How Amber Lost 13 lbs in 4 Weeks!


Amber "After" with more zest for life and confidence!

I am going to begin to feature more of my clients who really go at the eating and exercise 100% and get quite quick results.ย  I don’t want to make it sound like this is going to happen to everyone, but looking at what those who are successful can be a big help to see what might work for yourself.ย  So in the upcoming weeks, I will ask some of my clients to share their exact food journal as well as workout plan.ย  I hope that you will be able to take small tips and tricks and apply them into your eating and exercise life.

I would like to introduce you to Amber, she has been coming to Fit Fun Bootcamps for 1 month now and has lost 13 lbs.ย  It is very impressive to see the toning that is occurring all throughout her body and the many many inches she is losing.ย  She had less than 20 lbs to lose total, so for her to lose this much the first month really shows how hard she has worked and how nearly perfect she has been with her eating.ย  When I first met her and asked what her goals were, I could tell the spark wasn’t there in her life, she wasn’t happy and not in a good place.ย  A little more than 1 month later she is a completely different person, her spark is back and she exudes confidence now, which as a trainer, is SO great and exciting to see!ย  She has made a 180 degree change.

Amber is going to let you in on what she did exactly!ย  So check it out.

Food Journal

I stick to the the same meals/snacks for the most part, and add new snack ideas every week.

Day 1

Meal 1 (after I workout, around 7:45am):
2 Eggs (I now buy the cage free organic; they taste MUCH better, too) with spinach and tomatoe
1 Slice of oatmeal toast (the first three ingredients are filtered water, whole wheat flour, and enriched wheat flour)
Should I buy a different kind?ย  Yes I would recommend Ezekial Bread
1 cup coffee (No sugar added and I STOPPED putting half and half in ๐Ÿ™‚
Meal 2 (around 11am)
Apple slices with 10 almonds
Meal 3 (around 2pm)
2 Wasa crackers with hummus and turkey slices
Meal 4 (around 5pm)
3 oz of chicken
Spaghetti squash
Green beans and cauliflower

Day 2

Meal 1
1/2 cup oatmeal with dried sweetened cranberries and a little brown sugar
2 Eggs with salsa
1 cup of cofee
Meal 2
Banana with peanut butter
Meal 3
2 Wasa crackers with turkey slices, grape slices and tomato slices
Meal 4
3 oz of chicken
1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 5
Soynuts with raisins and m&m’s

Day 3

Meal 1
2 Eggs with albacore tuna and tomato
1 cup coffee
Meal 2
Strawberry banana shake made with peanut butter
Meal 3
Apple slices with peanut butter
Meal 4
3 oz chicken
1/2 sweet potato

Day 4

Meal 1
2 Eggs with spinach, tomatoes, and salsa
1 Cinnamon raisin english muffin
1 cup coffee
Meal 2
Banana with peanut butter
Meal 3
Soynuts with raisins
Meal 4
3 oz chicken
1/2 cup brown rice
Meal 5
Green tea
1 Spring roll with peanut sauce (I waitress at a Thai/Lao restaurant right now….green tea has been my savior on work nights)

Day 5

Meal 1
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup blueberries
1 cup of coffee
Meal 2
1 Wasa cracker with turkey slices and grape slices
Meal 3
Blackberries and blueberries with walnuts
Meal 4
3 oz of chicken
Sweet potato
Meal 5
10 Pita chips with hummus

Workout Routine

M W – Shane’s bootcamp
T Thu Fri – Dustin’s bootcamp

Burst training on the treadmill 3X week. Shane just gave me a lifting routine yesterday to be done before this.
This is where I am at right now….

3 minute warm-up @ 4mph 0% incline
Next 10 minutes:
30 seconds @ 8.5mph 0% incline
30 seconds rest
Next 5-10 minutes:
30 seconds @8.5mph 5% incline
30 seconds rest

Adviceย  From Amber To The Readers

Amber before not happy with herself

Amber before not happy with herself

1.) I started at 148lbs on January 10th and am currently (Feb 11th)ย  at 135lbs. Went from a size 10 to a size 6.
Here are my measurements:

Arms: 11 – 10.5

Bust: 33.5 – 33

Waist: 28 – 27

Hips: 40.5 – 39

Thighs: 23 – 22

Rib: 30 – 28.5

Abs: 31 – 29.5

2.) In short, it’s hard to distinguish exactly why I gave up on myself. I just did. This caused a horrible cycle of low self-esteem, overeating, lack of confidence, no energy or motivation; of course, this caused me to stop working out all together. All I could think about was “when can I sleep next” and food alleviated my discomfort with myself. It was a miserable existence that became my life for over a year!!

