Healthy Grocery Shopping List To Take To The Store

If you listened to my last radio show I shared with you my vision for a new project I have been working on.  The idea for it stemmed from my experience of the overweight woman I saw buying all the donuts at the store. I asked for your advice on how to help this person.  So my idea that came from that is to provide a free resource to all grocery stores in the country.  Basically people could grab a copy as they want into the store just as they could grab the coupons sheet.  Each handout would be customized to the specific store and would include the correct aisles for all the different foods.

Unfortunately, I have run into some red tape with getting grocery stores on board with the idea… I really don’t know why they would be so against it!  So I wanted to give the sheet to you and ask to do a couple things.

1.  Send the link to everyone in your contacts list and give them this free gift.

2.  Print it off and go to your grocery store and get the manager and ask them if they would be interested in having a fully customizable grocery shopping list for their customers.  Either get their email and phone # (ideal) or have them email me at  If you get their contact info please email me their info and I will follow up with them.

Click Here To Grab Your FREE Copy Right Now!

I believe that this is a good solution to the problem.  At least a person would have the resource available if they wanted it and were ready to make a change in their life.  If they aren’t ready for that change, it can just sit there and not hurt anyone!

Click Here To Grab Your FREE Copy Right Now!

After looking it over please post a comment in the section below answering the following questions.  What foods do you feel should be added to this list?  Are there any changes you would make with the current list.  Do you have any ideas on how to distribute this resource to the grocery stores?


  1. I’m guessing the grocery stores are against it because all the packaged stuff gives them a higher profit. Companies pay to have their products place at eye level. I’ll be sure to share this list with everyone.

  2. Robin Reser says

    This is a great list that will really be helpful….

  3. Your grocery list is a great idea. Having worked in graphic design for the food industry for over 20 years I have a little insight into this area. The reason grocery stores are not jumping on board is the products on your list probably don’t have as much of a profit margin and as long of a shelf life as prepackaged processed food. So it isn’t necessarily as profitable for them to promote healthy eating.
    But, some people are going to eat healthy and they do grocery shop, so if you can try to take the angle that it could draw these people into their store for that reason, you might have a better chance.
    Another helpful hint is to not buy anything that is advertised on tv or in magazines. Buying whole foods pomotes heathlier eatting and it also saves you money.

  4. Dustin,
    This is a great idea. I have printed a couple copies of the list for reference. What stores in the Madison area have you contacted? We primarily shop at Woodman’s West. Another reason they might be poo poo’ing the idea is stores often change the layout of their products, much to the chagrin of their shoppers. This would just be another thing to maintain and update when changes are made to where items are.
    Thanks and hope your recovery is going well.

  5. Hi Dustin,

    This list will definetly help with grocery shopping for those items you forget about or a reminder to keep yourself on track. It would be great to see a grocery store make this a “Social Responsibility” to all their customers/community. I can see this working at a health/organic store/co-op.

    I appreciate the fact that you are always trying to come up with new marketing strategies Dustin to make a healthier world.

  6. Great idea. Thats strange about the profit part with the grocery stores. I find buying healthier options are usually more expensive.. but worth it. Its great to have a list it makes it easier and gives you no excuses. Glad to hear your on the mend.
    Even comatose..your gears are still turning with good ideas. Thanks for the list.

  7. Dustin,

    I have a friend in Fort Atkinson who recently opened up an Amish style store on her farm. She sells bulk grains, spices, produce out of her garden, and fresh meat, rolled butter etc. People are really liking this store and glad that they don’t have to travel up north now to get these products.
    Google this:
    Simple Life Fort Atkinson Wisc

    Occasionally I will work there. So I’ve already printed off 20 copies and I will give these to her for her customers.

  8. Louise Brown says


    Your list is wonderful. I would like to be an advocate and tell you it is what is missing in the food industry as a whole; it is not. The food industry is driven by profit. It makes them money to have “that woman” go in to the grocery store and buy all donuts. Even if it is her last $8. They make far less when she uses that money to buy organic greens or a loaf of whole wheat (no added high fructose corn syrup) bread. There are very few companies willing to do the “right thing”. You are willing to do “the right thing”. I commend you for wanting to put your list into every one’s hand. I am forever thinking that there are ways to bring normal, healthy eating into the mainstream. Not frito lay-oreo cookie-mountain dew eating.

