Are You Ready For a Movement? I Need Your Help!

This might be one of the most exciting blog posts that I have written!  I wasn’t planning on sharing this for a couple more months, but my passion and excitement for it cannot be contained any longer and I must share with you what it is.

I have mentioned before, that my goal once I graduated from college just over 3 years ago was to help transform the lives of 1 million moms.  When I made this goal it seemed very daunting and I believed it  would take my whole adult life to achieve.  But I have spent the past 3 years investing in my education and knowledge and with the power of technology and the passion of people like you, I am very confident that this goal will be attained by the end of 2015, if not sooner.

In the upcoming months I will be unveiling my plan of how I believe this will occur and how each of you will play an integral role, but for now I would like to share with you the big vision.  I see thousands of small grassroot groups of moms popping up around the world who follow my Fit Moms For Life Program and are there to support each other to achieve the unthinkable.  I want to take the same powerful community that I have help form locally in Madison and bring it to every community in America and around the world.  I don’t see this being done by franchising and fancy, expensive certifications, but rather by ordinary moms who happen to be very  passionate about  my vision and who take the lead to form their own Fit Moms For Life groups in their communities.  As word spreads, so will the number of groups and the amount of positive change we can achieve.

I will be the visionary and help provide the guidance and resources, but then you become the mouthpiece and the one who is able to help transform the lives of other moms, just like you have been transformed.  Like I said, in the next couple of months I will be sharing more specifics with you on how this will be done, but for now, you can continue to talk about the vision and get as many moms as you can receiving the Fit Moms For Life DVDs as well as getting them on this blog/community to help them see the vision more clearly.

I have been working hard at creating the vision and purpose statement.  I need your help: please comment in the box at the bottom of the page with which points you really like, which ones you disagree with, or what should be added.

I hope you can see by the mission statements, this goes SO far beyond working out and eating healthy; it is a complete lifestyle and mindshift change. 

I feel like I HAVE to do this because: 

I am SICK of seeing moms come to me worn down

I am SICK of seeing moms who lack all self-confidence

I am SICK seeing moms feel like their lives are spinning out of control

I am SICK of seeing moms have to go through specific struggles alone when there are others right next door, at their jobs, in their communities who are also struggling alone with the same issues

I am SICK of seeing moms struggle with body issues and eating disorders

I am SICK of seeing moms feel like there is no hope   

So here are some of my ideas for this community

Brand/community name: Fit Moms For Life

Slogan: Real Moms, Real Results, Real Community

Possible mission statement/creed:

-I put myself first

-I  actively seek out others who are going to help make me a healthier person

-I look for others who are struggling to become healthy and invite them into my support system

-I take the time to become educated about the foods I put into my body and then pass that on to my kids

-I set aside time each day just for myself to recharge my batteries so I can serve others better

-I overcome the notion that I must be average; it robs me of my chance to be extraordinary and leads me to the mediocre

-I look at things from only an optimistic point of view and find the good in everything

-I don’t settle for anything but the best in my life in all areas

-I distance myself from as many of the negative influences that surround me as possible

-I strengthen my physical body by doing intense resistance training at least 3 times per week

-I physically push my body past where it wants to go in order to achieve the unthinkable

-I passionately share my story and my knowledge with anyone who will listen

-I see the world from an “anything is possible” attitude instead of the “nothing is possible” attitude

Can I count on you to help?  What statments should I add to this?  What should I take out?  Any other comments and advice you can give?  Please share below.  It is your input that is going to make this happen!


  1. I tell myself that I am worth it and deserve to feel good about myself. Its my time now.

    Dustin, my favorite of your comments above is:

    I physically push my body past where it wants to go in order to achieve the unthinkable.

    One of the things I learned from your camp is that I could push myself..Instead of thinking I couldn’t do it..I started to think that I can. That was enpowering to me. I can, I can, I can, I really can.

  2. Nancy K. says

    These mission statements remind me of something that I discovered at the Wellness Expo last January. If you tell yourself that you are strong, you become stronger than if you tell yourself that you are weak. I did this experiment at one of the booths there, and honestly, I was able to resist pressure exerted on my outstretched arms when I repeated to myself over and over that I was strong than when I repeated over and over to myself that I was weak.

    Also, it reminds me of a saying that rings true in our household: if Momma ain’t happy…ain’t nobody happy. It is also true that if Momma ain’t healthy…ain’t nobody healthy either!

  3. Nancy K. says

    Oops. “I was able to resist pressure exerted on my outstretched arms BETTER…” is what I meant to write.

