How Kim Lost 7% Body Fat and 3.25 Inches in Her Waist in Just 33 Days!

kim-sveumI have been doing a 5 part series with Kim Sveum of ABC news.  She wanted to do a series on healthy moms and decided that she needed to practice what she preached.  So she enlisted my help at creating an eating and exercise plan that would help her lose fat, lose inches, and increase her energy levels.

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Before I agreed to this, I wanted to make sure she was committed, because the last thing I wanted was for me to take before and after measurements on TV to 10,000’s of people and not have someone who was committed.  After meeting with Kim, I could tell she was going to give it 100% and make me look good! 🙂  And boy did she ever!

Here were her actual stats:

10-20-09                11-23-09
Weight 127                 120
Tri 13                            10
Supra 7.5                      4
Thigh 33                       19
BF% 22.1%                  14.9%
Lean 98.8 lbs             102 lbs
Fat 28 lbs                     18 lb
Circumference (in)
Arm 10                          9.5
Chest 36.75                 35.5
Waist 28.75                 26.75
Ab 31.50                      28.25
Hips 38                         36.25

Thigh 20.5                 18.5

I want to make a couple points about these #s.

1.  You can’t spot reduce: notice she lost pretty consistently in ALL parts of her body, not just in one area.

2.  She gained 3 lbs of lean weight (muscle) through this process.

3.  Although she lost 7lbs, she actually lost 10 lbs of fat.

4.  She lost 3.25 inches in her abdomen.

5.  She lost an astounding 7 % bodyfat total.

For exercise Kim didn’t do any traditional cardio instead focused on heavy weight training and interval cardio training.  She worked out about 4 times/week for 45 minutes each time.  She did a combination of my Fit Fun Bootcamps, MamaTone Fitness, and Fit Moms For Life DVDs.

She followed a higher protein and fat diet and lower carb and no sugar eating plan and no carbs after 3 pm.  She drank 1 gallon of water each day and eliminated all processed foods and fake sugars.  She ate about 1400 calories per day.

If you want to read Kim’s blog and journey and more about how she did what she did in much more detail, I highly recommend you to click here and check out her stories!


  1. Great job Kim!! Way to go! Keep up the good work! See you next week in class! 🙂

  2. Amazing job Kim! Keep up the good work.

  3. INCREDIBLE! Way to go Kim!

  4. Jennifer O says

    Great job Kim! When I came back to class after my calf injury it was amazing to see the difference from when I left! You should be so proud of yourself. You look great and obviously have some great will power! Congrats.

    See you in class.

  5. Great job Kim – you gave it 100%! Those numbers aren’t easy to achieve. What a great example. You put it all out there for everyone to learn along with you. Thanks.

  6. Way to go Kim! This works..Dustin programs provide the tools and support and when you give it your all you will see results. You did an amazing job.

  7. Dustin,
    Is it still safe for Kim to be at 14.9% body fat? I live in La Crosse, WI (if I lived in Madison, trust me I’d go to your classes) and my weight loss coach won’t let me go below approximately 17% body fat.
    Great job Kim! You must feel amazing!

    • Nicole,

      Women should try to stay above 13%. For example, Abby was down to 10% for her bikini show, but only maintained that for a couple weeks. Every person’s body is different and there is a margin of error in bf measurements, so you have to listen to your body and do whats best. My clients who are hovering between 12-14% may or may not begin to experience lack of periods, which may or may not be a big deal depending on where they are in life.


  8. Thanks to all of you for your support. I loved the classes and look forward to continuing them. Dustin was a huge help through all of this, and I never expected to get these results, but I am thrilled! Thanks again, and see many of you next week in class!


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