My Own Flat Stomach IPhone App is Available!

Home Page of the app

Home Page of the app

The data base of exercises you can choose from

The data base of exercises you can choose from

I know not everyone has an IPhone or an IPod Touch, but I am guessing you know someone who does.  After 5 months of developing I have an awesome app that I am ready to share with the world!  Please join with me to help spread the word about the app.  Help me achieve my goal of making it to the top page of the Apple Store for apps in the health and fitness category.

This app is only $1.99 so it won’t break anyone’s banks 🙂  Click here to purchase Flat Stomach IPhone App.

Here is what it does.  You select the amount of time you would like to do a core workout.  Next you select the level of difficulty from 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, or 3.  Then you

This is where you select the amount of workout time and difficulty

This is where you select the amount of workout time and difficulty

The workout that was created by using the parameters of the user

The workout that was created by using the parameters of the user

push create workout and I will “magically” create a workout based on those parameters.  The workout will include a specific ratio of lower back, obliques, deep core, and outer core exercises to ensure a properly balanced core workout.

This app is video based so you will be able to workout right along side as you tighten your core, flatten your stomach, and reduce the risk of lower back pain.  The video plays smoothly from clip to clip with the exact workout that you asked for based on difficulty and amount of time.  If you don’t like any of the exercises you can choose to delete them and add other exercises that are part of the data base.

actual video clip

actual video clip

There is also a section for you to take before and after pictures.  We also have provided an area for you to take circumference measurements and the phone will graph out the progress you have made!  If you have any questions about the app please write them in the box below.

Thanks in advance for posting this on twitter, facebook, and to your email list!  Also encourage everyone to rate it and comment on it.

Here is the actual link you can put in your facebook profile.

Again here is the link to purchase the Flat Stomach IPhone App.




  1. Sean Gifford says


    Awesome… i have been waiting for something like this from you!!!!

    I think this is fantastic!!! I am so excited to use it!

  2. Sean Gifford says

    Now you have to expand it for the ipad!!! Bigger, better and in HD!!!!!

  3. Sounds Cool! Now I need to go buy an ipod touch or ipad!

  4. Hey Dustin, what a coincidence. Last night I was thinking of you, hold on there, not like that…=)

    I had the idea to contact you to do an interview with you and put it on my blog.

    So I started looking for your contact info that I got from you at the CS2 last month. And then i wake up this morning to an email from you know who in my inbox about your app you were showing me.

    It must be…whats the word…..that sixth sense thingy!

    I will contact you shortly.

  5. I can’t wait to try it!

  6. Bethany M. - gourmet goodness says


    I like how creative you are being…. great idea.

    Also, I have been using the workout dvd’s and am wondering…
    How many calories would a female, weighing 160, burn during the entire level 2/3 workout? I have been tracking my eating and exercise and am curious.

    Thanks so much! Way to go:)

    • Bethany,

      Thanks! I am assuming you are meaning the got core dvds? Or do you mean the Fit Moms For Life? The core I would guess about 150 cals for the 30 min. The FMFL probably about 500 for the hour workout… These are just rough guesses.

      Keep working hard!

  7. Terrific Job Dustin … “There’s an app for that” … !!!! If only I was techno enough to have an Iphone. Good luck, I have passed this on to my friend who has one and his wife.


  8. Dustin,
    This is so great! I LOVE that you’re making core exercise accessible to people NO MATTER where they are in this world. I wish you great success on this app. I”m going to go purchase it RIGHT NOW!

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