  4. Sunday Burquest says

    I love your vision & heart for moms. I can see you / your brand going way beyond what you even expect! Here are a few thoughts I have:

    Branding: I feel there might be a better way to say Fit Moms For Life (something that say’s the same thing but, could “flow” a little easier)

    Slogan: Love It!

    Creed / Mission Statement: I’m not sure how long you were planning on keeping it, but usually a mission statement is pretty short. I like all of the statments, but, I think they could be boiled down into 3-4 statements. Possilby combining some of the idea’s of making time for yourself, weekly excersise in one statment, a second statement that includes the beleiving in yourself, the confindencem and the positive attitude And a third that culminates the idea of finding someone else to work with, sharing with others and so on. So basically you bring all the ideas into 3 simple statments. I have a difficult time with the “Put myself first” part – i TOTALLY get the idea of it, especially being a mom of 4, but at the same time the core of me says, I’m not here for myself but for others. But, I also understand that if I don’t take care of myself I can not be the best for my family – maybe there is a way to get that point across with out that particular statement?? Just my thoughts. Keep up the great work and help, I really appreciate all your advice and would LOVE to share what you are doing with others – I already have been quite a bit 🙂

  5. Sunday Burquest says

    Ok obviously, I shouldn’t be typing late at night, sorry about all the type-o’s 🙂

  6. Hi Dustin, your vision is outstanding and motivating and will touch and change the lives of mom’s all over the world.

    I liked all the statements except for this one:-I overcome the notion that I must be average; it robs me of my chance to be extraordinary and leads me to the mediocre.

    I would like to see a statement that addresses the “gift of choice” as well as ” living in the here and now.” The statement could read something like this, ” I choose to live each day to the fullest by making choices that will promote and create the positive lifestyle changes to meet my goals, dreams and aspirations to be all that I was meant to be.

    Way to go and bravo!


    Lastly, to be present in the here and now

  7. Great idea, Dustin!

    I agree with the previous poster about combining the statements into a smaller number. I think you might want to maintain that as the creed (which members of the FMFL community would ascribe to) but think about a separate mission statement (and possibly vision statement) for the organization/movement. E.g., a vision statement about moms getting the support they need to live healthy lives, and a mission statement about how you intend to accomplish that, in really broad strokes.

    Also a quick editorial thought on the first list of statements (under “I have to do this because…”) – I think it would read better if you started each statement with “too many moms…” rather than “I’m sick of seeing moms…” Somehow it strikes me as less repetitive and a little less negative.

    Also, because I’m a program evaluator, I just have to ask how you’re counting the number of moms you reach. The more you can formalize that the better, and the sooner you start counting, the better!

    I look forward to hearing more about this as you develop your plans! See you Tuesday.

  8. As I was reading, I just kept hearing the phrase in my head “My time is Now.” That is really what it boils down to. And visualizing the pebble being thrown in the water and all of the ripples it creates. At some point, Dustin, one of your ripples reached each of us and changed us…now we are going to become your pebbles. How exciting is that!?! Glad to be part of it!
    And speaking of achieving goals more quickly than anticipated, last year I made a goal: to be the fittest I’ve ever been by 40. I’m now on track to be the fittest I’ve ever been by 37 (which arrives this month)! Thanks!

  9. While I understand the idea of putting one’s self first (so that you’ve got the time and energy for others!), to the uninitiated, it sounds not only selfish, but some what counter to the old vision of “mom and apple pie”. (And, yes, that vision should be updated a bit – apple pie can be one of the worst choices out there!)

    There has to be a way to say it that’s not so selfish sounding – and that doesn’t get too long and rambling either!

  10. “I see the world from an “anything is possible” attitude instead of the “nothing is possible” attitude”
    That pretty much sums it up for me. I truly feel that if you believe in yourseld and others you will achieve anything. Keeping myself healthy and passing that on to my family and friends only advances that motto.
    I also liked, “I take the time to become educated about the foods I put into my body and then pass that on to my kids”
    After all we want to pass on any good habits to our kids and try to eliminate the bad ones.

  11. Hi Dustin, All of these statements are wonderful reminders of how I want to live my life….I do struggle with the “Put myself first” idea, as I am sure most Moms do. It does sound selfish, although I know that it is absolutely necessary. Maybe rewording it would be good… is a suggestion: ” Make self care top priority in your life. If you are physically and emotionally strong and balanced, you have so much more to give to your family in a positive and healthy way.” We can resentfully give to and care for our families when we are really overextended with all of our life and family responsibilities and find our own needs coming in last place. It is most important to give to your family from a place of love.
    That is so much easier to do when you are healthy and balanced in all areas of yourself and your life….

