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This past weekend Fit Fun Bootcamps kicked off the indoor season in a big way with 97 adults and 25 kids participating in the workout.  It was great to see so many people and families coming together to invest in themselves, get a great workout in, and have lots of FUN in the process!

I wanted to thank 8 of my trainers for being there to help out with it!  Thank you: Ryan, Marsue, Deb, Abby, Kelli, Allie, Shane, and Matt!

Hopefully Youtube won’t take the audio off this video.  I chose Michael Jackson’s Man in The Mirror song.  The song doesn’t have the greatest beat for a workout video, but it shares a very powerful message…  We can’t change anyone else without changing ourselves first.  The 97 bootcampers who came, were creating that change from within!

With 7 locations and a couple more possibly on its way, I would like to invite you to come check out what all the buzz is about.  Check out why ABC, NBC, and CBS has covered my programs over 35 different times.  If you have never tried one, I would like to invite you to come for one week for free and see if it is the right program for you!

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  1. To know Dustin and participate in his programs, you know he is all about setting goals, creating a plan, and then making the effort to meet the goal. It took me the whole outdoor bootcamp season, but Saturday I finally reached my last formal goal of outdoor season-“getting airbourne”, my goal was to at least be able to double foot jump over the yellow hurdles, I jumped onto the blue pad Saturday, yes it was the lowest of the 3, but I did it. I left Saturday’s class feeling very accomplished. All you first timers that came on Saturday, something made you take the first step-now take the next step, join indoor bootcamp, you really won’t be disappointed-I wish you the same sense of self satisfaction in setting a goal and meeting it!

  2. Thats great you had such a good turnout for indoor Saturday. See lots of familar faces in the video. I cant wait to get back to bootcamp, been off do to a back injury and really wished I could have went. If the post is from Cheryl from McFarland bootcamps.. you can see a difference. Keep up the good work and reach for your goals! Thanks for sending out the video

  3. Terrific Turnout – Congrats, Dustin!!! I would have been there but I was out of town last weekend. Still working on the Fit Moms For Life DVD’s and enjoying that. Keep up the tremendous work.

  4. Great video to see at the start of the week! Loved seeing people of all fitness levels and especially seeing their kids participating too!

  5. Saturday was my first time working out with your group – I loved it! Great workout! I loved the squat-type jumps on the squishy mats.

  6. GREAT JOB to everyone who came on Saturday! It was fun to see such a big turnout. Let’s keep this momentum going!!!

  7. Tiffany Rooney says

    Awesome! What fun…people working hard motivating one another. Miss it all. Have a super week.

  8. EstherPearlman says

    It’s very uplifting your style of expressing your helpfulnes to so many people. I love your enthusiasm. Your the next Vic Taney. Keep up the GREAT WORK.

  9. Larry J. Allen says

    Dustin; Just watched your weekend boot camp. Looks great

    The only problem for me is that I fractured my right foot called a Jones Fracture. Have to be careful because of the small bones that broke. Nothing I can do about it except let it heal. I am still interested in your program. If you would keep me posted I would appreciate it.
    Thanks Larry

  10. Dustin and Co-
    Sat bootcamp was another butt kicker–we loved it! My son has not stopped asking when he can come to bootcamp again! (he loves “Mr Bootcamp”) I have reached my 50 pound mark over the weekend–yeah! I was thinking about not continuing with the bootcamp once it goes indoors simply because my family already pays for a membership at the Prairie Athletic Club. But I have decided to continue indefinitely. After some serious thought, it is clear to me that the workouts are superior, yes–more well-rounded and thoroughly push you to the nth. But it is in fact the support from the trainers and the fellow bootcampers that has kept me from missing no more than just a couple of bootcamps all summer long. I have yet to meet a fellow Bootcamper that I did not like–these are quality peeps who understand that you, Dustin, make a real difference! This is so much more than just another gym membership. My new goal is to whittle another 40 pounds off by the time we go back outside in May–and with the help of FitFun Bootcamps I know I will do it! “G.I. Jane style!”

    • Trish,

      That is awesome you are continuing! I am so excited! Congrats on the 50 lbs! When you lose the last 40 you will have been my biggest weight loss success story yet! See you tomorrow!


  11. I brought my kids and husband to the Bootcamp, first time my husband has done it. He was drenched with sweat, which I loved to see! Now he knows how hard I work every week! He really liked it and hopes to continue with it. Thanks Dustin and trainers! Great job! 🙂

  12. As outdoor comes to a close, a very cold close-I would like to extend a sincere thanks to all my classmates at McFarland-you are a hard working, athletic bunch that inspire and push just by the sure action of being yourselves. Have a great winter, see you when outdoor returns. (I am doing Middleton indoor.)

  13. Cheryl you look awesome. It was so inspiring to see you. It was wonderful to see friends from other sites that I haven’t worked out with in a long time. Many thanks to all the trainers.

  14. Awesome job Trish! I’m going to miss your spunk when we go indoors (I’m going to Madtown Twisters-East). I’ll see all you McFarland peeps next outdoor season…and one of my friends says he’s going to start next spring after his shoulder is healed up. So hopefully I’ll be bringing at least one more person with me.

  15. Dustin this was very inspiring and emotional for me. You are helping so many people! It was great to see the determination and motivation in those faces. Your trainers also looked very uplifted with the experience. What better way is there to make a “change” in this world than with yourself first.

    Great job 🙂

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