But, I intrinsically believed this was not who I was. It takes sheer guts and determination, but I also believe in speaking my desires over my life. Not only thinking them with my mind, but actually saying them out loud and affirming them for myself. What we think and say WILL set in motion a cycle of natural events. With this said, I used words for me instead of against me. (I loved your mom’s comment to the Canada reader! This is exactly where I am coming from.)

My wonderful friend, Penny, introduced me to Dustin’s bootcamps, and I have been going 5x week ever since! The workouts are exactly what I need. The definition and tone is better than I have ever accomplished from any other workout. And believe me, I have my problem area. It’s called the “Whitehouse thighs” (my last name is Whitehouse ๐Ÿ™‚ I am not allowing genetics to stop me, though! It’s a great challenge to know that I CAN re-shape these puppies!

I made a lot of changes at once. Yes, it was hard. There is no sugar-coating it. Aside from the above, I completely changed my diet. I recommend Abby’s plan to everyone! (Thanks, Abby ๐Ÿ™‚ I stopped drinking soda and alcohol. I also stopped eating anything out of a box or bag. That has been hard because I love salt!ย  But the tradeoff has been I now love eating simple, clean food! It’s easier, less expensive, and food doesn’t consume me anymore!

My self-esteem and confidence are back! I carry myself differently, and that makes me a better daughter, friend, sister, and aunt. Happier is such a trite word to describe the way I feel now, because it’s so much more than that! I have goals and dreams that I am following because of these changes. I Just Decided who I’m going to be, how I’m going to do it, and I’m doing it!

The community Dustin has created with his blog and bootcamps is encouraging, too. I love the women I get to workout with every morning. Get involved and get to know the women you’re with. It will only make the experience better!

**I’d like to say a huge thank you to my friend Penny. She has been there for me no matter what and no matter what size, always encouraging me and teaching me new food-related ideas. I admire her work ethic. Thank you, Penny!!**

Thanks Amber for sharing your story!ย  I am sure Amber would love to answer questions you might have, so feel free to ask a question in the comment box below!


  1. Hey Amber!! You are doing AWESOME!! I love working out with you at Bootcamp and watching you give it your all!!! Yeah for you!!!!

  2. Go Amber – AWESOME! Thanks for sharing your meal plan – it’s nice to get some new ideas. Stop Pinching Your Sister!

  3. This is crazy! I just asked Dustin this morning in an email what your eating plan was! Thank you for sharing your story…very inspiring! Bootcamp 5 days/week plus burst training…you are a machine Amber!!! Quick question…how do you prepare your sweet potatoes? I really like your menu! I have a “fake vacation” I’m planning and have about 10 I’d like to lose before going. Your plan seems very reasonable! You look incredible…you should be very proud! ๐Ÿ™‚ (Way to give props to Penny!)

  4. I have to say that it is awesome to see someone on here that I know. It definitely helps a person to relate. When I first tried the bootcamp myself, it was awesome to see these same people working hard in the classes. They are not just a face on a computer screen or a testimonial that you wonder whether or not is even true, they are real people with real goals and success stories. Way to go Amber!! You look great =)

  5. Congratulations Amber!! Way to take control. You look great and I can tell from your words that you are really in this for good. The hardest part is getting your mind around making the changes you know you need to make and you have done that.

    Can I ask how tall you are? That is one measurement we never seem to hear about. I would kill to be your starting weight but I am almost 5’9″ tall. When I met my husband 10yrs ago I weighed 152lbs. I hope that I will eventually get back in that 155-165 range again. My very long term goal is to be that weight and attend Dustin’s 2011 Cruise for my 40th birthday present ๐Ÿ™‚ I turn 39 next month.

    Keep up the great work. I have been going to Bootcamp only three days a week. I am not sure my knees will tolerate much more then that. It is amazing how good these workouts make you feel. Even when Dustin does killer things like he did to our calves a couple weeks ago ๐Ÿ™‚

    My best

  6. Wow! Great job, Amber! I love your positive attitude…not only did you change your outsides, but more importantly, you’ve changed your insides! You should be very proud!

