My Goals And Predictions For 2010!

close-upAs I ponder and look back on 2009, I am very grateful for all the opportunities as well as challenges that I experienced.  One year ago I never would have thought that the blog I had just started is now getting 1,000-2,000 visitors each day, and that I would have close to 2000 current clients through Fit Moms For Life, Got Core, Fit Fun Bootcamps, and Mamatone.

I would sum up this year as uncomfortable.  I have never spent more time being uncomfortable than this year.  What I mean by “being uncomfortable” is that I did things that I knew I should do, but made me scared, nervous, and anxious.  One of the most challenging things was becoming comfortable with making my own DVDs.  I now have made 14 DVDs this year!  At first it was very challenging; it wasn’t easy watching myself on camera or hearing my voice.  Even though I have a long way to go with my on-camera skills, I am improving every day (after watching all my DVDs, I use certain phrases WAY too much, sorry for those who have to put up with that!).  But here is the take away message I want you to remember; anything you do doesn’t have to be perfect.  So often in life we wait until everything is perfect to start that new job, get into a new relationship, get in shape, or focus on your relationship with your spouse.  I have realized that we are wasting so much time waiting for the perfect time to do anything!  If I hadn’t gotten past my fears, I wouldn’t have filmed the DVDs and been able to help 100’s of amazing people who I didn’t have access to prior.  I don’t possess anything special that you don’t have, so make 2010 the year of being uncomfortable!

I get asked frequently if I am planning on leaving Madison and moving to Hollywood, the answer is that I have no plans on doing so.  I want to give you a little insight into my plans for 2010 and then want to hear about what you would like me to do.  Who knows what will actually happen, but this is some of the things I want to accomplish.

bootcamps-0051.  Fit Fun Bootcamps: With 10 locations I am very happy and pleased with where they are at.  I would like to grow them a little more and really focus on creating the most incredible experience to each bootcamper.  I want to create more and more value for each bootcamper.  I don’t plan on expanding to many more locations because it takes so much energy and time to do so and spreads me very thin.

2.  MamaTone: Very similar to bootcamps, I don’t plan on adding more times and locations, but finding ways to add more value and service to each MamaToner.

dvd_webgraphic3.  Fit Moms For Life DVDs: I will continue to focus on expanding the number of moms who join my monthly Fit Moms For Life DVD program.  I am looking to add additional resources such as CDs and maybe even a newsletter at some point.  I want to find ways to create a more cohesive and tight community for the hundreds of moms who are part of the program.  I want to create much more accountability in order to guarantee results.  I also want to be more accessible for more Q&A times.

4.  Blog: I have been very pleased about how the blog has grown and am so excited to continue to provide valuable content and help increase your commitment and motivation towards being the healthiest you can.  I also want this blog to be a platform where we can make a positive difference in the world, not just from a fitness standpoint.  I am looking forward to more and more feedback from you on specific blog posts.  I think the best blog posts are the ones that I share my information and opinion and then you comment and add value to the conversation by either agreeing and explaining why, or disagreeing and saying why, or adding an additional viewpoint!

New Projects

1.  Create some new DVDs that couples or friends can do together… All my DVDs can be done with two people doing the same thing, but I want to make some workouts that require the teamwork of two people to accomplish.

kidsworkingout2.  Kids workouts: I want to create a bunch of 10 minute workouts that kids can do with their parents that are both fun and challenging.  I want the workouts to set a strong anchor in their lives that working out is not only healthy to do, but also fun!

3.  Start doing my own live TV show on the internet.  I have been researching this a lot and buying all the technology that I need, so I will be getting this going soon!

4.  I want to do more and more teleseminars which will allow me to go into much more depth and detail on specific topics than I can on my blog, and also allow me to help those who don’t live near me.  Click here to join my first teleseminar program!

5.  Finish my book, Fit Moms For Life: I will be looking for many of you who are women to be in the book.  I am structuring it similar to the Body For Life book and having personal stories of women getting amazing results through my program.  This will add a very powerful personal touch that will really help women out there who are doubting that they can achieve what they want in life.

6.  Transformation contests that are another way to get people to exercise and eat healthy.  Contests are such a good way to set a goal and have an end date that you strive towards getting to.

7.  ????  Who knows.  This is where you can help me out!

What would you like me to do this year to help you blow away any fitness and health related goals that you have for 2010?


