Abby’s Fitness Modeling Experience

abbyshowA couple weeks ago, I got the privilege of watching my girlfriend compete in her first fitness modeling competition!  It is amazing the transformation she has made the past two years.  I first met her a little over 2 years ago at Supreme Health and Fitness, the gym that I work at.  She joined my Got Core class.  When I first met Abby, she wasn’t in very good shape, was holding more weight in her stomach than she would have liked, and was extremely weak in the upperbody.  She really enjoyed the core classes and wanted more, so she got a few of her friends together and did small group personal training… she said that I was the most expensive crush she has ever had 🙂


Abby over 2 years ago at MY first competition!

She really set herself apart from most girls in their 20’s that I had worked with in the past.  She didn’t question my philosophies or techniques and embraced the heavy lifting and intense cardio.  For many years she had been doing 90 minutes of cardio 4 days a week, which was doing very little for changing her physique!  I believe the reason Abby has had such an amazing transformation comes down to 3 things.

Abby before she started working with me.

Abby before she started working with me.

1.  She embraced lifting heavy:  Abby now squats 225 lbs, deadlift 200 lbs, can snatch a 50 lb db over her head, can do at least 20 dips on a parallel bar, and 8 pullups!

2.  She realized that she couldn’t just eat whatever she wanted to.  Abby doesn’t drink any alcohol, packs her lunch and snacks everyday, reduces her carbs after 4 pm, and drinks well over a gallon of water.

3.  Support group:  Okay, it definitely helps to date a trainer from the support aspect!  She also spends more time with fit people who would rather go for a hike or go swimming than go to the bars and pig out on beer and fatty food.

abby2You can only imagine how many people now ask her for advice on how to achieve the results that she has seen.  She usually laughs and tells them that she does what I teach everyone of you to do, the only difference is that she does it at least 95% of the time!  Consistency is key!  Abby certainly has a sweet tooth, and definitely eats her sweets, but she does enough of the other things right and doesn’t eat the bad foods enough for them to have lasting change.

Abby placed 4th out of a really good field of 12 women!  It was great for her self-confidence and had a really good time with the whole thing.  Even before it was over she was ready to do another one!  This type of competition is just a abby4small tip of the iceberg of different goals and events that you can set and participate in.  I encourage you to find something that puts you out of your comfort zone, sign up, join a group, and be committed!  You will be amazed at how good you feel and the satisfaction of knowing that you pushed yourself past your safety bubble you have been in, and gone to a whole new level of success and fitness!

One of my bootcampers came to Chicago to support Abby.  This bootcamper is in the middle of her complete body and mind transformation and 6 months ago would have never imagined going to such an event.  The show really touched her on a lot of levels, but one of the comments she said to me really stuck, “Dustin, it is simple, it all comes down to choices, these contestants have CHOOSEN to live a lifestyle that gets them to these results.”  She is right, none of the participants just “accidentally” got the results they did or were born that way.  NO!   They had to work extremely hard, sacrifice certain things, and have strong will power and determination.

Abby is now pursuing getting her personal trainers degree and also teaches Fit Fun Bootcamps in Middleton at Madtown Twisters west.  Click here if you would like to join her bootcamp!

I would love it if you posted a question for Abby or gave her a positive message for all her hard work!


  1. Abby-
    Congrats on all levels. I have seen your transformation over the past year at Supreme and am just in awe. What an inspiration.
    Do you have any good healthy snack ideas to help get thru the day? How do you get all of your water in?

    Again, congrats. You look great!

  2. Abby, your face blows me away! While you have certainly worked hard all over, your face is so fine tuned (not to mention beautiful!), without a millimeter of excess anything!! I realize some before pictures can be taken at bad angles, but even so…….my question is, besides good eating, are there ANY “workouts” that can specificallly tackle saggy chins?? 🙂
    Also, if you have some time, I know lots of us would very much like to see a day’s menu for you during your last weeks of training, also explaining when you did eat a few carbs and the time of day for fats and proteins. Thanks!!

  3. Allison Becker says

    Wow Abby, you look great! Congratulations on your first competition and I wish you all the best for ones in the future. Truly inspiring.