    I am really tired of telling my kids that Cookie Crisps really aren’t a breakfast food!!

  9. Sherry, your friend’s store on her farm sounds awesome!!
    I tried googling it, but nothing showed up–maybe another link suggestion?

    Guess I’ll have to take this list into our local stores and see how Minnesota reacts :)! Has anybody tried Trader Joes yet? I like the idea of trying other methods of getting this list out, like simply passing it out to our friends. Maybe some of us know store managers and could brainstorm ideas with them that would be acceptable…..someone suggested that we point out to them that it could bring them MORE business–maybe Dustin could tell them he’d have a list on his website of all the stores promoting healthier shopping, or something like that. Thank God we live in a country that still rewards the individual and makes competition an incentive to do better (yeah, I know, not perfect, but beats the opposite). Tracie has some awesome lists of local restaurants who use locally grown food, for example….

  10. EstherPearlman says

    You are so helpful to us. I have a husband that needs his bad habits of eating stuff like meat that has nitrats in them. He eats bad stuff all the time. It is a hard thing to watch. He does exercise everyday. I suppose it compensates a little. I wonder how much. What can I say, and not nag. Thank you for your encouragement.

  11. What about vegetarian items? Tofu, tempeh, seitan? Those might be a good addition.

  12. What about adding: Artichoke, Okra, Amaranth, Couscous, Mahi Mahi, Pistachios, Bay Leaves, Marjoram, Paprika, Tarragon, and Mustard?

  13. Thanks for this list, Dustin! I think grocery stores might not like to tell their customers that a lot (the majority) of the other foods they sell are not healthy – and giving this list out might tip some shoppers off to that secret! I wonder if stores would be more receptive to something like a recipe for a healthy meal (or a set of recipes for whole day of healthy eating, or a week’s worth of healthy dinners…) and an accompanying list of where to find the ingredients for those recipes in their store. It’s more specific so it might be less threatening to the store. It might also be even more helpful than this list for people who are just trying to get started at eating healthier. Just a thought. Good luck!

  14. Dustin..thanks for the list…

    I am going to talk to one of the managers at our local Dick’s Piggly Wiggly to see if they would be willing to do this with you…I love the list by the way and think the aisle idea is awesome!!!!!

    Would make shopping so much easier!!!!



  15. You should include a healthy fats section.
    Also, please support local farms and farmers markets in your culinary adventures. I think it’s a much more satisfying experience than a fluorescent lit super market.

  16. Hi Dustin,

    Have a question about soybeans (edamame). I love soybeans and they make me feel full as well as improving my mood. These days, they are my go-to food; meaning, I keep them on hand for those moments when I need a quick healthy snack. What are your feelings on soy beans? They aren’t on any of your lists, any comments on them would be appreciated.


  17. Hi I am the owner of Simple Life Country Store LLC.And would like to thank you for the list. Our store carrys most items on your list and more. I have opened the store to offer healther foods. And to get people back to the basics.My goal is to offer something good at a lower cost.I carry Natural and Organic in the store.You will find no items in a tin can.And I try my best to have foods without additives. My customers are wonderful at directing me in what they would like to see in the store.Dustin I would love to invite you to our store and offer you a bag of what I think is the most wonderful wholesome cereal made. Everything in this cereal is growen,milled,and dried on the farm. The grains are left whole and complete. We are open fri,sat and sun 10 -6 And I look forward to meeting you. sue


  18. Dustin
    Thank you for the shopping list resource. I was asked to do an impromptu grocery tour for some moms and it was great to find your list and use that as a guide going through the store and also for the to take home with them. I am a trained Raw Foods Chef and work at Fresh and Green Market in Oconoowoc. Small family owned organic produce and grocery. If your inthe qa, stop by. Thanks agiain for the good information on your website.


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