to adding some body part training into your workouts.  It definitely kicks things up a couple notches.

I also wanted to show you a tough arm workout that demonstrates this body part training style.  I filmed this video over a year ago and it is one of my most popular videos on YouTube.  This isn’t a true body part training video, because between every arm exercise I throw in a lowerbody cardio exercise.  So if you want to just focus on the arms, take away the cardio exercises.

What are your favorite Butt and Arm Workouts?


  1. Great Video. Good tips.. my arms are a bothersome area to me. The little one is so cute as well and very well behaved.

  2. Great videos. I think my favorite is still J-Lo Booty.

  3. The little one definitely let Dustin know that not everyone is into exercises for lean arms 🙂

  4. Tracey Walker says

    Well Dustin, you were right! It is a killer butt workout! I did it with my 14 year old son last night. I had jiggly legs by the time I was done, woke up feeling it this morning, but it feels good!! 😀 😀


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