How Abby Got Her Body Back Part 1

abby5Due to the overwhelming response from my last post about the transformation Abby has made, I have asked her to write a response answering your questions.  You had so many questions and Abby has so many answers that I have decided to make this a 3 part series.  So today is part one.  This article may not answer all your questions yet, but Abby felt this was the biggest reason for her change and felt compelled to write about this first.  Next article will be on her eating plan.

Here is Abby’s article!

Wow! I never would have thought there would be such a great response over an article written about me! (Granted, I never really imagined I’d be the center of attention for an article!) Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments and support. They motivate me to keep working hard & to get ready for the next show…at some point!

I’m not really sure where to start with my responses to all the questions. I guess I should first start by saying: I could not have done this alone! Of course, Dustin was a big help with the workouts, encouragement, and moral support (minus the fact he ate ice cream in front of me numerous times). I guess no one is perfect! 😉 My family was very supportive, as well, even though they thought the process was slightly crazy! They didn’t quite understand what I was doing, but knew that it meant a lot to me and that they needed to be there for me. Even my poor brother (and roommate) dealt with the crabby moods without saying anything. He was so patient during it all. They definitely did not “get it” at first, but saw what the end product was and they were impressed! It goes to show how important it is to make goals and let those people around you know about your goals and what they mean to you. Family is the best kind of support.

I also got a lot of help from other members of Team Supreme Figure and Fitness! Shana Martin and Lisa Mueller lead Team Supreme and they have a ton of fitness competition experience. (If you’re in the Madison area and are looking to do a competition, join Team supreme. It’s a great group of people and a lot of fun and support!) Shana helped with walking practice (yes, we practice walking) and was a great support system and cheerleader! Lisa met with us at least once a week to practice walking and was the person who came up with my meal plan. (Each of us competitors got our own mean plan based on our height, weight, and body fat.) It probably sounds funny that we have “walking practice,” but trust me, if you had to walk around in 5″ heels in an itty bitty bikini, you’d want practice, too. Plus, this gave us a time to get together to talk about our workouts, our eating, and complain about the lack of eating! Another important person in this process was my fellow competitor, Erika. This was Erika’s first competition, too, and I could not have done it without her. She was my real Go-To person when I was getting nervous, or hungry, or crabby, or…whatever…because she was going through it, too. This helps prove the point that it is so important to have a support system. If nothing else, your support system should help you, motivate you, push you, challenge you, and care about you.

As Dustin said in the article, surrounding yourself with a good support group is so incredibly important. Group exercise classes are the best support systems out there…you are already in a group that meets regularly and is working towards similar goals. Bootcamps are perfect for this! Most people are looking to lose weigh, tone up, and get healthier! I suggest getting to know the other participants. Partner up with a different person every now and then and really get to know that person. What are his or her goals? Share your goals. Is there anything you can do for each other to help both of you meet those goals? Finding this information out will keep both of you liable, and working your hardest. Having a bond with fellow bootcampers can help motivation levels. For one, we notice when a bootcamper is not there, which keeps people accountable! And second, bootcamp is also a social activity…and who doesn’t like to socialize?!

I find myself hanging out with fitness people more and more these days. I love being around active people and hearing what adventures they’ve had recently, or what their next challenge and goal is to conquer. That’s what keeps me motivated and coming back. Find people who you support and who support you. I wish I could tell you how many amazing compliments I received from people around the gym…some people may barely know me, but they are so happy for me because they know how much work goes into something like this!

Well, this first part may not have answered all of your questions about working out and eating, but in my opinion, it’s the most important part. If you aren’t surrounding yourself with the right people, the working out and eating isn’t going to matter. Having the right crowd around you will help you become mentally prepared. The mind needs to be ready before the body will be!

Next time I will share with you they eating plan.  Please comment in the section below if you have specific questions related to what you are eating!


  1. WOW! I just can’t believe your transformation. I can’t wait to hear about the eating part. That always seems to be the hardest part for me.
    I can seem to get my workouts in but never seem to be able to stay on track with the eating.

    You are so lucky to have such a great support system!

    Did you ever feel that based on your body type and family genetics that your goals were not attainable? I’ve always had the hips and the junk in the trunk if you will, and this is common in my family. I’m just trying to figure out what is attainable for me.

    I know that it is best to have a goal so what was your first goal?

    When you started getting in shape etc, did you know you were doing this to enter a fitness contest or did you start out just wanting to get in shape?
    Again, Congrats!

  2. Wow what hard work and diligence. You look so different from last spring. Amazing. Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Yesterday I started my first day of drinking a gallon of water a day. I always drink water throughout the day but not that much..believe me I think I was in the bathroom more than I was at my desk, but it made me feel fuller during the day. I plan on adding more water to my day.. baby steps. Slowly trying to change things for the better. Thanks for the tips

  3. Thanks for doing this series Abby! I agree encouragement is amazing! I’ve coached athletes at different ages, levels & sports — everyone needs to be lifted up. And for some, your compliment/
    encouragement/feedback may be the ONLY one they get in a long period of time! Compliments, encouragement and personal feedback change lives & bodies.

