Got Core DVDs Now Available!

Buy the First “Got Core” DVD and get the Second DVD FREE! Limited Quantity Available.


addtocartDVD #1

-Interview with the star of the workout Abby Brockman


-Level 1 Building a foundation

-Level 2 Getting past the basics

-Level 3 Incorporating more muscle groups

Level 4 Getting more of the upperbody involved

Duration: 1 hour and 29 minutes

got-core-upright-graphic1DVD #2


-Level 5 Can you make it through?

-Level 6 How about now?

-Level 7 Bring it!

-Level 8 I dare you to survive!

Duration: 1 hour and 5 minutes




Normally each DVD retails for $29.99, but I was planning on selling them together for only $47. But I want to take that a step further and give you the second DVD FREE, as a way of saying thank you so much for all your support throughout the past couple of years. I am truly blessed and honored to be able to share my knowledge and love of fitness to you! All you will pay is $29.99 (+$5.95 sh&h)

Check Out What Others Are Saying

“LOVE IT!!!! I have used the Got Core DVD for a week now, and have done programs 1 and 2, will do 3 tomorrow. It moves at a fast pace so you don’t have time to think about not liking it, being bored, or how much longer. It has great exercises, and each routine is different–I can pick from 1-10 workouts so I’m never bored. I am getting very good at the “vacuum” and make a point of incorporating that multiple times a day, especially at work.

This is a very good quality DVD that is quick and to the point—it gets the job done. No need for expensive equipment, lots of space, or a huge chunk of time–it is absolutely an essential tool for attaining that flat, toned tummy!!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough for all your support, encouragement, and knowledge. As a trainer focusing on moms–you are an answer to my prayers and what I searched for since having my first baby 8 years ago. Keep it up—you have touched so many lives, and I’m thankful mine is one of them!!!!!!!!!!! “

“The Got Core program hoping it would help my chronic back pain and to improve flexibility. Since I started the program, my back has felt good and my strength and flexibility has improved. I’ve recommended the Got Core program to a number of people.”


  1. Can not wait to try this Dustin 🙂

  2. Dustin –

    I bought the dvd from you in class (6:15 Supreme MWF). Any chance I can also get a copy of the nutritionist’s food plan? Either electronic via e-mail or a paper copy would be cool.

    Thanks and see you Wednesday morning.

  3. So happy for your success with the new DVD. It is a great DVD and your right Abbey does bring my hubby to his breaking point. hahha. I really liked bootcamp today with the partner exercises with all the resistance, it gives me ideas for things to work on at home with the hubby. Thanks again for comming out with new and challenging workouts!

  4. So, your subject line of “Bad News” was a little stress inducing this morning. How about “Get it before it’s gone” or “Don’t miss out”? 🙂 I am lucky enough to have bought the DVD after class last week so I guess I shouldn’t comment. Having done it a couple of times it really would be “bad news” if you didn’t get a copy!

  5. Jennifer Riday says


    I wanted to share an idea for the moms who do your DVDs. A friend of mine started a blog called Ten-in-Six which is a group of women who “meet together” virtually (via the blog) with the goal of losing ten pounds in six weeks. The moderator, Sarah, is incredibly positive and all the other ten-in-sixers and myself feel really motivated by the emails and posts. We all support each other that way. (Email me if you’re interested in seeing this blog, I’ll send you the URL privately).

    How does this relate to the DVD program? You could ask for volunteers to be moderators of a blog, then establish small groups of 20-25 women who support and motivate each other via the blog (you would establish multiple blogs for each small group). This is great because it transcends physical location. All participants could have the connection to other moms also trying to lose weight (which we know is critical for success).

    Just an idea… Thanks for sharing your goals!


  6. Want to know if you have any boot camps during day hours and where to log on at. Thanks Larry

  7. Hi Dustin,

    Does the Core DVD have short workouts such as 10-minute segments?

    Also, for burst training what do you think about the x-iser? I was going to get one and then I came across your site and saw the treadmill burst training and was wondering how they would compare or if they would work together or if the x-iser is not really needed.

    Also, do you have a comprehensive program that includes burst training and nutrition available by mail?

    • Chloe, there are 8 workouts that are 15 minutes each.

      The x-iser is great if you use it. Treadmill or stairs will be just as good, it all comes down to convenience and if you will use it.

      The Fit Moms For Life DVD program sounds like what you would want. Each month you would receive a new DVD with a strength workout, burst workout, core workout, nutrition plan, and interviews. For more info visit



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