    Hope this helps! Keep up the “Momolution”! (fitness revolution for Moms)

    Thanks for everything, Dustin. Keep up your great work and inspiration. What you do for us all is wonderful. You are tireless! (if that is a word… 🙂 )


  12. Dustin, you rock. When are you coming to ND???

  13. Oops, hit submit too soon. I can totally see this happening in rural community centers and churches in ND, in the farming communities where moms can’t always get in to the cities to the gyms. We’ve thought about forming a “wellness group” at our church and I had the idea of popping in one of my FMFL dvds and closing with a demo of a couple of excercises to work on over the week.

    Great ideas, Dustin!

  14. Dustin – As mothers we often feel that taking the time to become fit is in some way selfish. I think it is the opposite. I think that being healthy and fit is one of the most selfless things we can do. I have 6 children and plan to be around and healthy for a long time. If you are afraid to take the time then think of them – it’s really what is best for EVERYONE!

  15. I have to say that I am not yet a member of Dustin’s Fit Mom’s for Life… yet…. but have started following you on Ch 15. I find you very inspiring and admire your spirit and vision. I have to say the only thing that holds me back since I’ve started following you is that it feels like your program is for younger women…not just any mom. I am a 52 year old mom and am very active…strength training, cardio, HIT and I am always looking for new ways to improve and keep it fresh. At 52 women are dealing with a whole different set of issues so I guess I am wondering what your program does for us aging moms, trying to fight the age related issues? Keep up the good work!

    • Linda,

      Thanks for commenting! You are still a youngin! The oldest person we have on the program is 67 years old, so you are practically a baby. But seriously we have many in their 50s and 60s getting amazing results! I hope you consider trying it!


  16. Dustin,

    This sounds very exciting. I can’t wait to be a part of it. I’m not a mom but I am very passionate about your progam. I’ve listed below my favorite statements from above.

    “I actively seek out others who are going to help make me a healthier person”
    “I look for others who are struggling to become healthy and invite them into my support system”
    “I passionately share my story and my knowledge with anyone who will listen”
    “I see the world from an “anything is possible” attitude instead of the “nothing is possible” attitude”
    “I distance myself from as many of the negative influences that surround me as possible”
    “I strengthen my physical body by doing intense resistance training at least 3 times per week”

    As far as your reasons for doing it – I’m not a mom but I was feeling worn down, lacked self-confidence and felt like my life was spinning out of control. You have helped my in all those areas.

    Good luck! I really can see this spreading very quickly. I also love the Momolution comment too. Keep up the hard work.

    PS – Linda I am one month shy of 47 and I love the program. One of my fears was that it would be too hard for me but I can do it.

  17. Dustin,
    I love the idea of having a mission statement, but I agree with some of the other postings…it would need to be shorter. Something I can keep posted near my desk at work so I can look at it throughout the day.

    Also, the number one item is the hardest for me – I put myself first – like most moms. I think reminding myself that by putting myself first it is really benefits my family also, that would help. Something like “I put myself first because doing so makes me a happier, healthier mother/wife/person.”

  18. Dustin,

    When I look at the statements you wrote above, I think of this Mission statement: You have value! “Positive change starts with education, support and commitment!” START TODAY!

    I also like the Momolution comment.

    Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  19. Dustin,
    I am in love with your Fit Moms for Life DVD series. They have provided me with a way to fit my workout in on a regular basis without having to give up valuable time with my 6 kids and husband. I think that the definition of being a Mother often means putting someone elses needs before mine. It does not mean that my well being is not a priority but that sometimes I have to be flexible in when and how taking care of me will occur. The fit Moms for Life DVD’s allow me to workout at 5:15 in the morning before my family gets up. It allows me to get a workout in when the kids are sick, when company comes to visit, or even when snowstorms close the schools. The flexibility of the program is what makes it so great in my eyes.

    I really don”t like the “I am sick of” statements. Unless we have walked in the shoes of these Moms, we should not be judging them. You are a very encouraging person but saying that you are “sick” of Mom behavior is not very welcoming. Being a Mom is a very important full time job. Many Mom’s are balancing a 2nd Full time job outside the home. Encouraging Mom’s and supporting them to make good healthy lifestyle choices should continue to be the focus.

    Instead of your mission statement starting out with
    ” I am putting me first” could it say I will make myself a priority. In my life I strive to put God first, then my family, followed by my needs. I am comfortable with that order.

