Thanksgiving Day Healthy Tips

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I can’t wait!  I am heading back to MN to spend time with my family, it was last Christmas since I was back, so I am excited!

Yesterday I was on ABC giving some very practical ways that you can enjoy Thanksgiving to the fullest and still be healthy (well at least a LITTLE healthy 🙂 )  Also pay attention to the workout tips I give because these can save your body from retaining any more fat as you eat more calories than you normally would.

Do you have a healthy Thanksgiving tip that you would like to share?  I would love to hear it in the comments section below!


  1. Thanks for the helpful tips. You and Abby have a great thanskgiving and have a safe trip to MN. I know I am thankful for having good trainers and for the bootcamp programs.. I know without them I would stay on track.

  2. Louise Schrunk says

    Thank you Dustin, I did my dvd workout this morning with marsue. tomorrow I think I will do just the cardio portion before the big meal. My family not like most eat at noon. I appreciate that because earlier in teh day, i have time to burn it off I eat a smaller portion so later in teh day, I can have a little more of what I really liked earlier.

  3. I’m making food for everyone for our Thanksgiving in Chicago. Stacking the odds for success by making green bean casserole with fresh green beans, no flour-homemade cream of mushroom sauce with onions, butter and organic cream and healthier fried onions made with non-hydrogenated oils. Also, making the salad with tons of veggies and hard boiled eggs. Dressing on the side. Add some turkey and a few fresh cranberries and I have a healthy meal and the people I am with can enjoy it too.

  4. I’m fortunate to have an active family to celebrate Thanksgiving with. One of our traditions is to have a cup of tea after dinner and then take a long hike around the farmland in the area. We often catch a glimpse of some local wildlife and get a chance to reconnect with each other.

    A tip that I read yesterday online was to be selective about what you put on your plate. Look over the banquet and be choosy. Another tip is something that I enjoy doing anyway, talk alot during the meal. Not only does it slow you down and allows your stomach to signal to your brain when it’s full, but it’s more enjoyable to get caught up on the latest family news.

    Oh, and just one more new habit that I’ve secretly started…I’m never the last one at the table! When I’m finished my plate immediately goes out into the kitchen or into the dishwasher. That one has also helped me have a cleaner kitchen this year as well. I tidy up instead of having seconds or thirds!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  5. I’m making a new stuffing this year with quinoa rather than dried bread, raisins, pecans and a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg; I tried it and it is yummy!

  6. EstherPearlman says

    I put soy sauce on turkey. Also I make tofurky, add olive oil, soy sauce and sage. Have a great Thanksgiving. Also don’t eat the dumplings full of emty cals. Shalom, Esther

  7. Lisa,
    I know it is past Thanksgiving, but could you share your quinoa stuffing recipe? Thanks!

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