  7. Amber,
    Excellent work! And, thank you for sharing your journal with the food and exercise log. I’m a personal trainer and I plan to share your story with my clients as I think it will be very helpful and inspiring to them.

    your doing it all right with exercise and proper nutrition. THanks again and keep it up

  8. Lookn’ good Amber! You work really hard in Shane’s class. Way to go!

  9. I don’t mean to be critical of Amber’s results, but it’s no wonder she’s had such great “results”. It appears as though she’s starving herself. I would be very interested to find out how many calories she is actually in-taking per day (not to mention working out 5x per week must be creating a pretty good deficit). Again, I am not intending to be over critical, but considering Amber was not at a very high weight to begin with, I can’t imagine that it is very healthy for her to have lost 3.25# avg per week. I’m worried based on what she has listed, and also on the fact that Dustin is promoting this.

  10. Congratulations to you!! That is great!

    I see many stories of people and their journey to better health and a more positive outlook and, for some reason, yours hit closer to home than many. I too, am looking to lose about 20 pounds and for me, the meal plan has been my biggest problem (well that and a bit of stress).

    I had done WW years ago and wonder if I should do that, should I just count my calories, more smoothies and protein shakes, what? I get myself so stressed out about it, I don’t do much of anything.

    Thank you for sharing your meal plan. It sounds simple and easy to follow. I do plan to try it!!

    Has anyone reading this tried Bikram yoga, otherwise known as Hot Yoga? I have heard it is great and I wonder if it might be a nice compliment to Bootcamp because of the calming effects of yoga. I need help calming down my brain!?



  11. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful, kind comments! You inspire me to keep it up all the more! I love it! It’s amazing to know that it all starts with a belief in yourself!

    As for the questions…I’ll start with the eating ones first. I simply took Abby’s meal plan and advice and consistently followed it. Abby does a great job explaining herself so definitely check it out! You can click on the link in my post.

    I bake my sweet potatoes for about a half hour at 350 degrees and put a little salt and pepper on them.

    I am 5’5″.

    I’d love to answer anymore questions! Thanks again, ladies!!

  12. GREAT JOB Amber!!! I commend you. I really struggle with eating healthy. I am getting better at it, but it is a process…..Seeing your eating plan is very helpful. Do you count calories or just weigh your food? I know that portion sizes are a huge factor..

    Again, WAY TO GO! You are an inspiration to all bootcampers and everyone else too!!!

    Thanks for sharing your story,

    Lori (I hope to lose 20 to 25 pounds also)

  13. Amber,

    This is Dustin… On your current eating plan do you get hungry much or have bad cravings? How is your energy levels. Just curious if you think this exact eating plan is something you would like to follow for your lifetime, or will you modify it a bit once you reach your weight loss goal?


  14. April Dagonese says

    I’d like to echo Jeanette’s concerns about Amber’s calorie intake and rapid weight loss. Her discipline, energy, and positive attitude are absolutely commendable. But I have never heard a trainer or health expert recommend a loss of over 2 lbs per week for longer than the first or second week of a new program. It’s not often mentioned that rapid weight loss puts strain on the heart just like rapid weight gain does. Most days of Amber’s diet plan calculate to about 1000 calories, whereas a healthy woman needs 1200 calories each day just to power normal body functions like breathing and blood circulation. It is NEVER recommended that a women eat fewer than 1200 calories a day. With that amount of exercise (much less with regular daily activities like house cleaning or walking around), Amber is probably burning at least an additional 1000 calories on top of that. She needs to be eating several hundred more calories to fuel her brain and body properly, and she would still lose weight at that. Not only does that high a deficit create the potential to actually slow Amber’s metabolism (even despite her amount of exercise), but it’s also nearly impossible to get the necessary daily amounts of vitamins and nutrients with so little food. This is simply not a healthy regime, and it could lead to serious health complications down the line. This is all very standard information, available through a basic internet search, and I am confident that experts like Tracie Hittman would concur. Dustin, I love your programs, your mindset, your creativity, and your dedication, but it scares me to see plans like this celebrated just for the sake of losing weight faster. Good health is not about how quickly you lose weight. In fact, many studies show that the more slowly a person loses weight, the more likely he/she is to keep the weight off long-term. Your blog is generally very inspirational, and I usually love reading people’s success stories, but I don’t think this one sends the right message about how to achieve good health.