  4. Abby–

    Congrats on all your success!! I first saw you with Dustin on NBC Morning Show..I had watched Dustin on there plenty of other times. But it was your story that motivated me–I too was a cardio addict and not seeing the results i wanted to. Luckily, bootcamp came to my town not long after. Thanks for helping me see what bootcamp workouts could do for me!

  5. Abby, you are such an inspiration! You are beautiful inside and out. Congrats on your transformation!!

  6. Way to go Abby. You look great. Congrats! It really is about choices. You have helped to inspire me to make better ones. I only wish Dustin’s programs would have been around when I was in my 20s.

  7. Hey Abby!

    You were beautiful in the ‘before’ pics and even more striking now!!! Congrats on all your hard work; it has most certainly paid off!


  8. Awesome job Abby! I can’t imaging walking out on stage in a skimpy bikini knowing everyone is looking at you. Looks like that expensive crush paid off in more ways than one;-)

  9. Congratulations Abby – You look truly amazing 🙂
    I know you have done allot of hard work to get where you are. Keep up the great work and next time you will be taking 1st!!

    Do you have any tips for someone that is having a hard time finding the motivation and will to make the changes she needs to make?? Sometimes life throws emotional curves at us that make it really hard to pull oneself out of a workout slump.


  10. Abby….first met you at bootcamp in June of ’08. I remember how impressed I was with your dedication….you have the “eye of the tiger”.

    Congratulations on taking your life to a higher level. You’re an inspiration! Your efforts have paid off. It’s hard work….but worth it.

  11. That’s our Abby! What an inspiration. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story with us and pushing us toward our own goals and dreams. Your bootcamps are tough and I look forward to them each week. See you tomorrow!

  12. Abbey you look fantastic! Great job on the competition. You have worked very hard and it shows. Your proof if you work hard that you can accomplish your goals.

  13. Abby you look amazing! I can’t believe your transformation from the last time I saw you! Your transformation is truly a motivator! I’m getting married in less than a year and would love to look like that! Any suggestions? Cutting out the alcohol is probably a big one. I need to work on that!
    I wish you look on your next competition!

  14. Abby,
    Congrats! What an achievment. Instead of talking about it, you did it. You look fantastic. You made a great point about surrounding yourself w/people who are fit and the importance of having a great support system. It helps to have positive people around you.

  15. Woo hoo!
    Abby, I am SO proud of you. What this post doesn’t share is what some have already alluded to in other comments — you are such an amazing and beautiful person inside, too.
    I always loved when you were at Boot Camp. You’re a real person who has worked hard to be come “Wonder Woman.” 🙂

    Please answer the questions about daily menu, snacks and how to drink all that water in a day.

    Congratulations. Thanks for inspiring us all, and like I always tell you…I hope Dustin realizes what I find you are personally and professionally.

  16. Congrats Abby, you look great. And congrats to you as well Dustin. Great job working with her on her transformation. This should be proof that you really can transform your body. You just have to be dedicated an consistent.

    And for anyone thinking “oh it must be easy for her b/c she is dating a trainer” that is absolutely not the case. At the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to make the decisions. I’m sure Abby will agree. There is no question it helps. But Dustin can’t make her stick to the diet, he can’t make her turn down a piece of cake when everyone else in the office is on their 2nd piece, he can’t make her get up and do the cardio intervals when she is exhaused. Just like the old saying you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make ’em drink.

    So kudos to you Abby on the transformation, and kudos to Dustin for being a solid trainer and giving Abby the tools for success.

  17. Abby,
    I’m new to bootcamps, so we haven’t met. I’m excited for you! Congratulations on placing 4th! What beautiful muscle tone! It’s inspiring to see lives & bodies change & see that influence others! Fitness transforms bodies, minds, families & communities. Well done!

  18. Great job Abby – you look incredible!

    I can not imagine the dedication that it took to reach this goal. You have a lot of courage to put yourself out there for everyone to judge you on appearance – very few people ever will take that step. You must have developed confidence of steel!

    I would be curious to know what kept you motivated and your mindset while preparing for competition.


  19. Abby, You are an amazing inspiration as to what hard work and dedication can accomplish. You look wonderful!! Good for you!!

  20. Tiffany Rooney says

    Abby!!! I’m thrilled for your personal triumph….you’re a true super star! Wow.

