Exercises You Can Do With a Partner

“It is much more fun to workout with a partner or in a group!”  This is a motto that I live by and quickly realized as a personal trainer.  For over 1 year I did one on one training nearly exclusively, but I soon had a big ah ha moment that would change my life!  Most people don’t want to have a trainer watch them count reps!  Instead they wanted to be in an environment with others who were working out and suffering (I mean feeling the burn) right along side them going through a carefully designed program that is going to deliver maximum results while limiting the chances of injury!  I found that I could just as effectively train 4 people as one person.  Actually the results were even better in many cases, and then I took that a step further and now can train about 30 at one time and give each one personalized attention and create an environment of positive supportive energy.

So I ask you a question… Do you have very much positive supportive energy around you?  Or do you feel like you are trying to be the healthy influence in an unhealthy environment?  Having a support group, even if it is one person, can radically change the results that you will get!

In this video Sarah and Angie (who are sisters and workout at MamaTone together) show some great exercises that you can do with a partner.  Many of these exercises you could modify to do by yourself, but remember my motto, “It is much more fun to workout with a partner or in a group!”

Question: What is it about a workout partner or group class that you enjoy?


  1. Awesome.

  2. Way to rock it out ladies!! Looking good!! 🙂

  3. If we have a snow day tomorrow, I’ll try these out with the kids (& the hubby). I have never seen the bridge/dip combo, that looks pretty tricky! And I’m sure the kids will get a kick out of the mirroring exercise.

    Thanks for making it so much fun to get in shape!

  4. How fun and what a work out! What I like about group exercise is the motivation that comes from the group energy. Everyone is there with the same purpose to get in shape and so the accountability and drive to keep going is there. At home, it takes extra dedication and effort to keep the intensity alive and follow through. There aren’t the interruptions in class as there can be at home. Great video!

  5. I do not know if it is the same “commercial” for everyone before the video but I just have to laugh at the irony of the one I saw being for the “Body Recontouring Specialist.” Glad that it is immediately followed by your segment of how to realistically “get the body i’ve always wanted” without the aide of a scalpel. lol.

  6. I am a huge fan of working out with a partner. Luckily for me, my boyfriend is a fitness fanatic and has worked out 6 times a week for quite a few years. When we moved in together, he was always gone because he was working out, and I soon tired of being alone. I joined his gym and actually do the Fit Moms workouts at the gym. Now we get to spend time together getting fit and we always have each other to be accountable to. It’s also nice to look over and see your partner’s smile as your working your butt off 🙂

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