Upper Body Toning Routine

Davey from Orange County and I are back for another fun little workout routine.  Davey calls this the Bro workout—you will see why.

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  1. Love the name of this workout! 🙂 I’ll have to show it to my son.

  2. Wow, where do I start?? Haha. D, Davey is kicking your butt on that one! He had to talk the whole time too! Thanks for sharing!! Good one! 🙂

  3. Very good guys 🙂 It did seem like you were working pretty hard there Dustin…EXHALE on the way up “-) He He Here is my question. Why do you do the push ups with your hands on the weights? I don’t know about anyone else but it hurts my hands when I do exercises like that. Is there a benefit other then not having to take the time to set them down and pick them back up when you stand up to do the bicep curl? Just curious…

  4. I also have to find some kind of lifting gloves or something to wear when I do these, it really hurts my hands too!

  5. Dawn & Patty – this won’t work at the gym, but if you work out at home like me, Dustin has me use things from around the house to pad them, such as a potholder or grabbing a blanket off a doll 😉 It will obviously add a bit of time when doing things like this though, since you’ll need to ditch the padding before standing up and grab it again when you start the pushups, but better than not doing them at all 🙂

  6. I have the same problem but only in one hand. I have some arthritis in the base of my thumb on that hand. It is painful along the base of my thumb and palm. I do have lifting gloves but I still have a problem. Any suggestions to make it easier on the hands?

  7. Thanks Becky. I must have been commenting at the same time as you.

  8. Thanks Dustin and everyone else. Glad to know I am not alone on this one. I can understand wanting to keep the wrists straighter but I am still perfecting my push ups anyway so am not as worried about being able to get lower at this point. I find anything that puts extra pressure on the palms of my hands to hurt – these, dips on the stage etc. etc. I guess I would rather do a regular push up on the floor with better form and less discomfort. Good idea about the hot mits though.

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