Total Body Fat Burning Exercises

Here is part 1 in a 5 part series that my good friend Davey and I are doing together to give you some great exercise ideas that you can do at your home or gym.  In each video I will show Davey an exercise and he will show me one of his favorite exercises.

Awhile back I did another video about some of my favorite strength training and fat burning exercises.

*If I would have known how white and pasty I looked, I wouldn’t have worn a white cut-off, but I am at the airport now ready to go on my cruise, so I can hopefully get rid of a little pastiness!

**This was also taken pretty early in the morning after having gone to bed at 2 AM, but you gotta get your workout in, no excuses!

Next week we will be sharing with you some of our favorite butt and thigh exercises!

If you are ever in the OC area in CA feel free to look Davey’s bootcamp up.  Here is his website


  1. Have a great trip! And…it’s great to see YOU getting a little winded. 😉 Makes you appreciate all those moms and Abby in the videos, doesn’t it? Thanks, I will be trying both of these at home. And how about some outer thigh exercises for us “pears”?

  2. I so like it when you share exercises! 🙂 Those are good ones! Can’t wait to see the butt ones next!! Thanks D and have fun on the cruise!

  3. Love the pump and jump. Oregon bootcampers, guess what you will be doing tomorrow 🙂 Thanks Dustin.

  4. I would like you to comment on these Sketcher shoes where you walk one-half hour a day and it’s supose to strengthen your legs. What do you think? I think you should shave. Look sharp like you ususually do. Esther

  5. Jess Anderson says

    Hey! sweet video!!! how do you like those pump and jumps? I bet Davey will make us do those burpies on Monday at the gym… thanks 🙂 this is Jess, by the way (Davey’s wife). looking forward to meeting you!!!

  6. Yep, thanks for the pump and jumps, we did those in Oregon today! Have a great trip!

  7. Ohhhh – My knees hurt just watching those – EEEKKK!! “-)
    Clearly they are terrific cardio exercises though. Nice work!
    I hope you have an awesome time on your cruise Dustin.


  8. Anne-Marie Peterson says

    Boo hoo! I have chronic lower back pain, and I am nervous about the exercise with the shoulder press. I know it can be done without weights, but is it OK for someone like me to try the weigts?

  9. Michelle Storm says

    Greetings Justin,
    Thanks for the shoulder exercises.
    I have hurt my elbows-tendonitis, from working on machines at a health club
    and being unaware of hyper-extending. Please help me with suggestions for workouts not using your arms with weights.

  10. I am recovering from a severe plantar faciaitis and I am wearing AVIA brand Avi-motion shoes and I love them. It gives me the arch support I need and alternates the weight off my heel pad where plantar faciaitis starts and my bunionectomy site which is what actually was the start of my problem 5 years ago. I am a RN and on my feet all day and so far they are working to prevent flare up of my foot.


  1. […] is a part 2 in Davey and my body specific toning exercises. Part 1 we focused on total body fat burning exercises. Today we will share with you a couple awesome exercises to look great in a bikini, or strapless […]

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