    • April and Janet,

      Without know exact serving sizes I am not sure the exact calories, I had estimated around 1200, but that may or may not be correct. You are right in saying that low calories for long periods of time can lead to your body getting use to it and slowing down to conserve energy. I believe amber lost close to 10 lbs in the first two weeks which would lead me to believing she had been eating lots of carbs and retaining quite a bit of water. It is pretty tough to lose more than 2 lbs of fat per week.

      Amber could increase her serving sizes a little bit and also include a bit more fat from things like olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocados, and fish. She could also get a bit more fresh vegetables in, but that is about it. But what Amber has done an awesome job at is stabilizing her blood sugar by combining her carbs and proteins together, eating whole unprocessed foods for the most part, and eliminating most added sugars. She is continually feeding her body with lean proteins throughout the whole day to help the muscles recover. She is eating most of her carbs in the morning and early afternoon and eating things like chicken with broccoli for an evening meal.

      When I am focusing on eating healthy and leaning out, this is pretty much the exact plan I use except I eat about 1800 calories worth and eat quite a few more salads and protein drinks. She will have to monitor her energy levels and adjust accordingly. The exercise she is doing should allow her to slowly increase her calories to 1500-1700 with no additional weight gain once she reaches her goal.

      There is no one cookie cutter approach, but I will continue to show people who have been averaging 2-4 lbs of weight loss per week, even if it isn’t the norm, because there are some things that we can take away from each one.

      I think the biggest reason why some rapid weight loss people fail in the long run is 2 reasons. 1. They go from eating awful to eating super clean and this isn’t something they are use to and it isn’t something that they can maintain, because they haven’t changed as a person, they are just trying to “force” something upon themselves for a period of time and they don’t have the support network and eating style around them to have it be lasting. 2. They go super crazy and so low of calories that they are miserable and feel deprived and them binge at some point. When changing your eating habits drastically you have to come up with a plan that works for your schedule and life and also is something that you enjoy and can stick with.

      I am sure Amber will do what is best for her body and be increasing her calories a bit once she gets to where she wants to go. The most important thing for everyone to learn is listen to your body and do what is best for it.

      Thanks Jeanette and April for bringing this up, I really appreciate it!


  15. Julie Willis says

    *Wow.* I am so moved. I have had the pleasure of knowing Amber for a little over a year now. We have shared many cherished conversations and I know about that “missing spark.” To hear the conviction and clarity in her words and to see her natural radiance shine brighter and brighter is testimony to what she is doing. I do not believe that Amber is starving herself. She has described FEELING BETTER… and HAPPIER… she feels GOOD! Bodies have wisdom… I’d trust that over any caloric quantity-recommendation any day. And honestly, I thought nothing strange about your daily dietary descriptions, anyway. Enjoy, woman! You are an inspiration! Love you!

  16. Julie Willis says

    Oh, one more thought… I am speaking health and fitness, happiness over my own life. I am in GA and looking for advice or support re: re-igniting the passion, the flame for challenging physical activity. Like you, Amber, I just want to put it out there and see what comes. Any suggestions? If this is diverting the topic, please forgive. Thank you! Best to all!!!!!!!!!!!! And wellness!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. April Dagonese says

    That’s a good answer, Dustin, thanks for responding. I agree that we can learn something from everyone. Congratulations, Amber, on feeling better, more confident, and having more energy! I definitely admire your dedication.

  18. Before Fit Fun Bootcamps I was a junk food-aholic, even while knowing I was ruining my body and my self-esteem. I would go out of my way to get it! Dustin is correct, I used to eat mostly carbs, lots of salty carbs, too, causing water retention. I rarely ate any kind of protein and also ate very late at night.

    Since Fit Fun Bootcamps I have adopted a very clean way of eating. It is healthy and because of the protein and good fats I am getting in each meal, I am in no way hungry in between meals. I have more energy than ever and need less sleep! I love my new healthy lifestyle which is what this is….and the benefits are more than external ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Awesome answer Amber- Dustin how about a “like” button? ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Dear Lady with the Hot Yoga question-

    At Dustin’s recommendation I added hot yoga twice a week to my bootcamp regime…..WOW…….talk about becoming comfortable doing the uncomfortable!

