Shoulder And Chest Toning Exercises

This is a part 2 in Davey and my body specific toning exercises. Part 1 we focused on total body fat burning exercises. Today we will share with you a couple awesome exercises to look great in a bikini, or strapless dress. Having a toned upper body can help improve posture and confidence in any situation.

Do you have any questions for Davey and I regarding this topic?  Please comment below!


  1. How about showing the progression when one cannot even do one pushup?

    And exercises to strengthen shoulders when one has weak muscles.

    Your exercises look great for tough guys, but how about us women who are newbies?

    • Mary,

      You can start on your knees if you have to. Once you get past that, you lower yourself on your toes and then drop to your knees to push up. Then once you have done that for awhile, don’t go on your knees at all. When you can do at least 10 good pushups, then you can add the fun stuff like you saw in this video.


  2. hey! we’re doing the lunge with lateral raise (“fly” as davey calls it) in DVD7! how much weight are you using, dustin?
    woo hoo! i can do that one! no way on the offset push up though. davey, you are amazing!!
    you go, boyz! love to see you two having so much fun wiht this!

    • Sue,

      I think I was only using 10’s or maybe 15’s, I would usually use 15’s or maybe 20’s on an exercise like that if it was in my regular workout.


  3. Did I miss the butt and inner thigh segement?! I thought that was coming after the fat burning one.

    These are so great! My husband and I are able to “try them out” after we watch them. You guys make them look SO easy…which they aren’t! Keep ’em comin’!

  4. We just did the push-ups in class, love it! Can I be one of the Mom’s that can do the advanced version?? I think I can do it!! Tell Davey he did a good job demonstrating! Oh and you too Dustin! 🙂

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