  1. Jessica Vitalis says

    I LOVE the idea of workouts for kids – my 2 and 5 year olds would love to do the “same” thing as Mommy!

  2. Great goals for 2010, Dustin! Way to be accountable to your goals by publishing them online. Love the kid/parent workout idea. My kids sometimes join me when I’m doing the FMFL DVD, but making them more appealing to kids sounds great, too.

  3. It would be great for those of us who can’t do weight-bearing exercises to have the ability to do workouts led/devised by you. I currently have arthritis in my knees, and although I can do a small amount of cardio on a some equipment, my weight workout doesn’t come close to anything you do. I try to muddle my way through upper body “stuff”, but become easily discouraged because that is all I can think of to do.
    By the way, congrats on spending so much of the past year outside your comfort zone! I know that is not an easy task!

  4. Great plans. Ben, age 5, would love to talk to you about participating in a kids video. He thinks he has some skills.

  5. Happy, happy new year! What an amazing year it is going to be! I’d love to see a bit of an emphasis on prenatal health and workouts. I know your focus is on Moms but being a mom usually includes pregnancy (or adoption). Being 37 weeks along tomorrow with our 10th child, I can’t do a lot of the Fit Moms for Life DVDs–yet. But come 6 weeks postpartum, watch out! Can’t wait to begin this new lifestyle. Thank you for your heart for Moms and families! You are the best!

  6. I’m so grateful Ashley connected me to your program and support.

    There is a huge lack of “start up” programs for older women like myself, who have lost ground in their fitness lives. I tried a couple of the “Y’s” programs…but those folks were elderly…and at 59 I was fully 15+ years younger than everyone. I’ve not found any programs for mid-life “get back to fit” programs…I would love your suggestions.

    I did order your core DVD’s and will be interested to see if I can get into those…I’m so out of shape…my body tells me….”take it easy”…and I must listen…thanks…for all you’ve done…your work looks amazing and my goal is to be one of your “success stories” in the next year…love and and peace

    • Lynnann,

      I am glad you are part of our community! The Fit Moms For Life DVD program might also be a great fit. I have women in their mid to upper 60’s doing the program. You might have to modify some, but that would really program you! You could easily feel better than you did 20 years ago by the time 2011 roles around. Here is the website


  7. I am a newbie to your program… ordered the Core DVD’s and plan to open the envelope today.. My reluctance is that I truly hope this is not another “flash in the pan”and results in more and more offers to buy ideas and hardware.

    My worry is that you will burn yourself out with the many goals you have set. My suggestion is that you surround yourself with strong people who laugh a lot and don’t let us out here drain all your energy.

    • Don,

      Welcome to the website! I encourage you to spend time checking out the site and reading all of the nutritional tips and workout tips. I will continue to surround myself with positive people that can keep me away from the business a bit… my GF seems to do a good job of this.


  8. Re: “I also want this blog to be a platform where we can make a positive difference in the world, not just from a fitness standpoint.” I think you did a great job with this one with your “Nominate a deserving Mom” contest and thanks for giving us the opportunity to help as well. How about forming FFBC or MT teams for some of the nonprofit fundraising run/walk/bike events this summer?

  9. Hey Dustin,
    I think the goals you have set are very doable for you. The two roadblocks most people run into are motivation and time. You certainly have the motivation to accomplish these goals so with that you will definitely make the time. Regarding the “bootcamp experience,” I love the program that Ryan runs at Elver in the evening. It is very intense, which I like, but Ryan constantly encourages everyone to work at their own level. My only “wish” to add to your list is to have a evening camp indoors during the cold months. I know you are continuing to work on this. Thanks and good luck with your goals in 2010!

  10. Dustin,
    Happy New Year!!! 2009 may have been uncomfortable for you but it sure was amazing!! As I said in my letter to Ellen, you have truly blossomed over the last year and I for one am proud to be in your company. I am also glad to hear you have no intentions of leaving the midwest. Madison would not be the same without you.

    Your goals for 2010 look great. I like the idea of the couples work out. My husband has done the FMFL workouts with me a few times but we had to alternate exercises because I only have one exercise ball etc. It would be nice to incorporate some of the exercises we have done in Bootcamp / Mamatone as pairs to the DVD’s. I also like the idea of kids workouts. Especially during the cold winter months when you may not want to or can not head outdoors, it will be great to have something to get you moving with the kids.