  4. Abby,
    Again, you look amazing and I am very proud of you for putting your mind to this and accomplishing so much 🙂

    I agree that getting yourself around a group doing the same thing is a big help. I have strayed from my workouts but soon will be back at Bootcamp. Probably yours at Twisters since the flooring will be better for my knees. I can say for myself that getting up at 5am to work out at home, alone or with my less then enthusiastic husband just was not cutting it for me. My 2nd time around with Bootcamp (I did 6 weeks back in early spring) I want to get to know more people and really get a better support system around me. I have had a very tough 7-8 months here and my mind just was not there and ready to start back up with working out. Slowly I am coming around again and gaining enthusiasm. I know surrounding myself with people like yourself and Dustin and the rest of the bootcampers is going to help me immensely. Now I just need to get accustomed to getting up so early again “-)

    Look forward to your post about eating – That is also a challenge for me. After seeing Dustin’s piece with Kim, I looked in my cupboard last night and figured the only thing he would let me keep was two packs of tuna – Ha Ha!

    Have a great weekend and see you again soon.


  5. Once again – SO, SO inspriring, Abby!! You have given me something to strive for now – so thank you!! Can’t wait for the next article!! 🙂

  6. Abby, your last comment really hits it home for me. I had to turn my thinking around first before I really started to see results. Even now, if I sense that negative voice starting to tell me “you can’t do it” I shut it down immediately. We all have everything we need inside of us, we just have to find the strength and determination. The camaraderie at Bootcamp is strong, it can really help keep you going when you are feeling empty.

    Dawn, I look forward to seeing you again! See you Tuesday at MadTownTwisters–Old Sauk Rd??? 5:30am (be on time or Abby will make you do push-ups!). 🙂

  7. Melissa N ~ Genetics definitely play a role in how your body holds weight! My dad’s side of the family has graced me with love handles…lovely. That is the one area of my body I struggle with the most. There were days when I thought I’d never see those bad boys go! And that is exactly where all my weight goes when I start gaining. But with the right attitude and plan, anything is possible to overcome!
    My first goal was to lose weight and get in better shape. My body fat % wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great, either. Overall, I just wasn’t happy with my body…and wanted to change that. It’s bad to say, but I didn’t have an ideal or goal weight, I just knew I wasn’t happy. But, talking things over with Dustin, we were able to come up with a weight that I could get down to and maintain! And that became my goal. I also had goals in terms of how many pushups I wanted to be able to do; how fast I wanted to run 5K’s; how much I wanted to squat. I never imagined I would do a fitness competition. When I went to Dustin’s first competition 2 years ago, I thought he and the other competitors were crazy!  At the beginning of this year, I decided that I needed something new to challenge me. I wanted to be able to squat 225 lbs and be able to do 10 pull-ups…and get over my fears and do a fitness competition (among many other goals). It’s the end of October and I can say, out of those three, I have met two of them! Just have to get a couple more pull-ups! It’s so important to have short-term and long-term goals!

    Dawn~ Can’t wait to see you back at bootcamp!

    Nancy~ I’m glad to hear that bootcamp continues to be a positive influence for you! I love how hard you work every day and you should be so proud of yourself!

  8. 3 words for you, Abby…….YOU GO, GIRL!!
    Congrats on reaching your goals with all your dedication and the hard work you put in! What an awesome payoff!
    Now I know that with you doing competitions you probably have a specialized and rigorous diet plan. When you address your diet in the next post could you please maybe offer some suggestions for substitutions for those of us who are not training quite that vigorously! 🙂 and who are in that older age bracket where “bikini bodies” aren’t really the goal!!
    Thanks and looking forward to more of your posts.

  9. Congratulatios,again, Abby, for continuing your journey by helping with “the how” and inspiring others to set their own goals and go after them. Missed you all last week, but enjoyed suporting & cheering on my brother in his 1st week. Long drive but so worth it. Great group to work with as well. I’ll see you next Tue. unless my brothers wants just a little more time & support from his big sis. Happy Halloween!
    Looking forward to your next post.

  10. Nancy…you’ve been an inspiration since day one of meeting you at our Middleton Bootcamp. You work so hard, & you’re always so positive & thoughful. Your transformation is confirmation of how dedicated you are & where your mindset is. I know you’ll reach your goals.

  11. So HOT Abby!..haha

    But more importantly you seemed to have transformed your mind as well as your body. Keep it up! You are an inspiration. 🙂

  12. Abby, again you are just amazing! I’m so proud I know you!

  13. Congratulations Abby! I’ve enjoyed your article and look forward to the next. I agree that having supportive people around is so important. I have many goals and after reading your article, I’m encouraged to keep working hard and attain my goals. I’ll think of some questions to ask you as well.


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