    Keep up the good work. So many new exciting changes to come. I am looking forward to it.

  20. Hi Dustin–I loved what Mindy had to say, and I too have a problem with saying, “I put myself first.” It’s exactly what I strive NOT to do.

    I’m reading a great book right now by Frederick Buechner called Telling Secrets, “Love your neighbor as yourself is part of the great commandment. The other way to say it is, Love yourself as your neighbor. Love yourself not in some egocentric, self-serving sense but love yourself the way you would love a friend in the sense of taking care of yourself, nourishing yourself, trying to understand, comfort, strengthen yourself.” Buechner’s daughter was anorectic, and he was saying he needed to keep his feet on the dry bank, to maintain an inner peace, to be the best and strongest he could be in order to reach out a rescuing hand.

    I thought that was a beautiful, poignant parenting message: Take care of yourself so you can take care of them.

    I’ve been able to fit in your exercise program, missing only one day, since last fall. THANK YOU. I’M SO GRATEFUL. IT’S BEEN LIFE CHANGING!!!

  21. This is more than my two-cents worth, but here is my reaction.

    You’ve got 3 things going on in this post.

    1. Why you’re doing this.
    2. The Mission Statement
    3. The Pledge Moms should take

    1. I would ask, do you want to keep your focus on Moms? Moms are cool and most women become mothers, but not all do. I think it is a great angle because many women loose their shape with childbirth and child rearing, but it’s an important question to ask.

    2. The mission statement needs to be short and something everyone can commit to memory. Usually a mission statement if for employees, but let’s the public know your goals. Since you are incorporating all women in your program into your company – which is a unique model – you can probably create a different kind of mission statement.

    The stronger and healthier I am, the more I can do for those who depend on me.

    3. The pledge for moms needs to be shorter. I’d keep it at 3-4 things. It is cliché, but it’s cliché for a reason; people can remember three things.

    These are the best pledge points you had (the rest are ways to get there, food, exercise are all instruction):

    – I make good health a priority for me and for those I love.
    – I seek out others who share my passion.
    – I push myself and my body to be the best I can be.
    – I believe anything is possible.

    AND back to point #1. It would be better if you put your thoughts into more positive statements, since you’ve already admitted that a lot of women have low self esteem. Even women who stay in shape can’t keep up with airbrushed images in the media. And none of us can stop growing older.

    (When you’re on TV or doing interviews, you can say things like “It’s so upsetting to see women come to me worn out,” or “I’m so tired of ….” or “I’m frustrated …” You just can’t put “SICK” in print. It’s too harsh.)

    Here’s a more positive spin to what you have been saying since I started following you.

    – I want women find their inner strength and self-confidence.
    – I want women to see their inner beauty.
    – I want women to take time for themselves, and then they can save the world.
    – I want women to know that they can take control of their health (and weight).
    – I want women to experience the joy of pushing themselves and achieving great things.
    – I want women to have hope.
    – I want women to have happiness.

    The don’t column could be:
    – I don’t want good health to be a struggle for women.
    – I don’t want women to feel alone in their quest.

    Hope this helps the discussion.

    • JJ,

      Very well said! I like it! I think I want to stick with moms only, just because they have a special bond. This is not to say that women who aren’t moms can’t join, they are more than welcome to and can usually get even better results since they haven’t gone through the birthing process.


  22. Hi Dustin,

    You have some great suggestions and lots of support. I am anxious to hear the plan, but I talk about your program all the time and have thought about starting a lunch workout program…. You have changed my life and I support your effort.

  23. Anne-Marie Peterson says

    Okay, so we know the Golden Rule is: “Love others as you love yourself.” The kicker is that you must love yourself before you can love another. So taking care of yourself is an important part of self love and it must be achieved in order to love anyone else. If that means setting time aside for yourself, then that’s what you need to do. It’s when you take time for yourself at the expense of others that you are selfish. So women, no guilt about “Me Time.” As for your Revelations,I really like what you have to say, Dustin. Beginning it Moms for Life has been very inspriational to me and I’m working on my mom community right now.

  24. Dustin,

    You are a health expert and I am extremely amazed with vision that you have to transform the moms around the world! Not only are you one of the most well educated trainers in America, but because of your advanced strategies you will influence and impact the lives of everyone that gives you a chance. Thanks for who you are and what your doing. You’re going to create a legacy.

    Dr. Jones

  25. Yes not just for moms.. my daughter dosent have children and she goes to bootcamp and does the Fit for “Moms” dvds. Its good for everyone whether your a mom or not. Keep that in mind. That only broadens your clientle.


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