    If you are in Madison I recommend Inner Fire Yoga, they have hot yoga…it is something everyone should do at least once just to experience 90 minutes of sweat drenching flexability. This is one of those things that I can honestly say if I can try it, anyone can. They have a 2 week intro special. The instuctors are great, especially Karen R.

    You can google benefits of hot yoga and read all the given information, until you do it, it is just words, give it a try.

    Have fun with it!

  21. Julie Willis –
    I would highly recommend trying Dustin’s Fit Moms for Life DVDs. After doing the first one just a couple of times you start to feel energized. I too had lost the passion for exercise. Now I’m loving it again and feeling better about everything in my life. Between the DVDs and Dustin’s blog you feel very empowered and like you can do anything. After the first month or so it starts to become an obsession and you feel so good you want to keep trying to do more and push yourself. I have a much more difficult time with the nutrition part but I am getting better all the time. I greatly admire Amber’s determination and dedication. (Congratulations on your sucess Amber!) I’m not that driven, I had to start out slow but you still feel the results quickly and like I said once you start you just keep building on it. Good luck – it sure worked for me.

  22. Cheryl – thank you for the info on Inner Fire. That is exactly where I was going to go. A friend of mine has done hot yoga for a while and speaks highly of it. I plan to do the two week introductory and then see what I think. I sounds like a nice way to compliment bootcamp by doing different types of moves and something to help destress a big more! THANKS!


  23. Wow, just want to say I came across this from
    I don’t know you guys but Amber YOU GO GIRL. I think it is funny how so few pounds can look so different on some people they don’t look that different on you Amber you look a lot different. I cannot; judge how many calories you are taking in because you did not list all your proportions here
    I was eating a lot less calories than this a day ( under 1000) and am a vegetarian and I used to swim 2 miles per day everyday and lost nothing. I see you guys losing and I am so happy for you but I feel so hopeless and depressed.
    I have eaten “super clean” my entire life.
    Anyway..I am so happy for you Amber!!!!!!!
    You were not “fat” but now you look model skinny…
    Take care,

  24. Hi Laura!

    Thank you for your comments! You should join Dustin’s bootcamp! You don’t have to feel hopeless! Dustin and his team are GREAT!! I used to do all kinds of crazy running and punishing workouts, but it was getting me NOWHERE, except depressed and bingeing. Dustin’s bootcamp has toned and leaned me out, something I was never able to achieve with my own “plan”. Make the decision and just do it! You can!!


  25. Way to Go, Amber! I printed your article and I’m heading to the grocery store.

    I’m a FMFLer, but need to clean up my eating again. Sometimes I get off track!

  26. How’d you find time for work out? I get so exhausted at the end of my day (at around 6pm) that I simply cannot summon the energy to go for a fully blown workout. I weigh 132pounds and would like to lose some weight that I’ve gained in the past few months. I go to work at 8 in the morning and get back at 6pm, so that’s how I get exhausted. Any suggestions?

    • Appyy,
      Amber can answer this as well, but I know she does the works at 5:30 AM before she goes to work, that way she starts her day off with good energy.


  27. Hi Appyy,

    Working out in the morning gives me the energy I need to have a great, productive day! It doesn’t take long to get into the habit of waking up early, and you’ll notice after working out, you will need less sleep, and not feel exhausted at the end of your day. Hope this helps!


  28. Thanks Dustin & Amber,
    Yes It did help. I tried working out today, though it was in the evening. From 6:30PM to 7:30PM. I wanted to ask you, Amber, did you do anything specific for your thighs? That is my area of problem, and I wanted to know if simply using the treadmill would help? If so, at what speed? In addition, I did do leg workouts, though. I have a gym in my apartment, so that’s where I went..don’t exactly have a trainer. And yes, I love how this site is so motivating and helpful. Thank you, Dustin!

    • appy,

      I recommend heavy lunges, squats, step ups and deadlifts for the thighs. That will strengthen the legs and also burns the most fat calories than other exercises. That with a clean eating plan will help burn the fat and thin the thighs.


  29. Oh, I meant my building. It’s a tiny gym with few equipments. And I forgot to congratulate you earlier, Amber ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job! Hopefully I can do, too.


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