Weight Loss Workouts For Moms

The reason I do what I do, is to give moms back their self confidence (if they lost it), reshape their bodies, and increase their energy, to help them make it through the daily grind of life and kids.  The amount of responsibility that moms have on a daily basis can seem overwhelming, and combine that with a poor diet, lack of exercise, and lack of sleep, you can see why so many moms are stressed/worn out, and feel like they are in a gerbil wheel, spinning their legs, but not getting anywhere.

Kim Sveum of ABC news did a great story on Anne Anderson, those of you who are to Fit Moms For Life DVD #6 will recognize her from the workout.  Anne is almost ready to turn 40 and has done a great job eating right, and has been part of MamaTone (Bootcamp for stay at home moms) for well over a year and has really toned up nicely!

Notice the weights Anne and Kim are using are 25 lb dumbbells for many of the exercises!  Don’t be afraid to use heavy weights, it will burn more calories.

Here are the take aways from the video:

1.  If you don’t put yourself first, it will be very tough to keep up with everything.

2.  Know how long you can dedicate to exercise.

3.  Focus on high intensity exercise.

4.  Do strength training.

5.  Feel free to break up a 30 minute workout into 3-4 10 minutes sections.

6. Do some bodyweight exercises at home such as burpees, tricep dips, and squat pulses.


  1. Nice piece! Great take-aways. Dips are killer, but I’m working on it.

  2. Nice job Anne and Kim 🙂

  3. Dips hurt my wrists- any tips. I usually sub them with kickbacks….

  4. Great video! Way to go Anne and Kim! I love my fit for life dvd’s that come each month! I have a love/hate relationship with the squat pulses but it is truly an amazing and effective exercise!

    Thanks Dustin!


  5. Great segment! Every morning I get up at 4am and go to class and even though each day is challenging and hard.. I look forward to comming to bootcamp. I know I would not do this on my own and think the classes, news segments and emails are a great motivater to keep you on track. Its such great support. All the women in my bootcamp are supportive and great to work with as well. After all we are all there for the same reasons to be healthier and more fit. Thanks Dustin again for all the resources you have out there to keep us on the right track.

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