  21. Congrats to Abby! That’s fantastic.

    Abby – how tall are you and how much did you weigh when you first started bootcamps? And what’s your weight now? (the one you try to stick to, not the competition weight which i know would be even less)

    Also, what are the 1 or 2 lifts or exercises that you think help you the most?

  22. Abby, Congratulations! And I’d just like to second (third?) the request about how to drink so much water in a day (I don’t know about your workplace, but mine isn’t very flexible) and the menus you used to ‘gear up’ for the fitness competition specifically if you could please 🙂

    • Due to all the amazing questions I have asked Abby to do a separate guest post answering as many of your questions as possible. So keep asking away and we will try to get this next post sent out on Friday.


  23. Hey, Abby! AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! What an inspiration you are to me, as I am sure a lot of other people! I have two questions for you: 1) did you follow a program and if so, where did you get it from? and 2) Would you say a person needs to be in pretty good shape already before training for a competion like this or can all shape and sizes do it?


  24. I’d be curious how you get in enough water too. I have no problem during the week; I just keep a full bottle at my desk. It’s on the weekends, when I’m more active, that I forget to drink enough water.

    Along with the menu others have been asking for, how many sweets do you eat? How do curb cravings for sweets? My sweet tooth certainly has been hampering my healthy eating efforts. Dustin’s suggestion of eating as much fruit as I want helps a lot. But the winter is going to be harder with the lack of fresh, tasty fruit. Maybe Dustin’s mom could do a post on frozen fruit recipes.

  25. Congrats Abby. You should be so proud of yourself, not just for your outward appearance but for your inner strength.

    I would love to know your eating habits regularly and leading up to the competition. Also, how often do you workout? Is it always strictly bootcamps? And how did you get those abs?

  26. Wow! She looks great. Way to go Abby.. you give me inspiration to keep working out and eating well!

  27. I’m so proud of you Abby!!! Go Team Supreme!

  28. Joanne Woellner says

    As I’ve told you many times, Abby, you are so inspiring, and a such beautiful person inside & out. Seeing the pictures confirms your dedication & hard work. When we see you at bootcamp, you’re always hiding under the sweats. (More proof of your humbleness & inner confidence.) You go girl! Keep making yourself proud along with the rest of us!!

  29. Awesome job Abby. You look great! Can you tell me what is on the top of your list for effective ab exercises?

  30. You are quite an inspiration…one of the reasons I signed up for bootcamp was your transformational story, etc. I see that you have taken fitness to an even higher plateau. Question: What do you feel was the biggest change you made to your diet that made a difference? Why is it necessary to drink so much water? How much time do you devote per week to fitness?

  31. Abby, you look amazing! I tried competing in a figure competition a little over a year ago and simply couldn’t get lean enough. I followed the diet and workout given to me to the “t”, but it just wasn’t working for my body. What sorts of things got you competition ready? What sort of diet were you on?

    Congrats on doing so well, you should be so proud of yourself!!!

  32. Abby – GREAT transformation! You have truly inspired me to take action on my body after having twins one year ago. Do have any suggestions for things I can do when I am crunched for time (which seems to be always), specifically plank-type excercises I can do when they are in the bath, any sort of wind sprints on the treadmill (are they even beneficial to help me lose my tummy and firm it up?).

    Love to know what you snack on too!

  33. Abby,
    I’ve had one class at Mama Tone led by you, and you made me throw up! You truly know how to work hard and achieve an amazing goal. You are an inspiration. BUT, what hope is there for me? I’d love to be as fit as you, but what if money and time are very limiting?
    How long did you have to work at it to start seeing results? I want to get there, but after one class I just don’t think I ever will be able to. It seemed WAY TOO HARD for me.

  34. What do you do for your “sweet tooth” fix?

  35. Congrats Abby!! You are so inspiring to other women!! Thank you for sharing your story through Dustin!!

  36. People search for role models in rock stars, professional athletes, movies stars…..when in reality the role models we need are amidst us every day. Dustin and Abby are real people dedicated to helping others…they are the role models we need more of. To know them is to know good honest people who strive to better themselves, but also their clients-we are all very lucky to have the chance to learn and be inspired by such quality people. THANK YOU.


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