    Just yesterday I was previewing Discs 3 and 6 from FMFL to get familiar with the workouts and jot down the exercises. My 2yr 5month old son was watching with me and proceeded to do a wall sit and said, “I can do that mom”. It was the cutest thing. Later in the day he asked “Can I watch the exercise movie?” You might like to consider him for your new DVD’s as well as Malaeh’s son 🙂

    I do not have any other suggestions for you for 2010. You have already given me so much information that I am not sure where to start. So just keep doing what you have been doing. In line with something we have already been discussing, I would like to offer to help you in any way that I can to reach your goals for 2010…Just keep me posted.

    As for me and my goals for this year, I am starting with a modest one. I would like to lose at least 10lbs my March 20th when I will be celebrating my 39th birthday with a big group of friends here in Madison. In order to get there, I will be adopting some of your 108 ways to get fit including: before photos, updated measurements, and really trying to modify my diet — I am not sure why but that is just so so hard for me. I kept track of every moment of sleep, diaper change, rash and oz of milk eaten by my son for the first year of his life but when it comes to a food journal or anything similar for myself, I can only keep it going a few weeks. Why is it so much easier when you are doing something for someone else??

    40lbs is my long term weight loss goal since I am back where I started when we first met, Dustin 🙁 Amazing how 9 months of stress can erase results.

    Keep up the tremendous work and Happy 2010!


  11. Hi Dustin,

    One of the things that I would like to see you address this year is what we do beyond reaching the goals that we set. I have set high fitness goals this year and will be using you to help me reach them. I have the Got Core DVD and a Fit Moms For Life Dvd, plus I belong to a gym that I am pretty focused about getting to five days a week.

    The thing is, what do I focus on after I reach my goal? In other words, how do I deal with maintenance? Maintenance is always the place where I fall short. This is an area where I would like to see you do some focus.

    Also, how do you feel about soybeans (edamame) as a good food choice? I don’t see soybeans on any of your lists of what we should be eating and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them.


  12. Dustin,

    Cindy wrote about challanges she has due to arthritis and is looking for workout routines more geared toward people that may have some physical limits. I have emailed you previously about my back, rods, fusion and stenosis and I appreciate your input. I am still working out and doing what I can in the workouts. I have your ‘got core’ DVD and love it. I currently search your site for workouts and pick out the ones I can do. Your daily emails and your site provides much needed support.


  13. Dustin,

    I would love for you to develop some classes for people with disabilities. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and almost every time I try to work out I hurt myself. I am feeling very depressed and sad, and would love to be able to make my body stronger without making it hurt worse than it already does!

  14. Thanks, Dustin. I just checked out the video, and I believe I will be able to do about 80% of what is on there. That is very encouraging!

  15. Patty Munro says

    I have only been with FMFL since December 1st, but I believe it’s the best thing I’ve come across and I’m addicted! I dont need to lose a lot of weight, just the so called ‘vanity pounds’, but would love to tone up a lot. I would love Kelly Rippa arms by summer! So far, the FMFL dvd and Got Core DVD are working well, I’ve lost a few pounds and an inch off my thighs. The trick is exactly like you say – use challenging weights!

    I hope to see some sort of challenges or goals you put in front of us.

    One of my goals is to tell other mom’s about you! You should be getting a new mom today! I told her you would be expecting her….accountability right? There you go Joy S! Dustin is waiting to help you!

    I would also like to see some FMFL tshirts! Good advertisement!

    Cant wait to see where you take us in 2010!

  16. Hi —

    I am 26 and currently live in Wisconsin Dells and would be estatic to see a bootcamp come to the area. 🙂 I can name off 10 or so close friends that would love to join also!


  17. Wow, thanks for sharing the message of the importance of being uncomfortable. It’s the exact message I needed to hear. I’m always prepping and waiting, but I’m really just putting things off because of fear. I’m going to make 2010 the year of being uncomfortable by living up to my potential.
    Keep doing what your doing.

    Many thanks,

  18. Core work helps with lower back pain, but do you have any ideas for upper back/neck tightness and pain?

    I like the idea of short competitions to keep motivated and work harder. I doubt I would have ever done a 6 minute and 30 second wall sit without a little competition.

  19. Carol Anne says

    Dustin, Do not worry about your on-camera skills or your phrases. Keep on doing what you are doing – being an inspiration to your audience. I listen to your WPR broadcasts over and over and each time I pick up something new. Thank you for being there when I was ready to be serious about getting into (a different) shape!

  20. Hey Dustin! Have you ever thought of doing something similar to Biggest Loser? What I mean is combining both a healthy eating/living component to actual workouts. I am not sure how this would work, but I envision something like 25 minutes of teaching on a topic (similar topics to what you put on your blog) coupled with a 25 minute work out a few times a week. It would be a few month commitment, but when I think about what would help me it would be the personal guidance on each (education and exercise) while hopefully seeing results from the synergy of both. Further, it would be nice to be with other women who have a bit further to go as far as weight loss/getting healthy than some of the people I see at the classes. Just an idea. You would be a great motivator for this.

  21. Dustin,

    the workouts for kids would be of great interest for me. I run a summer camp for kids and each day the kids get to do ABC’s (acivities by choice). I think it would be great to get them involved in a healthy exercise program. This would go along with the healthy food choices that we are also incorporating into our food service.

  22. Patty Munro says

    I think that when we receive the 12th FMFL DVD it should come with a tshirt; on the back it should say Fit Moms For Life and on the front it should say BODY BY DUSTIN. 🙂

  23. Bands and boxing in 2010.

  24. I would love some sort of a “Biggest Loser” for bootcampers. I would be willing to pay an extra small fee for the trainers to do weigh-ins/ measurements weekly before class & have a small “prize” at the end of a certain timeframe. I need some extra motivation to really get the eating habits under control.

  25. I love Patty’s idea about the t-shirt! That would be really cool. The ideas you have for the FMFL are all good. I really need to have that “group” feeling. I think it would be really great to be able to compare notes with the other women who are doing the dvds too. It would help me to be more accountable. Keep up the good work. You have helped me in more ways than you know in 2009. Much more than just exercise & nutrition, the mental part has made a big difference for me too. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for 2010!

  26. Hi Dustin,

    You’re lookin’ good coming off a big year and ready for another one! Congratulations on your success this far. I know you’ll continue to achieve because you have the skills and the tools to do so!

    As a FMFLer out in the diaspora of Seattle, I too would like more ways to connect with other FMFLers. Since we don’t have the opportunity to go to a gym or a class with others, and get support and companionship that way, it would be great to make that happen somehow. There is the Facebook page, but it doesn’t get much traffic. Maybe a section somewhere here? Sometimes I have questions about how to do a particular exercise, and sometimes I lose heart because of injury or lack of progress or just plain eating wrong. It would be good to have a place to go where people are familiar and kind of “know” each other. I saw that this is one thing you’d like to build on and I think about it a lot. If I come up with the million dollar idea, I’ll let you know right away! 😉

    One other thing I’ve noticed in the posts above, is the wide range of people’s particular concerns – from the woman who wants to lose what she calls the “vanity pounds” (haha!) to people with rods in their backs and arthritis and fibro-myalgia. I hope the folks with serious situations like the latter will work with people they can meet face to face to address their particular situations. I have pretty severe lower back pain and I know exercising from a DVD can only go so far in dealing with it. I also watch closely to be sure I don’t injure myself further. People living with chronic conditions probably don’t need to be reminded of this, but I say it with concern: please be careful and get help that is SPECIFICALLY tailored to your own body! One size does not always fit all! There is no substitute for medical (according to whatever tradition you feel most comfortable with) attention in some situations. One man in Madison, Wisconsin can only do so much for so many!

    Anyway, thanks again for all you do, Dustin, and it’s always inspiring to read about the many many people from all walks of life and at all different points in their journey who benefit from your hard work. What a great group of people!

    P.S. I LOVE THE T-SHIRT IDEA TOO!! I work for a company that does that exactly – – let me know if I can help with that. 🙂

  27. I just ordered your Got Core DVD and am excited to get it. I think a DVD with several short cardio workouts would be great, for those of us that don’t have a treadmill.

  28. Cardio – I have found several different cardio exercises just watching all the you tube videos and news segments on the website. They are great! My son was out beating an old tire a few months ago with a bat for cardio….did you notice what they were doing on Biggest Loser this week!??… Beating a tire!!!

  29. GREAT GOALS for 2010!!

    I would love to see more class options on the East-side of Madison (more specifically Sun Prairie) for working moms. I can’t seem to make any because of the times or the location. And I know myself..the videos (for me) are not enough. It’s too EZ to not to them. I need to leave my house to get a work out in, otherwise it just doesn’t happen.

    Hope to get in to a class sometime, somewhere!!



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